Unofficial ROM unlocks Omnia GPS

A new "unofficial" ROM for the Samsung Omnia has made its way into wild at MoDaCo [via BGR], promising to unlock some sought-after features. Currently available in the U.S. from Verizon Wireless, the Omnia's GPS chip has been locked down, much to the chagrin of, well, everyone. Out of the box, you're forced to use VZ Navigator for all of your GPS needs. But using this ROM, update you should be able to use free third-party apps like Google Maps and Live Search.

Other changes in addition to the GPS unlock are:
  •  5 percent battery increments
  • Ability to disable threaded text messaging via system settings
  • Pop-up keyboard keys a la iPhone
  • Auto-lock keypad settings now include Off, 2s and 5s
  • Opera Mobile 9.5 build 15679
  • Weather Bug and Windows Live Widgets
  • Favorite settings, now known as easy settings
  • Windows Live

If you are brave, let us know how it works after the update. But by all means, back up your data first, and read through the thread at MoDaCo. This is unofficial stuff, so be careful.

And while this unofficial fix is nice, we're still waiting for that official, open GPS unlock that Verizon said was coming. How 'bout it, guys? (fwiw: A BGR commenter says official GPS unlocks are coming May 11.)


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Unofficial ROM unlocks Omnia GPS


I'm using an Omnia or a week now and I love it.
It's fast, stable, the screen has good sensitivity, it's good.

I'm not sure if it's better than the Touch HD, but it's definitely one of the best WinMo I've ever used.

You can read my complete review in here.

Installed the update this evening. My computer did not recognize the device on the first try, but picked it up on the second connect attempt. After that everything proceeded according to instructions in the thread. I immediately downloaded google maps and the program picked up the gps location on the first try. GPS is UNLOCKED>

Does this unlocked mean that it wont charge you for using like Google Maps and is like a GPS you can buy at a store with no monthly data payment?

it just means that Verizon unlocked the GPS so you can use Google Maps and Windows Live - that's it- so far that's all they have continued to LOCK it to - the tricky Fs did what they promised - but did not fully release the GPS - spread the word- because I've installed many of good GPS apps and they won't see GPS
iGO8 having been one of the ones that works great aside from no GPS - yet!
Verizon I guess figured people would buy VZnavigator when they saw the lucrative feature of the GPS apps they have allowed- which don't track, no turn by turn, no follow me... why have bothered unlocking the GPS to further limit any expansion- only to find we'd come back to Verizon

I'm thinkin about unlocking the gps on my i910, but I need to know if it WORKS. Can any one confirm or deny this. Any tips would also be appreciated.

I updated my Omnia (Verizon) phone and it was very straight forward, no hitches. You do get all the above features AND the GPS is infact unlocked!!! Im using it with Google Maps free download and its great! Just leave the 'Use GPS' setting in the app on, so that as soon as your phone aquires GPS satellites, it will give you the much better resolution. It typically will take about 30 sec in nice clear weather, but can take a min or two if its overcast and cloudy. In the mean while you get about 1000 ft resolution because its pin pointing by cell tower, untill it gets a GPS lock and then based on number of satellites it will be between 10-20 feet. You get a few extra things, like a 'flash light' button that lets you manually turn on and off your LED flash like a light. This update seems to fix a few minor issues with the phone and seems like it is more stable and maybe even a hair quicker. If you haven't done this ROM update, you really need to. After your done, it updates your phone with pretty much all the other cool things the new phones are doing now. Omnia is STILL one of the very few phones that can play DIVX natively AND output its video to a external monitor or TV with an output cable...one thing that DROID DOESNT DO !!!! lol You essentially have a portable DVD player by being able to connect it to a TV!!!

CJ, or anybody, can you give the link to where I can get the GPS rom unlocking update for the Omnia i910 your talking about please! Thanks!!!!!!!!!

Mid June release date huh? i should light a match to the author. lol Anyway I am glad to see a sighting but can this phone come out already? Has anyone heard....well ANYTHING? I was talked into buying the Instinct June 08 and turned in my Mogul for it. I know. Pretty stupid right? But I am soooo waiting on this phone. My business DEPENDS ON IT! So I guess I'll keep twiddling my thumbs waiting for it.