Tweet This Song! updated for Win Phone 8, available for free

Tweet This Song!

Tweet This Song! is a simple Windows Phone app, enabling users to tweet a song that's currently being played to the popular social network. The tweet contains details including an Xbox Music deeplink. Time spent within the app itself is minimal. The app was recently bumped to version 1.4 which introduced Windows Phone 8 support.

As well as this update, the pricing for Tweet This Song! has been slashed and can now be picked up for free. This is without advertisements of any kind too. It's a sweet little app that offers a unique experience for those who wish to let everyone in on what they're currently listening too.

Tweet This Song! App

You can download Tweet This Song! from the Windows Phone StoreĀ 

QR: Tweet This Song!


Reader comments

Tweet This Song! updated for Win Phone 8, available for free


Mehdoh has that covered with album art. Use Mehdoh and do it all from the app while tweeting. I guess it has a niche if your listening and just want to send a quick shout out but this phone is so awesome & growing in popularity I'm now loaded with apps. And they say WP doesn't have apps. Idiots.

I really enjoyed using this app, I even recommended it to friends. We keep on sharing beautiful songs every now and then. It's just perfect for me who loves music. - Kale Flagg