Unofficial Vine app, 6Sec, for Windows Phone

Let the Vine creation begin: 6Sec, the unofficial Vine app for Windows Phone 8, is now available

We’ve been reporting on 6Sec, the new Vine app from developer extraordinaire Rudy Huyn (Wikipedia, Fuse, TVShow) for a few weeks now, detailing some of the progress of the app. Then earlier this morning, we told you it was set for public release after many hard hours of beta testing by nearly a thousand users.

While an official Vine app was announced last week for Windows Phone, from our understanding that app is still in gestation and we don’t expect it for weeks if not months to hit the Store. Even then, we have a sneaky suspicion that Huyn’s version will still be better, due to his flair for design and perfection.

Luckily for Windows Phone 8 fans, you can now join in on the Vine-phenomenon by downloading 6Sec right from the Store today.

Vine, for those who aren’t familiar, is a new service acquired by the folks at Twitter and launched on iOS in January of this year. Later, an Android version of the app was also launched and promises of it reaching other platforms were made though no firm date or announcement for Windows Phone was ever established.  The service does to video what Twitter has done to text messaging, that is it forces an arbitrary limit (six seconds) for what are essentially time-lapsed video clips that can be shared on social networks, including Twitter and Facebook.

Unofficial Vine app, 6Sec, for Windows Phone

The service was scoffed at first by many, much like Twitter, but as it turns out the platform has forced some unique creativity from users and it is steadily taking off. However, Twitter frienemy Instagram recently launched “Instagram video” which doubles the length for the video clips and allows the application of its famous filters, all in an attempt to steal Vine’s thunder.

Regardless, those on Windows Phone can now take part in the Vine revolution. While other apps on the platform have allowed users to view Vines from other users, 6Sec is the first application to allow the creation and uploading of Vine videos directly from the phone.

Unofficial Vine app, 6Sec, for Windows Phone

The solution from developer Rudy Huyn is a familiar one: use the Vine APIs and an intermediary server to process your videos and uploads. Because of that, Huyn incurs a cost for maintaining hardware for 6Sec, something for which he hopes to recoup by the modest in-app purchase.

The app though has also undergone an extensive and widely publicized Beta test, ensuring a smooth, polished product chock full of features, including:

  • Lens support – Users can create Vines from within the camera app
  • Account creation – Create an account, login with Facebook and manage your account e.g. profile photo
  • Explore trending posts, featured hashtags and channels
  • Search Vines using hashtags
  • Share Vines to Twitter and Facebook
  • Live Tile – double wide tile support, including notification support (background agent)

In short, 6Sec is not only a superb Vine client, it is arguably better than the official apps found on iOS and Android.

But don’t take our word for it, head to the Store now to give 6Sec an official spin here. The app is free to try, though the upload feature can only be used twice, after which a modest, one-time in-app purchase is required to continue to create Vines.  Windows Phone 8 only.

Have feedback on the app? Make sure you post it below as Huyn will often respond to comments and questions!

QR: 6Sec


Reader comments

Let the Vine creation begin: 6Sec, the unofficial Vine app for Windows Phone 8, is now available


Awesome app, thanks Rudy. In the settings, when you click on + to follow or - to unfollow somebody, the symbol doesn't change to reflect this. Minor issue, but the app is, as always, solid!
Edit: Dan, there is also an IAP of $1.29 to get rid of ads.

This is one of the highest quality, feature rich apps I have seen. Rudy needs to be in on the development of more WP8 apps because he has a gift!

What are the features that this has and the others don't? Genuine question as I haven't used those versions.

While recording a Vine as a timelapse video consisting of multiple clips, you can "Remove last part" if you're not satisfied with it. Awesome feature.

Oh yea, I saw that when messing around with it. That's cool that it's a unique feature then. I wonder if this'll be a Foursquare Vs 4th and Mayor situation where the 3rd party is just way superior once the official Vine comes out.

I'm betting that will be the case (I'm using the official iOS Vine app and Rudy's previous WP8 apps as reference for this statement).

He actually has quite a few, Wikipedia, 9gag, fuse and tv show to name a few. Would definitely be nice to see more, they're all excellent quality.

just a little too late with the official Vine being announced on Thursday. Good to see it growing though.

Not nessessarily. It could be a while off yet and possibly an exclusive. Take Whatsapp for example. We knew about the most recent Whatsapp update months ago and it only just came out and it's still broken/

And like others said above you, the official Vine may not be nearly as well-designed as Rudy's.

Can only upload two vines for free? Guess I'll have wait for the official app since I don't have a credit card to pay for this one :\

I was being a smart ass about it i was just genuinely trying to help. and i have only had one mobile provider so i thought it might carry over. excuse me for being helpful

No worries man, but he might be searching all day for a method on how to buy it through his operated, and not getting any luck with it. I was also being helpful and I was clearing out that not all operators have this solution.

Bing Rewards. I guess I'm assuming that this is available in most countries. I also have PayPal in my "Wallet".

They sell prepaid debit cards at places like 7/11 and similar convinience stores. Just some food for thought =)

Rudy, you're awesome man. I hope you earn big bucks and we all appreciate your dedicated support for windows phone 8. Thank you.

It's not on all the time. When you post a video, you get the option to tag your location. Like I said, it's an option, you don't have to.

@RudyHuyn has confirmed that there will be a WP7 version, but it won't be released for a couple of weeks (hopefully before the end of July). He's stated that it won't take as long as 1 month to develop.

Location is only used when you search places around you (during a post), except that, it's not used, even for ads

I'm having a problem with the app.. I keep getting black screens instead of the clips playing.. It just started doing this.

Why are transitions between menus in this app so jarring? Isn't it possible to implement the same swoosh animations that are in the default apps on Windows Phone?

Not sure why devs don't implement these transitions, i guess it makes it faster without them but id prefer the swoosh also :)

So many great apps now for windows phone 8, looking forward to upgrading my 900 to a 1020 even more now :-)

My luck. My 920 crapped out yesterday. It wouldn't boot up so I had to send it to Rogers for service. I'm currently using my 900 :( now I know how people using 7.8 feels.

I tried that. It's just vibrate twice then load the Rogers logo, then it displays the battery indicator and shuts down. I coud not go any further than that. 
This all started because I could not send or receive pictures in a text message. My internet sharing was also broken. All this started when I did an update from Rogers in May.  Before that everything worked like a charm. The reson I waited so long was because there were a few apps that is no longer available on the MKP and I was hoping anorher update would have fixed these issues. BBC News app was one of those apps. :(.
I found this Tutorial and still my device was not working.
Luckly i'm still covered by Nokia so I feel a lot better knowing that I will get a working device in 10 days. I'm crossing my fingers that someone at Nokia slips up and sends me a 1020. lol

wow, awesome app. BUT it has a problem FOR SURE. Whenever I use this app, the phone gets extremely hot, and battery drains. Even hotter than temple run :(

it's two different in-app purchase, I made this to decrease the upload in-app purchase (ads will paid a part of my *very expensive* server)
Ads isn't on all pages (no ads for the home for example)

I'm having the same issue over here....everytime a video loads to just goes black instead....all of this happens after I paid to remove the adds...smh :-(

Yea I was just about to comment on this. It was working fine, then i paid for the app and like several minutes later it stopped playing videos. I've uninstalled and reinstalled like 2 or 3 times and it still persists

not my fault ! just a windows phone platform bug when you play too much video (it happpens sometimes), twitter official app has exactly the same problem.
Only solution when it's happen : restart phone (with amber it's seems better)

Im serious they all moved to instagram video....but.... Rudy is making me wonder what he is going to do... I hope its a whole instagram client with video uploading and viewing....ill go insane!! Ill pay 5$ for that app

Hmmm, how does one 'like' other users vines? Also, profile pic is not uploading.... And the app is crashing frequently on me.. shame. Good looking though.

-___________-     dude did you not was the tutorial that you get as soon as you launch the app, just swipe to the left or right on the vine. lolz  silly guy lol

listen mate don't get smar.... er.... umm... ok it looks like i missed that.. smh. sorry. Still crashing though! Ps thanks :)

So I already bought the app I'm trying to upload a vine and it is telling me that I have to update by buying the app?!? I don't understand?

I fail to see the relevance of these apps. Can't u already just record a video with your phone to share on Facebook or twitter and even YouTube.
My dick is still soft for shit like instagram video and vine

There are coders looking at that and wondering why you're criticising Rudy lol
(== means "not equal to" in some programming languages) - Yes, a terrible joke, I'll get my coat. 

Although this has only happened once with this app when it was in beta mode, what makes an app crash exactly? And another question is whether it would happen to a higher model Lumia than my 720 eg the 925/8? Thanks in advance. The app as it is now is perfect by the way and I've rated it as such, if all official apps were this good on WP, it would be a dream come true.

beta testers will have better than just a free app ;) There will have access to a bigger app than vine very quickly ;) 

same thing here. Vine records then uploads to 6sec server...keeps uploading forever or uploads multiple times but when I tap "send vine" it always says "Vine not ready, Do you want to add this Vine to the upload queue to post it later?" Never completes upload process so none of my Vines upload :(

I'm also having this same problem. It was working fine eralier today but now all of a sudden it won't upload any of my vine videos.
Update: my videos werent uploading because my phone was in battery saver mode. disable battery saver n your videos should upload. Rudy Huyn told me that this was the case n its working fine for me now.

So I already bought the app I'm trying to upload a vine and it is telling me that I have to update by buying the app?!? I don't understand anyone else experiencing this?

Very nice app, but it seems I can't upload any profile picture because the app crash when I select the picture. Also I can't connect/sync with my twitter account... The app says incorrect username or password.

After following a certain amount of people, I get can't follow this person error for anyone else I try to follow. Anyone else having this problem?

Great app, very smooth! I love the fact that you can turn auto play off. Def paying for it to help support the dev!!!!

Am I crazy? Can't see where to buy the full app. I paid to remove apps but I want to get the full version for unlimited uploads.

I'm not even into Vine, still downloaded the app because of the author though.

Another brilliant job from Rudy.

@ Rudy... Please take advantage of Nokias camera SDK.. We will pay you $$ to develop us premium camera apps... Personal, I would love a nice camera app that lets me draw quickly on a recently taken picture, or loaded photo.. It would be cool if it had a complete paint kit with symbols, emoji, frames, and effects... How about it❔❔

Probably won't use it, but downloaded so I can buy ad free and the upload twice to support the dev! You deserve it all, thanks again Rudy! Looks incredible!

First comment is on the app. Very nice, Rudy. Gotta say. Your apps het better and better. I use TV Show and Wikipedia religiously. My second comment is for Dan...there is not an option to log in with Facebook, as mentioned in the article. Just Twitter. Which brings me to comment 3. Would love to search friends via Facebook as well as phone and Twiiter.

Huge shout out to Rudy, been dieing to get this app, and it's deffinitely worth the buck fifty. However, I am wondering if anyone else is having the same issue I am having?? My upload has been stuck in the encoder queue for the last hour.... First couple uploads worked great and now all the sudden I'm stuuuuuck! Im connected to WIFI here at home on Lumia 810. 

Having the same problem. Though I never managed to do a single upload with the non-Beta version.

app uses background transfert to upload video, so you need to not have the power saver activated for that. I will add a message for that

Nice app, really well done. Though I don't know what the buttons "display rece" and "display pop" mean-- it looks like the actual button labels are cut off.

I like the app, but this is my first experience with Vine and I can't see what the fuss is about. I would have loved this when I was in high school (if only all this stuff was available in the late 90's!), but I don't find hardly any of the vids to be clever or funny. 〽 Maybe it's related to the fact that I find teenagers annoying in real life.

This is a joke honestly, I tried restarting my phone like Rudy said and the videos worked for maybe 5 mins. Aperrently its not the app but a bug in windows. So in other words, I have to restarted my phone every time I want to view this app. Load of bullshit, first the app store crashes yesterday and now I find I can load to many videos. I'm going back to android, get ya shit sorted windows.

Sounds like you never should have switched... clearly you never had any problems with your Android. :rolls eyes:
Remember, we are talking about a 3rd party app here.

Its not the app. Its windows, after playing about 20 vids in 6sec, no videos work in metrotube, YouTube or native Webb. Yes I had heaps of problems with android Mainly with lag tho which comes down too hardware. Not trying to troll but I'm really pissed cause I've been going around for last 3 months telling everyone how great WIndows 8 is but now its failing on me and I feel like a sucker.

No dude to be honest, I've contributed a fair amount to the forums and to Windows in general, if it came across "trollish" then its because I'm furious. After the l620 l820 and now ativ s. I keep trying to justify my purchase. The metro style is great and its lag free (major plus) but the app support is shocking and now only being able to watch 20 videos at a time before restarting my phone is a deal breaker.

I don't get the point of ads if you can only upload 2 videos. Then pay $1.29 to remove the ads? Then pay another $1.49 to upload unlimited uploads? Really? Sorry but why make a free ad version in the first place? That is what trial versions are for. Trial versions are ad free with limited abilities. The app seems to work great but the pricing schemes is a bummer for me. And I am not a prude or cheapskate. Just seems a bit much to me for an unofficial app that can be forced to remove itself from the store tomorrow. You are truly talented though Rudy. I will give you that. But for now I will wait for the official free ad free app. Never used Vine before now so I see no need to jump on the bandwagon for such fees.

You could look at it the other way: Pay $1.49 to allow unlimited uploads, and THEN pay $1.29 to remove ads one you are using it.  End result is the same tho.  I guess it doesnt "make sense" if you think about paying to remove ads when you only get two uploads.
Edit- Now if you are only first presented with "remove ads" first, then that doesnt make sense from a purchasing point of view.

Without ads, the in-app purchase to upload videos will be higher, ads pay a part of the upload server.
Some people wants to upload but have no problem with ads, so it's cheaper for them. Don't forget that there is no ads on the home, only on a few pages ;)

Incredibly well made app for version 1.  While i may not use it a tonne, i will purchase the full app to support the developer much like i did with Instance   
To quote an old classic film.

No wolfs not trolling. I'm having same issue on my Lumia 920 on both WiFi and cellular network? Was getting black screen yesterday, now videos just won't load? Love the app though if it would just work.