Unofficial Pandora app clears the Marketplace! MetroRadio is now live.


Hopefully you saw our sneak preview of MetroRadio, the first unofficial Pandora app for Windows Phone built off of the Metro Pandora SDK. That app is now live in the Marketplace, having successfully cleared the Marketplace guidelines. From the app description:

"MetroRadio is the first Pandora 3rd party application on Windows Phone 7. The app has all the important features from Pandora, such as: Streaming stations, liking/disliking songs, making new stations, album art, and many more... This app is Mango optimized; it will run in the background. This app will be updated periodically, introducing new features such as pinning stations, auto login, etc..."

This is obviously big news for our platform and while not a perfect solution, it certainly is a start. You can find MetroRadio here in the Marketplace for free. Let us know in comments your initial thoughts!


Reader comments

Unofficial Pandora app clears the Marketplace! MetroRadio is now live.


Why would they call it MetroRadio if they don't even follow the Metro design guidelines properly? It looks like a mess.

This is great, playing Christmas music right now from my saved lists.  Shows what the community can do when the real service has a bias against a product.  Only one complaint, does not seem to save the password.

I think it works great.  Like users have said, it is not a Metro based UI, but it does work as advertised.  Password not remembering here as well.  It's a great start.  

I don't really care if it's a metro UI or not. As long as an app works, I don't think every app should need to conform to the OS's UI - variety is nice.
So glad it's here, as this was one giant thing missing from the OS.

The is the first UNOFFICIAL Pandora app we have, and some of you are complaining about its looks. It's not pretty, but it sure as hell isn't ugly. If the developer spent time making it pretty, you'd be complaining about the functionality.
I've tried it out this morning and it works GREAT. Far better than Last.fm has worked for me. I've already uninstalled it, because I never used it.

+1. I can't believe that people are complaining hard about a first start for an unofficial app distributed free after many hours of effort. Feedbacks are always helpful but bashing isn't. It discourages developers.

The App works great and so far it lets you skip unlimited amount of songs unlike Pandora and Mixed Tapes App.  Only issue is the saving the "password" which would come in handy when I'm playing music in the car over Bluetooth Audio.

Can anyone speak to security when using this app. How do I know the developer is not capturing usernames and passwords for accounts?

Muscle memory - I've always tried RIGHT clicking on these and opening them in a new tab, but it's just another tiny thumbnail!

I've had several issues with this app already.  Currently it is stuck on the 'loading' screen.  The music is streaming but the screen is unresponsive to input.  Before that, the program wouldn't allow me to change channels.  It would just start up the first channel I played no matter which one I choose.  Now, after I've ended the progam using the back button and try to restart it it will not allow me to sign in.  It did this before and I had to turn off/on the phone in order to get it to work again. 
Nice try, but software isn't ready for prime time yet.

I had the same problem. switching stations never switched. Kept playing the same song from the previous station.

Good start. But developer should remove ADs from it as it's not etchically or legally correct to use Pandora's streams to make money.
I really really appreciate the effort the developer took but he should target for getting popular with this app and divert some of the traffic to his other apps (if exists) where he can make money instead of directly from here.
All said, I'm using it. To preach, I should've never used it. But just my 2 cents.

I don't see anything unethical about displaying ads in the app.  If they were charging for it then yes, but displaying ads next to other people's content is pretty common nowdays.  I even clicked an ad as a thank you to the developer.
Of course a DirtyDogg might not be the best jude of ethics.

So basically you are saying the entertainment industry, various other businesses and most of the internet should shut down right know since they all use other people products to make money? (By using an advertising business model) Also Google wouldn't be the behemoth it is now if it weren't for the money they make off  of advertising.
It's a perfectly legitimate and ethical business model by this developer. Why should he not be compensated for his development time? 
At least he is not making people pay for this first version. Maybe over time when he polishes it up he will release a pro version without ads but that's up to him. But it's 2011 and most people love the $0.00 price tags on apps.

No. I don't mean that. If the app is using an official API he has the right to earn with ads if the API TOS allows. But this app uses an unofficial API which makes itself riskier legally. Displaying ads just aggravates the situation and could lead to shutdown of the unofficial API as well as this app. I want both to survive and that's my concern with displaying ads. Hopefully Pandora js cool with it and maybe provide official support for the developer for the common good of WP users. Hope you understand my concern

Works great for me on the Samsung Focus S. Streaming over bluetooth...I'm glad the developer decided to release it even though it may still need some work. Better to have something rather than nothing...one less app not available and this is a big one.
Shame on Shazam for not releasing the official app. What’s up with them? Also shame on Google for not having Lattitue out...use gMaps Pro but that is not nearly as good as the Android version (duh) or even the iOS version.