Twitch TV: We're waiting on Microsoft for Xbox One support

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Enjoying your Xbox One? Still eagerly awaiting Twitch TV support to arrive for streaming and other online goodness? Unfortunately, according to a tweet published by the official Twitch TV support account, we've got more months to wait through. Not only that, but it's actually Microsoft who we're waiting on.

It's a pain that the Xbox One doesn't have direct streaming out-the-box, especially since rival PlayStation 4 does. Redmond is working hard for the time being to iron out issues consumers have experienced with the next-gen console, leaving promised features almost on the back burner for now. That said, Microsoft's Upload Studio isn't shockingly bad, right?

Twitch Xbox Support Tweet

Twitch joins YouTube by not being readily available for consumers to stream content straight from their Xbox One consoles to the Internet, but we can't imagine the wait being long now. If we had to guess, we'd say that Twitch is in the same line as you, I and the average Joe, waiting on Microsoft to release an update (or something similar on the backend) to bring Twitch to Xbox One.

While we're unsure as to when Microsoft will  introduce direct streaming on its video games console, Twitch stating that we have some months to wait through (on top of the few months that have passed already) is rather worrisome.

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Twitch TV: We're waiting on Microsoft for Xbox One support


Both MS and ATT suck in the update department, and I would put more blame on MS because they allow carriers to block OS updates. If they wanted they could by-pass them like Apple does.


Actually, no they probably can't. Android phones can't even update the way Apple does. Those days are gone.

No they are not, and they can do it, they just don't want to because it might piss of the carriers.

I bet if Microsoft made a WP independent of carriers [and compatible with all mobile bands] with full update support and sold it for full price only at MS Stores it would still be a huge success and the carriers wouldn't be able to do shit about it.

Android phones probably can't update like apple because Google does not controll the OS and it's modifications by OEMs so only the OEMs can push out updates from Google once they make them compatible with the changes they made to the OS.



Well, there really isn't anything Twitch needs to do on their end except provide Microsoft with the streaming channels.

I think it's more of a case of Microsoft needs to finish baking it into the OS. And given the Kinect integration within the system, they are probably trying to figure out how to capture, encode, and stream both game footage and Kinect video at the same time.

We may have to wait on streaming compared to PS4 players, but we could end up with a better result.

The whole Xbox One systems is real complex, imagine to stream the video game, what does Kinect capture and then Twitch would have to capture the Os witch is a mix of Windows, Xbox and Hyper V would not be easy as Sony with it's PS4.

Nope. Thats not really how its architected. There are 3 guests on a host that is similar or a cut down Hyper-V.

The game OS (which will remain largely consistent during the life of the product, so game devs have a consistent target)

The System and Apps OS.

And a 3rd guest VM that artbitrates between those 2 above its mostly a shim nothing more.

The stream would most likely come from the System and Apps, and as they already have the API/hooks/hardware (one of those) for doing the current recording I don't see why it would be much more complicated to add the Kinect overlay and ship the stream. Time will tell I suppose. If the system runs without impacting game performance


Hyper-V is a Host

Interface OS is a Guest

Gaming OS is a Guest

Hyper-V is not virtualized, if it were the Xbox One would be a non-functional brick.

Huh? How is Youtube not available on the Xbox One? I literally watched the new WPC podcast from my Xbox yesterday...

So I'm new to twitch (but not new to gaming). Who is it that people watch on twitch? Are they gaming mlb type celebs, or are they clan matches to relive past glories? Or is it regular dudes like you or me who happen to want to show off at 2am in the morning? I don't quite get twitch or rather, its allure and sudden popularity

I personally watch the League of Legends pro matches on my big screen. Much preferable to on my PC. I don't stream though personally.

Its your average Joe, but suddenly gets really popular due to his skill, humor, or something. Its just another form of entertainment. I think its really great.

I think Twitch should also be taking this time to further update their technologies and infrastructure.

Quite right, in some aspects, Twitch is sub-par at the least. Rather than improve their own systems and streaming capacity, they elect to add in a delay between the viewers and the streamer, removing the 'live' element of streaming, and then to cap it all off, when there is a League of Legends tournament being streamed, system resources are stolen from all other users currently online and are given to the tournament! Thats customer service for you...

M$ alwas slow as fuck (eg wp8, windows 8, xbox). Ms products look nice but they're nit fully thought throug. (i got win8 and l920)

My guess is that they have a planned upcoming OS update (maybe at the end of Q1) that they're rolling this into. I would expect it sometime in March or April.

well... I wouldnt trust Twitch either... or are they waiting on Microsoft as well to release an official WinPho app and win8/rt?

I dont even care much about direct stream to twitch anyway... just look at twitch and how crappier it has became in few months, first *puff* no html for profiles, chat usually doesnt work. the way it displays channels now (yeah it was better some years ago). when you send a message sometimes it asks you to log in back, deleting your message if you didnt copy it before sending it of course.
it was not nice when you had to change your password because a "problem" (I bet it was a hacking one) happened.
but now its even worse since it wants to be like youtube buffering and buffering sometimes with no way the video finally loads, and if it loads sometimes it will be like 1 second video 3 hours spinning "wheel".

I would rather Microsoft add a way to listen to music without the app being pinned like... before. that would be more important update. instead of giving people more ways to give crappier streams.

This was answered already by Marc Whitten on Engadget @ CES. He stated the next big update is coming soon and its speculated it will be before titanfall as that's a major game for the xb1. Twitch he stated would be before E3 but couldn't give anything further.

Well just to nitpick you said that we had already been waiting a few months the box was launched on 11/22 so not even a couple months

Ms already mentioned a few days ago its going to be rdy around e3. As usual release a product with stuff missing.

Don't stream myself but i do watch world of tanks live streams but the xbox one app is useless its so shit its unreal no account support its a pain in the ass to fine my favourite streamer's

i don't own an xbox one, but i think i know part of the reason why some apps are taking a while before they are released on xbox one. it could be that the xbox one's SystemOS is based on Windows 8. i think the next big system upate should bump it up to Windows 8.1 Update 1, to coincide with the update to Windows 8.1 OS, which should be released in April at the Build conference. 

when that happens, then most apps that run on windows can easily be ported to X1, since they should share the same API's, since they're both running W8.1.

another reason why this might be true is because the recently revealed WWE Network service is coming to every platform, but will have to wait until the summer to get an app on X1.

I regret getting an Xbox One, should have got a 920 instead and waited for the Xbox to mature at least to the level of the 360

I understand, but HDMI passthrough is single biggest reason that the Xbox One is the greatest system ever. I should have traded in my 360. I don't think I'll ever cut it back on.

The possibilities you have with hdmi pass through on xbox one are essentially endless. I have had tried with a hdmi hub and ps3, freeview box along with my laptop works great lol. But i rarely watch tv and had to give my bros ps3 back lol. Anyway I'm planning on hooking up the netgear push2tv miracast / widi adapter into it, but don't have any device that uses either (widi needs an Intel WiFi card + widi enabled cpu, my laptop has an atheros card which is not supported...)

I don't regret my purchase, its just very unfinished, but I can see the potential. A lot of the launch titles seem like money grabs (CoD, I'm looking at you) or just rushed (FM5). Don't feel bad about waiting, you aren't missing much right now, imo.

I could care less about streaming. WTH is "Games With Gold" MS?

I have one month to decide on whether I'm keeping My XBOX ONE. Whatever MS announces or updates in that timeframe will help me decide which way to go.

What's all this nonsense about streaming on Xbox one, at least there's is an official twitch tv app for it, I'm still waiting for official app come to windows phone, for two years now so sad, get it together Microsoft.