Unofficial Flickr app 2flicka updated with group support, galleries and more


If you're wanting something more than what the official Flickr app offers on Windows Phone, you should look no further than 2flicka. The app has been updated to version 1.1 in just over a week since we covered the lunch - that's not bad going. Some of the new features in this release include galleries and support for groups. There are a bunch of miscellaneous improvements to boot that will improve the overall experience.

So, what's new in version 1.1?

  • Support for galleries
  • Support for groups (join, leave, new topic, reply to topic, add photo)
  • Search groups
  • Improved memory consumption
  • Show better quality thumbnails
  • Better use of screen real estate
  • Bug fixes

It's quite the update. 2flicka has joined the ranks among other third-party alternatives in our favourites list. If you haven't already checked the app out, you can download 2flicka from the Windows Phone Store for $1.49 (Windows Phone 8 only - free 4 day trial available). Update: If the free trial hasn't worked for you, re-install the app and you should be good to go!

QR: 2flicka


Reader comments

Unofficial Flickr app 2flicka updated with group support, galleries and more


There is a Trial!!!!!!!...hummm let see this now
Edit, no 4 days trial is not working

Edit2, trial is working and app is ended great!!!!

Drop the price tag! Users should not have to pay for a Flickr app! Stupid people, money hungry losers. I hope nobody is silly enough to pay for this.

Not to start anything but do you work for free? Do you eat for free? Will you come work for me free? If you don't think its worth it fine but why would you diss this guy and his hard work by influencing others not to reward his hard work. Would you code me an app for free please? No, of course not but Its already obvious someone cheap like you would not give it away free. . .

Your an idiot. A few years back when I was using a blackberry bold 9000 I was doing tons of work on pimpmyberry.com designing themes etc for users. I was asked plenty of times to add my shit to the store to make some money and guess what,, I didn't! I did everything for free, and it took up alot of time. So don't give me this do you work for free, eat for free bullshit, I have a damn good paying job and I don't need a few extra dollars trying to make a happier community for smartphone users. An app like Flickr should NOT cost users money, its that simple! Do you see yahoo charging for there Flickr app? No!

You're a cheap douche dude, with a martyrs' complex to boot. . . The developer is not Yahoo! He is an independent coder who deserves to be paid for his hard work and you are dogging him for being greedy which will hurt his sales. Who the hell do you think you are to be entitled to people's work for free. If you have such a good paying job why are you so cheep? If you have no problem paying for a burger why would you expect an app for free. Your are the cheap, entitled, idiot!

He is asking for lower pricing, not free. Please read properly. You are making a fool of yourself.

SMH, You are the one who is foolishly not reading properly. "Users should not have to pay for a Flickr app"??? That's pretty direct! "money hungry losers", "hope nobody is silly enough to pay for this"??? He basically called the developer a greedy loser and anybody paying for it stupid! My point is that nobody has to pay for it if they don't want to and to purposefully hurt the developer with an opinionated rant that doesn't have anything to do with the quality of the work or its value, only that he shouldn't charge for it is malicious... If he didn't like the app that's one thing but to runoff on the developer just because it cost $1.49 is ridiculous, cheep, and mean!

The "everything for free" crowd is why I would never take the time to learn to code. They are never satisfied. If it's free, it better not have ads. It also better better be top notch and amazing or they'll give their one word dismissal by declaring the app "useless" or "pointless".

I really want a good Flickr app but the trial does not work and that's a bad thing for me on an app like this.

The design is still more than poor as is the title. "2flicka" sounds and reads like some wimpy rapping kids are trying to be cool. I still prefer Flickr Central which is free and don't try to mimic Instagram. I'd rather spend some twenty euros to the developer of Flickr Central than buy 2flicka again. Kind of regret that purchase.

There are some tweaks to this update and the next one (v1.2) coming out in a few days will have more options - grid view - dark theme - auto uploader and loads more. We are listening to our users and taking on board all your comments ;)

Leaving feedbak is a dance on a razor's edge: if it's too mild, no one cares, if it's to harsh, development may be stopped. Therefore I thank you for listening and I'm looking forward to the next update, because featurewise 2flicka is the most mature approach already.

Flickr central app has also. Updated.. It better than before.. And its free also.
the update has explore, groups, search, settings has clear cache option..

Dev of Flickr Central here. Thanks for the shout out, I am glad you are enjoying the update. More updates to come. Competition is good for everyone :)

Congrats to 2Flicka on being featured on WPCentral twice already, quite the accomplishment.

I hope you will fix few issues which I am facing right now...

1. Auto upload, sometimes uploads the same pics again and again. So I had to delete those photos uploaded from my phone... Hope you have fixed this issue?? I cant check it coz I have already deleted all my photos from my phone.. :( I dont want to delete pics from my phone either... Please fix this bug.. (I hope this app uploads the pics in the background?)

2. The explore option: When I go back to the explore main window from a particular pic, it takes me to the top, instead of from where I opepened the pic.. I have to scroll down again and again in this case... Hopw you are looking into this issue??

Rest I am happy with other features and options... There is no issue in paying for an app if it has good features and has premium looks... :) The person should be satisfied for what he/she has paid...

I am sorry that you are having issues with the app.

1. This is the first report I have gotten of this issue. I will investigate and see if I can see what might be causing this and try to have some form of a fix out in the next update (2.1.0).

2. Yeah, this is an annoying little bug. I shipped 2.0.0 knowing it did this, knowing that it was better than the alternative. The control I am using for that would often crash when going forward and back (to the place you left off) for some unknown reason. I didn't want that issue to delay the update so I forced it to reload when you go back to avoid the nasty crashes. I continue to look into this and hope to have a fix for this ASAP. Trust me it annoys me as much as it does you.

I am happy you are enjoying the rest of the app though. Keep the feedback coming. If you use the feedback button on the about page (Settings -> About) you can send me an email with issues or feature requests and I will usually reply within a day :)

Thanks for the quick reply.. I even had sent a bug report for the issue #1.. I dint get any reply though, so thought of bashing your app here... :P

Hope you take the feedback seriously in the about page, if so I would be seding a lots of feedback to you in future...

I will go find the bug report that you sent to help me investigate the issue. Please feel free to send all the feedback you want from the about page. I make sure every single piece of feedback that comes in gets an individualized reply with my plans on anything requested.

Plus the feedback that I get determines what features come when. Until somebody requests a feature it probably doesn't get built, so request away :)

Thanks! I am glad you like it. Flickr is a great free service that deserves a great free Windows Phone app. It is my goal to provide that.

We would love to offer our apps for free to users, but unfortunately we can't, we need to feed our families, pay our mortgages etc. We at JC Mobile Solutions develop apps on a full time basis, this is our bread and butter ;)

Oh I totally agree that many apps are worthy of a price tag. I love supporting developers by buying their apps. I have a separate full time job that pays the bills so I do app development as more of a hobby on nights and weekends.

Just my personal philosophy, but I have always believed that a better way to monetize apps is to use in-app purchases to unlock features within an app. Having your app free on the store helps drive both download numbers and reviews which are both critical to the success of an app. The more people you have using your app gives you a larger base to generate revenue with the IAPs. A great example would be to charge $0.99 to unlock the auto-upload feature. I have had numerous people tell me that they would pay for that feature alone.

Anyway keep up the great work. Windows Phone is a great platform and deserves great apps.

I installed 2flicka... It is also 2good.. The features are not 2bad :)..

As soon as I opened the app it just crashed.. Then I opened again.. Asked to login, after loging in it took me straight to my profile page.. I was just wondering what to do there.. But after exploring more I found the app 2interesting... I hope the homepage needs to be redesigned..  You need to set the thumbnails a little small... Overall it is good..  Worth the money I feel... Please make it look more premium.. :)

Version 1.2 is in the works and submitted so will be live later this week - take a look at some screenshots of the version in WPC's forum (Home - Forum - Stuff for your Windows Phone - Windows Phone Apps - 2flicka) - dark theme, grid view and loads more to come.