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Unofficial Grooveshark client for Windows Phone 8 entering beta testing, needs your skills

About two weeks ago we reported that SciLor, a popular dev on Android and formerly Windows Mobile, was working on bringing his Grooveshark client, GrooveMobile to Windows Phone 8. Such a move would be equivalent to the unofficial Pandora apps that we saw in the past, but built from someone with lots of Grooveshark API experience (they also seem to “change things” less often than Pandora).

Now, that app is nearing its first round of development, SciLor is looking for some beta testers to take it out for a spin. People who are interested can contact SciLor at groovemobilewp8 [/at/] with the subject ‘SciLor's GrooveMobile WP8 Beta’ and a brief explanation as to why you want to be a beta tester and why he should choose you. Also, you'll need to send your Live ID for the private beta.

Users will be asked to submit feedback later in a forum dedicated to beta testers and we’re hopefully looking at a few weeks turn around before the app is completed. For more info, head to SciLor’s forums.

Currently, people can stream music via Grooveshark’s HTML5 website for mobile, which while decent still lacks more advanced functionality of a dedicated client. Grooveshark so far has been remiss to create their own official app, leaving it up to third-party developers with some coding skills to get the job done.

Thanks, Ikkari, for the tip!


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Unofficial Grooveshark client for Windows Phone 8 entering beta testing, needs your skills


Just a reminder that Grooveshark also offers their great service as HTML5 in your capapble IE browser. You can make it even handier by using WebApps. Just a reminder, I'm in no way affiliated with anyone... :)

The browser client is pretty bad. No caching, and just random glitches that are annoying. Forward/back controls in the volume popup do not work. It's just a very poor experience if you want to use it for anything other than playing a random song that you don't have on your phone.

So what am I doing wrong? Via WebApps the music stops as soon as the screen goes dark/locks. Via Internet Explorer the music stops after the current track finishes after the screen has gone dark/locked. As far as I'm concerned, this makes it pretty useless.

I'm gettin a lot of "we cant connect to services right now" on my lumia 820, I can check artists and stuff, it's the streaming that is broken =/. Had no issues  with the 620 tho.

While I like Nokia Music a lot, the ability for grooveshark to play the exact songs I like, when I want, for free, is why I've been using it for years. That coupled with mikes hosts file on my desktop make for the best experience. I use Nokia Music, where I used to use Pandora, to discover new music and experience the radio/randomness of playlist selection.

Grooveshark is a great addition to Nokia Music because you can listen to specific songs for free, also you can upload your own music to Grooveshark if something is missing...
And not everyone has a Nokia Windows Phone ^^

I am on the beta team let me know if there is anything that you'd like to see this app do or be for the WP platform

Please let it be possible to start the app using a proxy. Just like SciLor's Grooveshark Unlocker so that it will work in Germany...