Twitter for Windows 8 updated with multiple account support and more

Twitter W8

Twitter has released an update for its official app on Windows 8, bumping the app up to a version that now caters for those who wield more than a single account. That's right, folks - you can now have multiple accounts loaded on Twitter, conversing with followers through multiple identities. As well as the new multiple account support, the team has also included some minor speed improvements.

To add more accounts to the Twitter app, simply swipe up or down (or right-click with a mouse) to show the accounts bar and hit the icon on the far right. Speaking of adding accounts, native registration has been implemented, just in case you've somehow managed to survive without Twitter. Finally, a new "Lists" feature enables you to organise accounts you follow on the network by type for a more customised view.

You can download Twitter from the Windows Store.

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Reader comments

Twitter for Windows 8 updated with multiple account support and more


Good to see Twitter supporting Windows 8. I don't think lists are supported in the WP version yet, maybe that's coming soon!

Oh right! But you can't make lists from the app yet, only view them. From the sound of the article I think you can make and view posts in this update for Windows 8.

I hate this issue. Keeps happening too often now. Open a link in IE, click back and poof...instead of going back to Twitter, Twitter just exits.

The issue started after they updated the app to support Vine videos 2 weeks back .. FML
Now I am using Mehdoh, it has better support for images u don't have to leave the app to view the images ..

oh yeah, i have mehdoh pinned to my start screen too. love its ability to display instagram feed too.

Finally! That's what I've been waiting for. I am glad they listened to my request.
I was very disappointed when I first installed the app because I couldn't use more than one account, and I had to log out and log in each and every time.