U.K. carrier EE raising prices slightly on May 28

U.K. carrier EE raising prices slightly on May 28

The U.K's EE network is set to increase prices by 2.7% — yes, two-point-seven-percent — on May 28, 2014. EE's new terms and conditions allow them to raise prices by the RPI (retail price index — i.e. the rate of inflation) once a year with 30 days notice. Here's the relevant bit from EE:

You will see a 2.7% increase to your monthly plan charge on any bills you receive from the 28th May, if you joined or upgraded to a 12, 18 or 24 month Pay Monthly or Small Business contract before the 23rd January 2014. This increase is in line with the Retail Price Index (a measure of inflation) published by the Office for National Statistics on the 25th March 2014.

If you joined or upgraded after the 23rd January 2014 then you are not affected by the price increase. If you have upgraded to a new contract in the last 30 days you may still receive a letter, however the price increase is not applicable to your new plan.

For some customers, we are also making changes to a number of other charges such as standard UK calls and texts when you go over your mobile allowance, and other services like calls to 08 numbers, international calls and MMS. These changes will take effect from the 28th May.

So, if you're on EE, consider yourself on notice. Anyone have a problem with the increase?

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U.K. carrier EE raising prices slightly on May 28


Fu%&£ng disgrace. I wont be renewing my contract. I think i will be much better off buying a phone outright and paying monthly like giff gaff give same as my orange contract but for £35 less. Sorry £35.95ish less as off next month. Fucjers

As far as I can tell, if you read the article... It doesn't.
Within the last 30 days (you will be wrongly sent a letter) I'm sure covers less than 2 weeks ago. But I might be wrong.
Also it states after 23rd January. That is before 26th March or it was last time I checked.

Isn't that 2.7% increase being instituted because if the ruling prohibiting price increases mid contract?

O2 increased by the same amount - it is a loophole that ofcom didn't think to enforce. The stupid toothless fools.

Well these companies want to squeeze and squeeze. Imagine the prices rises when EU roaming is abolished.

Greedy sons of female canines.

Because they are the largest mobile phone company in the UK.

They also sell a lot of Windows Phones.

This means a large amount of UK WPCentral readers will be effected by these rises.

News about AT&T, Verizon etc are pointless for people outside US, but we don't complain about it being reported.

Now you know why its news here.

Considering that all the people on recently signed contracts get way more data allowance than I do on my original EE 4G contract, and I'm getting the increase... EE can fuck right off. This is the final goddamn insult, combined with their abominable signal.

Doesn't 920 fold mean times 920? In which case not only did you write it out in full, you probably echoed it orders of magnitude more than +920 :P

Haha, although one could argue that +X means adding to that sentiment by a factor of X, which happens to be the model number of the phone.

Final nail in coffin of my current and last ever EE contract. 4G isn't worth the shitty C/S and steaming pile of excuse they call reception. As bad as EE are for this, blame also goes to OfCom for the half assed implementation of the rules. of the rules.

Mileage varies customer to customer, handset to handset... But I'll tell you in my experience EE are the worst.
Used to live in Devon - no signal. Living in Manchester - too congested to make/receive calls & texts.
Family in County Down - no signal & congested.
There will be places EE are better than Vodafone but places I use my phone Vodafone are epic. The root metrics tests and other measures of network coverage/reliability may work for the BBC and EE's needs but real world testing by me reveals EE are gash and Vodafone are great.
Who is the best is subjective.

I live in London and work in central London and i suffer dropped calls and signal loss daily. I now have a 1020 but i sent back my 920 bcoz the signal was so bad. People thought i was underwater whenever i spoke on the phone.

This exactly. They're taking the piss. I pay £41 a month for 1gb of data and the Lumia 920 I got at the time. It was a fairly ridiculous price to start with. I will not be staying with them come December.

£35 a month for 920 on Three. That's honest to goodness Unlimited all-you-can-eat data. I use roughly 8gb of Mobile data per month and I haven't been throttled once.

My biggest worry with Three was coverage, but I ended up having better signal than my previous provider (O2) everywhere I regularly travel (I live in a City, regularly travel to rural areas where my family live).

You may be able to get a free increase on your data. I got an EE contract when the 920 came out and recently went to EE to see if i could increase my data allowance and they increased it for free from 2GB to 10GB because of the newer contract tariffs.

Thanks, will give that a try. Although it is subjective, I have to agree that the EE coverage is not as good as advertised (definitely not as good as when I was on O2). 4G is good, but only for the brief time you get it, even when 4G is the stated ar full strength on the phone, it often behaves like 2G due to inconsistency in the signal (this is in London).

Did you go to a store or call them becoz i got my 920 on initial release and im paying £41pm for 1GB and unless they improve this, im out.

This is ridiculous! These lot just fool people to get in to a contract. How about giving an update with the RPI too!?!

Three put all their prices of new contracts and reduced the amount that get all you can eat data with. I pay £34 pm for mine with unlimited data (1020) used 20gb last month.

I think they already increased prices in 2013 after May. So this price rise is TWICE in a year. If you check your bills from June 2013-now and see a price rise in any bill, you can challenge this hike and get out of contract for free.

I got an EE contract to get an L920 on launch day. This is now the second price increase I will receive in a 24 month contract I cannot leave. I think as the balance of power is very much in EEs favour, I simply refuse to renew my contract. I will go to a sim only contract with only one month's notice. At the moment, that's probably Virgin. The ONLY way to fight these companies is to leave them when their price rises become unwarranted.

You can leave the contract. Legally you can. This is a second hike for me too. I am getting a deadlock on the case, writing to CISAS and then taking it to small claims court. You get full refund on your contract.

I got out from T-Mobile when the put their price up last year, before the OFCOM rulling. They refused to let me out, but I went to CISAS and they ruled in my favour.

Is this an actual thing as I'm very tempted myself. How the hell can prices be hiked mid contract? It just isn't right in any way.

Yes it is real and since links are being deleted on this article I am not going to bother. But Bing will tell you if you search for moneysavingexperts and EE and CISAS.

I left Three to move to EE as I wanted the Lumia 920 and 4G. What a mistake, not been happy with EE at all. I'll be going back to Three with unlimited data, tethering, free 0800 calls and inclusive allowance allowed when roaming (using the Three network abroad). Should never have moved!

What are you not happy about? (outside the 2.7%) serious question.

You knew the prices on your new contract, so you were happy at the time.

They have the best network EE. So what is it you don't like?

If you go bck to 3, I think you'll find new contracts are 2G on Tethering (its no longer unlimited)
Usual problem, small number of abusing idiots ruining unlimited for everyone.

You say the best network but I've had nothing but issues. Barely get any signal at home and it has been hit and miss in places too. Fact is they shouldn't be allowed to charge current customers who signed to pay a certain amount over two years more than the price that was stated to begin with.

Absolutely shocking, every year they do it. How do these companies keep getting away with it when the majority of the peoples wages are falling, but they use the manufactured equation of inflation as an excuse to further increase their profit margin. Completely out of order!!

Presumably you will be happy with never getting a pay rise every again?

Inflation is a real thing you know. It will impact, your savings, your pension, you standard of living.

If you run a company, inflation eats into your profit. Profit that goes into your pension :/

Life and finances are a circle. Thing more broadly.

I've seen your username before...on HUKD. Pretty sure you were talking gibberish on there too!
Ofcom have ruled that it is against the law for companies to raise their tariffs mid contract. So though you may seek to defend the phone companies, the law does not.
What they are doing IS wrong...you only have to look at their profits to realise that.

I haven't had a pay rise since last 4 years yet everything else is inflated. So no, you don't have a clue about it, sorry.

Putting prices up! I would only consider switching to EE if they halved the prices of their contracts. They were already too expensive!

I am shocked how Rene has removed all the links that people posted here for anyone interested in taking legal action against EE. It is on MoneySavingExperts website. Rene, unless you are going to include a link that helps people from being mugged by such bullies, please let users help each other! That's the least you could do to help the community!

oh please stop. Your silly posts are huring my head. You signed the paperwork, try reading it next time you numpty.

Its a free market. If you don't like their prices, leave at the end of your contract. You can't whine about it now.

Its gonna be what, 80-90 pence per month extra? Is it really worth all this anxiety? Get a life mate.

Why oh why do you seek to defend these companies? EE in particular are terrible! Also, they are breaking the law. So WHY should they be able to profit at 90 pence per month on a huge number of their 25 million customers?
Come on...just think about what you are saying.

He has a point though. I work in Telco in Australia and no one has ever been able to raise prices on a fixed contact here ever... Even if you choose to stay on your current plan and be grandfathered to it, there is nothing the Telco can do to stop you... I feel sorry for you guys in the U.K.

Either you are a brat or have no sense of reality. 50p per customer for a few million of us. Do you even have an idea how much money that is? Probably you do, you seem like a brat anyway. But what I signed included NOTHING on price rise. I don't live by a dictator company. I live by laws in my country. Law has guided me to think what I signed was fixed amount of contract price for fixed allowances. Its £1.90 for remaining £18 months of my contract. A second hike. Get off whatever you are smoking, you capitalist spud.

Deal with it and read your contract. EVERY UK network can do this. The contract t&c's says they reserve the right to adjust the price in acordance with economic circumstances i.e, inflation. Other networks do the same. They must give you thirty days notice and if the increase exceeds the percentage as set down by the RPI index in relation to your tariff, it is illegal.They have 26 million customers. Highest market share of the lot. Their coverage is independently verified by rootmetrics as the best. With having such a large market share, of course some customers will have poorer coverage but that's life There are only so many masts, some places are just not going to get the highest level of coverage. That's life, people have time to assess the coverage...14 days to assess the contract and also contracts are 1,12,18, 21 or 24 months. Hardly a lifetime so if it ain't good enough, go to another provider but they have a lot of problems too. Because EE is putting itself out there, introducing 4G and advertising campaigns worth millions, people just want to have a go. It's pathetic.

Signals pants for ee? Perhaps if you are in tatooine...

I get 4g outside and upstairs, all along M6, 30down 17up average

Yeah EE, Theee and 02 no mega competition between them, I just think unlimited data is amazing never have low signal where I go apart from some places out in the country side, but my wife is 02 and same for her too

How about a ban on all AT&T, Verizon, Rodgers, T-Mo and Telefonica related news, including handsets connected to their networks; would that make 'yall' happy?
Stop being so closed minded about only being in America. You would be nothing without the rest of the world. Where would we be without Sir Tim Berners Lee or the Middle East and its oil?

They should be reducing prices for existing customers, not increasing. EE, you are clearly telling me you don't care about me. I pay 46 quid a month. Well guess what, I only have 6 mths left on my contract. What do you think I'll do then? And do you think I'll be back? Really?

I'm glad three haven't passed their higher costs onto existing customers... saying that though when I get to upgrade I dont know who ill be going with now. the plans they have now have gone really expensive I pay £34 for unlimited data, texts and 600 mins and now to get that's its like St least £38..

Glad i jumped to voda....Living in London with appalling reception.....paying an extra fiver but get superb reception now

If Telenor networks operator do that to me. I'm going to court. My Contract is clear. There is no price changing for 2 years time period, until my contract is over. Than I sign a new one with new conditions and promotions. This year I have a serious talk with them, coz they changed unlimited data for all new customers to not unlimited data. I was furious, rude and very aggressive to them, and got a answer :S there is nothing to be changed on your data plan because you signed a contract for 2 years period time with conditions to anything not be changed in prices or promotions in all 2 years. So guys, DON'T PUT YOUR NAME ON PAPERS WHERE COMPANY'S CAN CHANGE PRICES AND PROMOTIONS WHEN EVER THEY WANT. it's not safe for you at all.

I was planning to switch from Three because EE's coverage is so much better, but now I have to think twice. Their prices are already way higher to begin with...

Why oh why didn't everyone listen when i bragged about all my o2 refresh lumias!!!??? I've had 3 now and only need £140 to pay my 1020 off.....only 6 months after purchase

I get a loyalty line rental reduction and price rise exemption on my monthly bill from EE for some reason, so this increase probably won't effect me.

Not good news! But as I understand it, if a mobile phone company increases its prices during the contract period, then through recently introduced legislation, we can leave the contract without penalty.

Anyone else remember this news from earlier this year (I think)?

It was a pretty toothless ruling by OFCOM, on one hand not letting the companies raise prices just for the sake of it but on the other allowing them to do so in line with RPI.

I'll be staying with EE, despite the price increase. Had too bad of an experience with Vodafone and O2 to consider switching back. I hope they can sort these prices out though.

What? According to all the other experts on here, those other netowrks are utopian entities where everything is flowery and beautiful with all you can eat data and incredible reception. If you talk to the right agent, you can get amazing deals on EE. Trust me.

2.7%? Fuck me, what's that? A Whole, What? 60p FUCK ME!

Shut the fuck up you whining cunts, that's the price of 1 app a month! You dopey tit-ends!

Just go without the fucking Latte your smarmy little fuck-turds that'll pay the 2.7% rise for the whole fucking year!