Unlocked Lumia 900 available at Unlocked Mobiles for £445

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Unlocked Mobiles has joined Amazon by offering the Lumia 900 Windows Phone for £445.98, a fairly attractive price. The recently launched flagship device is also available at Clove UK for £468 after a delay due to high demand present in American markets.

Sporting a 4.3" display, 1.4Ghz chip, 512MB RAM, 8MP rear shooter (with FF camera) and 16GB storage, the black Lumia 900 is available for next-day delivery with optional insurance from Unlocked Mobiles.

Will you be picking one up?

Source: Unlocked Mobiles


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Unlocked Lumia 900 available at Unlocked Mobiles for £445


Nice. I really want a Nokia lumia 900 because of the front-facing camera and bigger screen. But the Nokia lumia 800 is still great :)

Unlocked from Rogers will work on att fine. No 3G for tmobile though. As of now there is no unlock codes for the att 900.

nokia 900 is nice phone but I am happy with my HTC arrive wp 7.5 smartphone. Just love my querty keyboard which great for business use. Just dont like virtual key board. I will update phone when wp 8 arrives in sprint

Lumia 900 is also available at the Carphone Warehouse in selected stores from today for £449.95. It still says pre-order for delivery on 28th May on their website but you if go to order it sim free it shows in stock, also shows the monster headest and a £50 app card offer. 

In England seen a lot of lumia 800 phones in second hand shops grade a quality at £150 just not catching on Nokia need to do more fast

Got my white one on the 11th from Phones4U for £460. Only place that had it in stock as the 900 was exclusive to them. I guess that exclusivity is over now.

Why is there an advertising of the Samsung galaxy note on the Xbox 360 dashboard???? I have yet to see them advertise windows phones on them

If I am being perfectly honest, I would not buy this or any other current windows phone. The divergence in specifications from the top end android handsets (and the iPhone to a lesser extent) is too high given the similar prices. In my opinion its worth waiting 6 months for WP8 and multi core support, bigger screens and SD card support....and importantly not taking the risk it won't run WP8!

I got a white lumia 900 from phones4u for £460. Its the only colour they had due to high demand in America. Everywhere else I tried in UK said pre-order. Works on Tesco mobile using an iPhone mini sim.