Rayman Fiesta Run announced for a Fall release

Ubisoft's Rayman Fiesta Run coming to Windows Phone this Fall along side iOS and Android

Video game maker Ubisoft has announced that they will be releasing a follow up to their hit game Rayman Jungle Run this Fall on Windows Phone 8, iOS and Android. Rayman Fiesta Run will consist of 75 levels of running and jumping through a foody, fruity party-filled world. Along with the fast-paced running and jumping that we have come to expect, Rayman will also add the ability to swim, shrink and punch.

Rayman Fiesta Run will also include 4 levels of Invasion Mode, a game mode found in another title in franchise, Rayman Legends.

In addition to the fact that we will be seeing another fun-filled Rayman game from Ubisoft, what is great about this news is that it looks like Rayman Fiesta Run will be released on Windows Phone at the same time as its rival platforms, iOS and Android. If this is indeed the case, it may be a sign that Windows Phone is gaining more traction in the mobile operating system race.

Recently, we've seen how company's like Gameloft face challenges in getting games to market on Windows Phone at the same pace as other platforms. This kind of latency has led critics to question the viablity of Windows Phone. If companies of Ubisoft's caliber continue to make the effort, we could see Windows Phone gain a little more traction with consumers.

If you haven't checked it out already and want to prime yourself for the sequel, check out Rayman Jungle Run  here for $2.99.

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Source: Polygon; via Windows Phone Central Forums


Reader comments

Ubisoft's Rayman Fiesta Run coming to Windows Phone this Fall along side iOS and Android


Yeah, where does it say no Xbox achievements? If that is the case, Microsoft really has a problem on its hands if the developers decide making the sequel to an Xbox game also Xbox certified is not worth it. Getting worried, here.

And what is this talk about Jungle Run getting pulled from he Windows 8 store? What happened?

Ubisoft removed Rayman Jungle Run from Windows 8 store and left us paid customers floating in the air. Sorry but I don't trust Ubisoft anymore.

The Polygon article states that it is coming to the 'vaguely worded' Windows 8 mobile platforms...
Does that include Windows Phone 8 devices or does that only include Windows 8 Tablets like the Surface and Surface Pro?

But finally a game is coming out for windows phone at the same time that ios and android Sweet hopefully that there is a trial this time

Nice... This is a good gain. The playing fields are beginning to become more level in the app/gaming space. Along with all the good press surrounding Windows Phone. I'm hoping this brings more users to the market.

Rayman Jungle Run is a great game.! I bought it immediately..! That makes this an instant buy for me.! Way to go Ubisoft.! Love Monster Burner too.! ;)

Any word on Trials Frontier?  It has the same "Smartphones and Tablets" message at the end of the video and is also from Ubi, would love to see that come to WP too.

Achievements or no achievements? That would be a huge buzz kill for me if it went without. Microsoft needs to give Xbox on Windows Phone a shot in the arm. Xbox one of the big reasons im on this platform. I would never move to another platform however my enthusiasm for gaming will disappear. Its not just about achievements- the Xbox integration is key. It makes absolutely no sense that other platforms have a better integrated and streamlined achievement/accomplishment system, better multiplayer, more socially integration , etc. I don't mean to rant however I feel im not the only one frustrated. Why can't Microsoft capitalize on their strengths? Xbox One will supposedly have a more streamlined certification system and self-publishing with achievements- will Windows Phone benifit from this development?

Unless xbox live certifcationn and updating system is made streamlined and hassle-free you won't see much enthusiasm from game developers, infact even the existing devs are abandoning xbox live so that they can publish faster and give fast updates.

I understand the problem. What I don't understand is why there is no solution in sight. It makes no sense that Microsoft , a software company, that makes games and has an excellent gaming brand doesn't make this a priority. Don't they understand that many more people would migrate over if there was some sort of gaming parity with other platforms? Most mid to high tier WP8 phones have the exact same processor- it should be easier to make games for the platform not to mention we should get more iOS ports. Android might have beefier hardware atm but fragmentation is a much bigger problem. There's no reason we can't have all the same games or more.

Holy Jungle Run goodness batman!! I loved Rayman and is a day one purchase for me. Best platformer on windowsphone to date