UK estate agent Foxtons reveals how Windows Phone saves the agency time

A video published on the EE YouTube channel leads us to assume that the mobile operator also had a hand in the magic that Nokia managed to achieve with UK estate agent Foxtons. The footage shows just how the agency manages to save time with Windows Phone. If you look back a few weeks ago, Foxtons recently adopted the Lumia 820 and is actively making use of Windows Phone on the EE 4G network.

We're walked through the Lumia 820, as well as features of Windows Phone with a detailed explanation as to why it fits the business that Foxtons runs on a daily basis. About half-way through we're then thrown into a Mini and taken on a tour around merry ol' London, where Nokia Drive (or HERE Drive, as it's now branded) enables the agents to reach destinations in no time at all.

SkyDrive is then utilised for sharing video, which a property buyer may request from an estate agent to see slightly more than what's in supplied photos. The walkthrough then moves into the Microsoft Office Hub, where Excel is highlighted, and then mail, contacts, HERE Maps and HERE City Lens. It's a good little marketing video, one which we'd like to see published elsewhere.

It's positive to see EE on-board with marketing Windows Phone too.

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UK estate agent Foxtons reveals how Windows Phone saves the agency time


I want one.  Oh yeah, I've already got a 920.
I think this type of advertising is great for the platform, showing actual phone features.  Isn't that how Apple sells it's products...
Great job EE!

I have app called "Photo Maps" that would work well for some real estate agents such as this... I agree though Photosynth would be a great tool for agents. Especially if they could be easily shared.
I wish there were a way to categorize or better sell your apps to niche users... rather than have your apps buried beneath the piles upon piles of apps out there. I also wish there was a way to better improve the rating process. A way for developers to communicate with users to better improve their apps and to troubleshoot potential problems.
I love to see advertising and videos such as this though... the more practical and useful Windows Phone 8 appears to the public,the more accepted it will become, the stronger potential for developers and investors to buy into the system as a whole.

Hey Travis are you a developer? If so it sounds like your making apps for Business. If I were in your shoes I would get the word out to MS partners as a lot of us are IT Consultants. My clients follow my tech moves.


I appreciate the response, and I agree totally that MS Partners are great for spreading the word. WPCentral is also a great source of community and assistance for app awareness as well.

I just feel that the current store for WP8 lacks community and communication. That and the rating system is seriously flawed. I think there are a lot of great undiscovered apps out there that will help businesses such as this one, the users just don't know how to find them because there are too many.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing MS, I'm just saying that the app availability/store/communication process if the bottleneck/downfall of my Nokia 920. It is an awesome device, it is a great OS, but as a user, how do I know what my phone can do for me if I don't know what is available. THIS is where IPhone gets it right. They show a 30 second commercial of the device doing 5 things to make life simpler. I know for a fact there are apps that make it even EASIER on the WP8, and yet, they're not advertised.

We need more ads like this one... but show off four or five apps that make this job easier... where professionals go "wow, maybe I should make the switch"

More realistic uses of technology will always help persuade businesses than flashy ads, wtg Nokia and Microsoft, keep em coming.

I like how everyone else is doing the marketing for Windows Phone, except for Microsoft. Hei MS, how about showing the same enthusiasm as your customers?

Does the hardwood floor Co. Do TV adds or is it Home depot? Does the designer do the add or Macy's? Does Google for Android or is it providers & OEM's? Stop talking down MS they have done some adds and I don't think they should be. Its up to OEM's Providers and MS partners like myself.

Not to take anything away from Foxton, EE or Nokia but did you guys see the graphics on her car?  Awesome! I want...

Yeah, I live in SW london, and see all these Foxton Skeleton Minis dashing all around.  Pretty neat.   Kingston Cattle Market Car Park has about 20 Skelton Graphics minis parked up.
Good to see that MS Office appears to be working out better for Foxtons than it does for me.

This is something that EE must be aggressively pushing. Just been on a Win8 course with someone who's company mobile contract from a different provider was bought out buy EE and they where supplied with Lumia 820's.

Hmm, I failed to see how this phone is any better than say iPhone or any dissent  Android monster? Does Nokia maps/drive has offline mode, I mean, can you pre-load maps on the device as Symbian users were able to do for years? Then, SkyDrive, so exciting Any platform has DropBox, Box and tons of other cloud based storage. They should've at least use Lumia 920, it has a good camera

You obviously have not tapped into WP news much if you don't know Nokia maps/drive have downloadable maps from the get go on the WP OS.

oh, you're right. Looks like there was an update and I even didn't noticed it on my Lumia 800 :) (not a WP8 device, but 7.5)