Two changes coming in Windows Phone Tango includes tile grouping?

WP Tango Update

Michael Gillett, MVP in Windows Live and Senior UK Microsoft Student Partner, has published an interesting tip that he's received from a "trustworthy" source. The tip includes two changes which will be applied in the coming Tango update; the media controls for manipulating playback will take up less space on-screen, and users will be able to create folders for tiles on the home screen.

Take the above with a pinch of salt like any rumour, but we could be onto something here. The media controls are pretty darn massive, and one can get into a pickle with having a good number of Live Tiles dancing the night away. So the changes would make sense to many. Although, instead of creating folders (as you would in iOS), we would prefer to think that Microsoft would bring across grouping, which is present in Windows 8 and is available in the Homebrew community with the Folders app.

What do you make of these two changes? Let us know in the comments.

Source: My Microsoft Life, via: Plaffothanks Antonino for the tip!


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Two changes coming in Windows Phone Tango includes tile grouping?


Changes are nice but i want more OPTIONS.
Why are there no options for screen timeout when phone is locked?
Option to move mediacontrols to the bottom?
Option for weekview in calendar?
etc etc.

Ive never really hard of anyone wanting to move the media controls to the bottom. And if your phone is locked, why would you want to change the screen timeout time?

Why would u want media controls on the bottom? They moved them to the top for a reason. The screen automatically times out when locked if no interaction after 10 seconds. 

Nizzon wants options, and he's right. Whatever his ideas are is what he wants. I don't necessarily need the features he wants, but I can respect his ideas. Evertime someone has a idea some bloke has to come put there two cents in, which is usually a negative comment. It's real simple guys, if a feature is added and it doesn't fit the way you use your phone then simple don't use it! Never hold others back from getting what they want or need. Remember, options aren't to take away from the current functionality of WP, but to add to it.

You are a smart guy. :)
I would love to have the music-controlls closer to my thumb, its tricky sometimes changing track on my Omnia7 while Im on my bike. If I had a Titan I probably couldnt reach the controlls with my thumb without fiddeling the phone to the right position in my hand.
Just give options and more poeple would be happier overall.

Just like he has a right to state what he wants we have one to disagree.

I'm against superfluous options for the simple reason that part of WP's appeal is its simplicity. More options, especially little ones that most people don't tend to think about, often serve to confuse people. Not something we want when we're pining for mass adoption.

@nizzon...Hopefully Nokia will have some influence on the screen timeout.  For Symbian, you can set the screen timeout to 1 min to up to 30 min, and the screen lightt timeout (dim) to up to 60 seconds.   What would also be nice is an 'always on' screen (low energy screen saver option) and a 'tap to unlock' option.  Oh well, maybe in Apollo :)
It's annoying watching video demos for WP where the user is constantly having to press the power button to wake up the phone because it keeps timing out!
Here's hoping :)

First of all I just picked some things I could think of, they should give us more options overall, theme-colors, sms-sounds, albumart on lockscreen (no not from zune, from the id3-tag) etc. If they are changing something, keep the old and add the new, some people will complain that they preffered he old anyway. So more options overall.
And when I was talking about the lockscreen, I meant when the phone is already locked and you wake the screen to see music, the clock or next appointment it goes black after a few sec, cant change that.

I think what nizzon is saying about the screen timeout is that some people would like to be able to keep the lockscreen alive for music playing. If the phone didnt dim and lock out on the lockscreen, you could continue to see the artist and use the player functions without having to hit the power button.

Man seriously, learn about ur phone before making requests...the Lock screen feature is already available in the lock + wallpaper setting..my phone is set to 5 mins and my pin lock is also delayed. It works great for me especially when im playing my music. Search through u settings for it, if your phone is updated to MANGO it should be there..

@ mojo Jo Jo

Read all of nizzons post before you question him. The specifics aren't important. His point is that we need more features as far as options and adjustments. To add features without changing or deleting current features. I agree with him.

an option for larger font size in messaging! People aged 40+ can have a hard time reading messages on a 3.7" screen, they're like 1 pixel thick

They must have gotten the folders idea from the homebrew done in XDA. Still, it's nice to know that they follow up with the community. :)

Weren't the media controls already smaller pre-Mango??? Why would they make them bigger in Mango just to make them smaller in Tango??? I'm not very bothered by the size of the media controls, I just wish there was an option, like with toast notifications, to slide them to the side once you're done in order for them to leave faster. I think it would also be nice if they put a direct link to settings in the media controls, although maybe that wouldn't look very good depending on how it is done.

You can already get rid of them by pressing the back button, only found it like a month ago. You are right though, they should swipe away like toasts

Please dont do grouping like on the iPhone. That would defeat the whole purpose of live tiles.
Either give us grouping as in Windows 8 or give us more home screens to the left from the one we have today.
I would also love the option to mirror 1-2 live tiles to the lock screen.

I'm with you, there. *Maybe* if the folder tiles can be given some sort of a live look or animation, because otherwise you might was well have icons.

I would be okay with the folders working like the people hub does with all the little pseudo-live tiles for your friends. Not sure if that's how the homebrew folder app does it or not.
Remember, WP7 will only let you have a small number of apps with live tiles anyways (I think the limit on my Titan is 9 or 10 background processes) so you're not likely to have a lot of live tiles to go in to the folders/hubs. I suppose you could have something like a weather hub with multiple live tiles from the same app inside of it or something but that's about the only scenario I can see for that.
My guess is the folders will work similar to the folders in Windows Explorer in Windows 7 where it shows you a thumbnail of what's inside. For example, using the weather app example above you would have a folder icon and within it you would have thumbnails of the live tiles that display like your people hub does on your start screen. If a start tile within the folder isn't a live tile then it would obviously just show the static image of it.

How does the grouping work in Windows 8? Is it just adding a little space between the tiles that belong to different groups?

Yes, that is basically what grouping does on Windows 8.  You can also zoom the start screen out which may or may not be good for WP7.

Here's how i see this folder thing:
You tap on a tile on the left - everything fades away except the tile you tapped, and 3 other slides from it. One to the right, one to the top, one to the bottom. And two more as an option ( right-top and right bottom ). Mirror image for folders put on the right side. 
How do you guys like this idea ?

Irdial, that sounds fantastic.  I am totally against the idea of Folders on Mango.  I think the iOS implemtation is horrible. 
I also wish that the Search button could be User configurable in Settings to:
1) Bing
2) Universal Search (like in webOS & iOS)
3) Context-specific for any application that you are in

it was context specific pre-mango and people complained about it like they still do about the back button. 
Before No-Do, I was perfectly happy with highlight & Bing button combos but alas it wasn't meant to last forever in that iteration. 

yay some MORE  good news....(  realise how good news always bring in more complaints? maybe you should post some BAD NEWS maybe more people will be happy? )
you post about fodlers and peopel reply they want mroe notification and more options?? i dont get it, what does that have to do with folders?
FYI .. fodlers PROBABLY = Custom HUBS ..... dout its gona be like on Ios, Android or even WM........ they wana keep true to the METRO UI.....

ill tell you what my WP doesn’t have .. a way to block trollers..

and seriously if your just gona TROLL about spelling.. then don’t post at all... this INT Android Central... useless HATE post get frowned upon here..

if the spelling mistake in the WORDS: FOLDER , PEOPLE and RELIZE  stopped you from understanding the rest of the post.. then thats your problem :)


It's the capitalized words that invite negative responses to your message. Try not to use them for the the future please? We value your opinion but no one wants to get screamed at through the screen. Thanks!

redraider is one of the biggest dunce's i have ever seen on a forum and is on my ignore list for a reason. If only there was a way to ignore his comments too.

You are still bitter that you have been proved wrong multiple times. Glad I am on your ignore list because your ignorance in your comments in the forums was crazy. Not to mention you got banned for a reason... Just saying

It has nothing to do with hate. It is a little something called grammar but hey if you are going to get mad about it then so be it. Has nothing to do with trolling just makes your post with its poor grammar and punctuation look like it was written by a middle school student. If that is what you want to be perceived as then continue with your poor responses.

Daniel, the first comment on this thread should have been edited to improve the spelling and/or all subsequent comments deleted if they don't pertain to the original comment.

I'd like to be able to void the sleep mode when the device is plugged in and then have the music player go to the ZuneHD style screen saver withe panning artist art and scrolling album texts. I have no idea why that is the one Zune feature they didn't bring over when it was one of the coolest.

what i'm missing most is some sort of indication of how far a online video has cached. i absolutely hate the way the videos now just get stuck every 2 seconds ON WIFI (not 3G)!
i mostly notice this in the htc dock app where you can view trailers. using wifi it is impossible to watch trailers on my htc titan. even pausing the video and continuing after a couple of seconds wait time doesn't seem to cache enough video material. it always has this laggy quality you can not get rid of.
i haven't tried using the usb cable and the desktop to have my full 100mb internet connection but i really suspect it's not due to bad wifi. watching normal youtube videos does not always have this strange lag...

ps it can't be the SRS enhancenmend stutter that so many htc titan users complain about. i have both sound and video enhancement deactivated 8(

I have no problems streaming videos on 3G (since I switched to tmo from sprint ) or WiFi. Now if it's my school WiFi that's a different story. It shows the cache in the play progress meter its gray.

I love the way the homebrew Folders app works. Give me that, but in the easier way that they do on iOS and ICS of dragging tiles on top of each other and with live tiles still active and I'll be a happy clam.

They should improve tab management in IE9! My suggestion is that when you open the options menu, you see 2x2 thumbnails of open tabs with 2 more tabs sit on the right when you swipe the thumbnails to the left. Under these thumbnails sits the menu that you can access by swiping the whole menu up.
Every thumbnail could have a close icon in the upper right corner (just like the un-pin icon when you re-arrange the Live Tiles on Start screen).

you mean 'put the tabs directly on the settings slide?'
that's something i've thought about alot as well... though it is just one more click on tabs' to actually open them it just isn't convenient....

Exactly. And even saving just one click is an improvement, IMO. It is a feature people use very often.

Grouping is nice but id be happy just to be able to adjust the sizes of the tiles. Id like to shrink the size of the tiles in half. Windows os is slowly getting better and better.

I wonder if its gonna be mandatory update or carrier option.. I hope not. Would love tile grouping. List gets minds long.. I have the hombrew tile folder and its great.. I leave all live tiles and grp the others. Helps me find what I need right away.

wow this hase become   I WANT MORE FEATURE  post....... lol...
thats why we have a FORUM and MS has a * SUGGESTION* page...
29 comments and only about 3 of them talk about the ACTUAL post.. HAHA...

I'm not sure about group. I dont really like iOS folder things. Maybe smaller Tiles but not too small but enough to still se the live tiles.

It seems like a great idea, as long as they don't actually make "folders." Maybe they can do something similar to the people hub tile, or group tiles... It should definitely resemble a tile haha.


Instead of playback controls (which i find to be a perfect size) they should concentrate on making IE usable (tabs and favorites buttons)

i think the idea was to maximize usable screen space here (and in IE iterations going forward).  You might as well get used to not being able to quickly access tabs unless you use surfcube.  

Hopefully, in Tango update they will bring the lock portrait mode. I need it and it's annoying when I want to text or read the articles in landscape mode when im laying on the couch.

I would be happy if they incorporate something like the new group app that is currently in the marketplace. No need for multiple screens, that's not WP. The vertical sections help me organize the tiles very well.

For tile grouping, I would like to see the tiles attached to eachother on a cube, like a roating box, with the tiles pinned to the faces of it. It would fit in the existing space just have more faces than front and back.

I would like the tile grouping implemented as the making groups in People Hub. The app group tile could show icons for apps inside that group, and show lastest live tile notifications from inside.

Or total number of notifications on the lower-right of the tile.

For IE tabs, there can be a pull down swipe gesture from top to bring in the opened tabs bar with small thumbnails. And user can scroll left/right on it, or it could take all screen just like now, but from the swipe down from top instead of the options menu.

And also I would be really happy if MS implement a notification pull down menu for home screen, not inside apps. Like on Android and iOS. This way user can see any missed notifications even if the app is not pinned to home, i.e. running as BG task.

I hope MS listen to people and developer and implement best ideas inside WP OS :)

// chall3ng3r //

I think folder options are good but what would be better is to have the ability to set the number of tiles accross would be better. Say, I can have three tiles accross instead of two. This would be good on my Titan because the tiles are so large. If I go with three tiles accross it would still be easily readable.
Also, if it was porpotionally smaller I would see more tiles vertically as well.

I would love to be able to move the media controls to the bottom of the screen, and also we DEFINITELY need more theme colors! Btw, love how the comments look like the conversation screen! Very tight...

I've been arguing for a folder-like (notice the "like") functionality for some time. I hope it does comes in Tango and I hope it's implemented in such a way that leverages Windows Phone unique UX philosophy, while making it easier to "get in, get out" and "put people first".

Oh yeah, they also should add the favorite button to the media controls on the lock screen and the drop-down. And the elapsed/remaining time.I shouldn't have to navigate to now playing everytime I want to access those items.

Just bring full device backup (apps/games) I have the focus with an SD card and i would (the rest of wp7 community) want this

I hope this is not too far off topic but I recently ran into this app which takes you to new editable live short cut tiles which I have found very helpful like getting three new tile pages. The app is in marketplace as "Lighting Dial Pro" check it out it does not just have to be for dialing.

I would like there to be an update to the Proximity Sensor on the Samsung Focus Flash.. You know, the one where the phone freezes when receiving a text message while phone ins in your pocket..