Tweetro+ flaps its wings with a new update, includes minor fixes and improvements


Tweetro+, the popular Twitter client for Windows has been updated. This marks the start of a substantial number of updates the developer (Lazyworm) has planned for the course of the next handful of months. While we're excited by updates being pushed out, the developer is also reportedly working on ensuring the transition from Twitter API 1.0 to version 1.1 (set to arrive on March 5th) is smooth for consumers.

So what's new in the latest version of Tweetro?

  • Ability to pin/unpin Mentions
  • Ability to pin/unpin Timeline
  • Added 'home button' to sub sections
  • Fix for mentions and search tweet sharing
  • Fix for random favourite bug when streaming
  • Various minor bug fixes and tweaks

As well as the above and keeping on top of API changes, the folk behind Tweetro+ are also looking to include the most commonly requested features into the app, including Tweet Marker support, Timeline bookmarks (remembers position of last read tweet), as well as further ways to personalise and customise the app and a more robust notifications system.

You can download Tweetro+ from the Windows Store for $9.99.


Reader comments

Tweetro+ flaps its wings with a new update, includes minor fixes and improvements


Cause Twitter only gives 3rd party devs 100,000 user tokens.   Tweetro+ at $10 comes with two account name slots, so the yonly have a potential to sell 50,000 copies of Tweetro+ (could be less as you have an option to buy more user name slots).   So it needs to be priced higher to make worthwhile money.

Why pay $9.99 for a twitter app? That's crazy. I'll stick with the built in Twitter support and Twitter website. $9.99 is too much for anything social network related when it's free!

Because it works fantastically and they are directly supporting Windows 8, Windows RT, and WP8. I believe in all three, so I invest in them.

Rant, not really related to the app:
I was reading the last sentence in the post and was struck by how truly outdated the Windows brand is. When I see something called a "Windows Store" I expect it to sell actual windows, or apps that run in windows. But in Windows Phone you don't have windows at all - you get panoramas and tiles. So why do you call it "Windows Store" and "Windows Phone"? It doesn't make any rational sense. If I had my way, you would have Microsoft's Tile Phone or even better - Microsoft's Metro Phone and you'll have the 'Tile Store". Much saner.

Tweetro is worth it in my book. Not only is it "Metro" sleek, it is fairly fast & has great functionality.

I got it on my SurfaceRT very good app... Best I've used on win8. Didn't realise it was on WP8 (got lumia920 today) guess in gonna have pay for it again?