Tweet it! A Windows Phone Twitter app with a lot of personality [Video]

We have a lot of Twitter apps for Windows Phones and everyone has their preference. And while we're hard pressed to name one as the end-all, be-all we're going to give a strong endorsement here for Tweet it! from the developers My Amazing Big Fork. Reasons?

  1. It has a lot of character--great animation effects, layout and a bold, unique design
  2. Lots of options and features not found on other Twitter apps

Tweet it!

We've been using Tweet it! from its 1.0 days where it was a simple app that allowed you to just rapidly Tweet a message with a few clicks. But once it hit 2.x it received a major overhaul and a ton of features. Now sitting at v2.6, the app is really a fantastic option for those looking for something different, something that will make you smile when you use it. Some of the features of Tweet it! include:

  • Pinnable sub-sections: Drafts (offline support), Tweet direct, Timeline, Now playing (music) and photos (awesome Polaroid effect)
  • Modes - Night Mode (dimmed), Street mode (uses camera for background), Fast Tweet (pops up keyboard), Bed mode (orientation lock), Filters, etc.
  • Ringtones - yes, it even features two really good ringtones

There's even more, so take a look at the above video to get an idea. We're pretty smitten with the app and the dev seems keen on delivering regular updates (we really like the holiday/Christmas theme with the bird). We find it fast, smooth and like we said, it kind of makes us smile when we use it. The app has a free trial and can be had for a very reasonable $0.99. Highly recommend.

Pick it up here in the Marketplace and let us know in comments what you think.

QR: Tweet it


Reader comments

Tweet it! A Windows Phone Twitter app with a lot of personality [Video]


Exactly... Someone comes up with a new way to doing things and the hate comes out.
I agree with Dan's story, 100%.  Being different (thinking outside the box) is a lot more attractive to me than copying the same format.  
I will be using part of my app card to purchase this.  
I did notice Klout ;)

Wow, it might have personality, but it's completely ugly, IMO... If it worked inside the Metro language and tried to express within it, it might be good.

We already have half a dozen Metro Twitter apps. It's clear that someone needed to do something different and get away from that UI design. It's also clear that the Metro UI while great for many things, can be a limiting factor in design.

While I'm generally a big fan of Metro apps, it does get tiring once in awhile and I don't think every app needs to follow it e.g. SoundHound, Shazam don't.

Street mode made my buy it :-)
I can't count how many times I've run into things :-)

Actually have heard some complain, but I like the style!

I actually love this app!!  it's just lacking the search function for tweets!  Other than that everything is faster and much better than the official tweeter app.

Just bough it. I really like the design. 
I must say, this is the fastest loading Twitter app I've used. And I've used a lot of them. The only thing missing is retweet with comment and notifications. Other than that, it's rock solid. 

Hm, I really like Tweet IT, but I have one issue with it.. I cannot find a way to view my lists..
Has anyone figured this out?