Tweetium Windows Phone 8.1 beta adds initial Cortana support


The recently launched beta test of the Tweetium third party Twitter app for Windows Phone 8.1 got an update last night that adds the first stab at support for the Cortana digital assistant feature.

Basically, the new beta version now allows users who also have Cortana to say "Tweetium tweet" into their smartphone, followed by the message, to quickly send their tweet to their Twitter account. The new Build 230 version also fixes a number of bugs in the app.

Just a reminder: this Windows Phone 8.1 beta version is intended to be downloaded and used only by paid owners of Tweetium for Windows 8. If that's the case, then feel free to download the app from the Windows Phone Store and later provide any freeback you might have to the UserVoice page or to Tweetium developer Brandon Paddock (@BrandonLive) directly on Twitter.

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Tweetium Windows Phone 8.1 beta adds initial Cortana support


I asked the same question last time. Apparently when in paid model, they won't because they have some special server etc. :S

At the current rate it's a long way from that. Eventually the price will have to go up, which will prevent the app from actually hitting the limit. The idea behind the Pro subscription is that even when that does happen (which could be years), the app and associated servers will still be maintained.

With cortana integration, functional app, nice UI and a lot more, dont be surprised if the price is changed soon due to token approching

When can we start to tweet longer? Why cant we just have the 'quote retweet' column on the main page? It wud be way easier and cooler. Except its impossible. I believe nuffin is.

Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean by "tweet longer" - do you mean support for that TwitLonger service?

There's only so much room on the main tile for actions, and expanding the tweet just take one tap. I could look at adding an option to replace the RT button with the quote tweet button on the list tiles.

Yes Brandon pls. TwitLonger service. That was what i meant. And i wud love to have the Quote tweet button on the main page pls. And i know i wud be asking for too much if i ask that we save images from the main timeline before we click to expand. Pls thats just all i want. Make my dreams come true. Pls.

Does it create a second tweet flawlessly like MeTweets does? Does it provide quick access to reply/retweet/favorite like MeTweets? Honest questions.

Hmm, sorry I'm not sure what you mean by that first question?

The phone app currently shows quick Reply/RT/Favorite actions on the top tweet in the view, or if you press-and-hold on one. I may revise that behavior or add an option to always show them.

In MeTweets, when you go over the 140 character limit, it automatically creates a second tweet by showing 2/2. Meaning the conversation is part of two tweets instead of one. No need end your first tweet and send it, just keep typing. The dev calls it smartsplit & smartmerge, it will split and merge them automatically in the timeline when you go over 140 characters. This feature alone is what keeps bringing back to MeTweets. My second question involves replying back from within the timeline "Fast Actions". No need to leave the timeline to view it and THEN selecting reply/retweet. You really need to see it in action to appreciate how fast actions saves you a click or two. Last but not least, double click a tweet containing a link to open the link using IE. Awesome app bro. I wish I will be able to try your app out to see it compares.

Interesting, I'll look into adding something like that.

As I said, in Tweetium there are "quick action" buttons on the top tile (so you can get them to appear just by scrolling), and I made add an option to show them on every tile for those who want that.

Also, in Tweetium there is no navigation to view a tweet. When tapped, they just expand in-line. To open a link, you just tap it :-)

It should pre-fill any message you say as part of the command (e.g. " Tweetium tweet Hello there"). It currently doesn't send it automatically. I'm looking at options of having it use voice to confirm if you want to send what Cortana read back.

ffs, where did that comment go, the one from the guy trying to get devs to... dev?

Please PM me so I can at least follower you on Twitter.

biggest missing feature for me is tweet notifications ... that's the one thing i like about the official app .. get notifications for specific people you follow.

I'm not gonna lie. I don't like the fact you pay for beta which is awesome may I add. Then pay extra for the pro. 1.99 for beta. Then 4.99 for the app seems a bit much imo for twitter which u can get for free. Full 5 stars though looks excellent

Hmm those aren't correct numbers. The app is currently $2.99 for PC/tablet, and you get access to the phone beta as part of that. When the phone version is released, that will be a part of the same $2.99 purchase (which you can purchase from either store and have it on all your devices).

There is then the Pro subscription for $7.99 a year which gets you multiple account support, push notifications, TweetMarker support, and some news reading integration. And more cool server-powered stuff to come :-)

Does it have a proper notifications pivot like the real twitter, with all RTs, *s, followers and mentions in one place? Not found a single 3rd party app that does that.

Twitter's API doesn't give access to favorites (of your tweets) at all, and doesn't give any information about when people followed you or RT'd your tweets.

Tweetium does show who RT'd your recent tweets but it isn't able to sort them correctly as it doesn't have access to when they happened.

What they do provide is real-time notifications of all these via the stream API. So while the app is running it will add any favorites, follows, etc to the Connect tab. If you purchase the Pro add-on, you'll get toast notifications for these as well (with lots of options to configure them). I am planning to add a way for my servers to build a complete Connect view for Pro subscribers using data stored from the stream API. Not sure exactly when I'll have that but hopefully soon.

Thanks Brandon. Seems that twitter have really locked out any 3rd party competition by doing this. Which is fair enough I suppose, but when their app, while being functional and providing a replica of the desktop experience, is not as physically appealing as many others it's annoying.

Downloaded, tried the app.

Nothing special about it at all. If I were able to try it from the Store, I would not have paid any money for it. So for now it is a scam to get our money.

Not worth paying, not extra beautiful, does not offer anything unique or special.

this app is awesome and it's probably the smoothest twitter app I've used on my 925.  Flawless on the SP3 as well.

I've yet to find a WP Twitter app that gives me timeline notifications. For example, I check my timeline at 3 PM. 30 minutes later, it background refreshes, and I get a notification and tile update letting me know how many new tweets are in my timeline.

Is there any WP Twitter app that does this?

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Cannot get Cortana to tweet via tweetium. But when I ask Cortana to open tweetium it does. Question, is the tweet via Cortana working yet?