Unreleased Nokia prototype Windows Phone shown running latest OS

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What Nokia phone is this?

File this under rumor but likely something but the folks at WPDang caught some images off of a Sina Weibo stream that clearly reveal some type of new Nokia prototype phone. For those who don’t know, Sina Weibo is sort of like Twitter in China. The images show what look to be a Lumia-type device running either Windows Phone 7.8 or 8.0. (We were also sent the images by a reader of this site, talan1314)

Not much was revealed about the phone and the images were quickly deleted off of the user’s stream. No specifications were gathered either though it does sport the old Windows flag which may or may not mean something.

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At the very least we can say this could be just another color-variation of Nokia's Lumia series running 7.8--in which case, not a big deal.The most we can guess is this has some Windows Phone 8 hardware but it is still an early build and not production-ready. Either way, it’s at least somewhat interesting to see and perhaps we’ll find out more next month at Nokia World.

Via: WPDang; Thanks, talan1314, for the images


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Unreleased Nokia prototype Windows Phone shown running latest OS


The top bezel is smaller than the Lumia 900. Maybe 910 or something. Doesn't look that different than my white 900.

It's no trick. It's definitely the 800 series (not necessarily the Lumia 800) because of the curved glass. Also the distance from the capacitive buttons to the bottom of the phone confirms this assertion. Also the earpiece is smaller than the Lumia 900.

i don't think it is an 800 for the following reasons: -1- the 800 speaker is in the coloured case, -2- the word NOKIA at the top of the 800 is in the center where you see the speaker in the prototype and -3- the casingat the top and bottom are much thicker than in the prototype. Just my 2 cents...

Cue all the people who won't read the article and start posting that the Lumia 900 could be upgraded to WP8, Microsoft lied to us :|

Microsoft made no official announcement that the Lumia 900 could be even upgraded to Windows Phone 7.8. just another example on why you shouldn't always trust rumors.

I think the fact Nokia was walking around the Summit in June with a Lumia 900 and 7.8 was a pretty good indication that it could get 7.8 ;-)

The earpiece speaker is much lower on the bezel. Centered with the edge of the screen and the edge of the glass. It's definitely not my current 900.

I think if it was a true prototype display it would at least have the WP8 logo ... But a yellow lumia isn't new I know they make a hello 800 but never saw a yellow 900

My bet is this is WP 7.8 just like demo unit Ben the PC guy showed on the Windows Phone Team Blog.  Notice the capacitive buttons, they don't represent the new Windows logo.

Definitely not a lumia 900; the earpiece is different, smaller bezel, and what appears to be the rounded glass from the 800.

I must agree, the screen is curved (see the reflection on it) which points that have something from the Lumia 800, looking forward for news about this... 

Yellow? Looks lime green to me.
Might be the rumoured 910/920 then. Maybe they are going with Window Phone 8 with multiple handsets?

On my Lumia 800 the Nokia logo is horizontally centered. This device has it printed on the right. The top speaker is also much lower than on a Lumia 800. It is definately not a Lumia 800.

Maybe prototype to get the curved glass on the 900's body/screen size for WP8? That was always a sweet aesthetic feature I personally thought was missing from the 900

This one has the nokia logo in the upper right corner but on the 800 it is centered and on the 900 it is on the upper left corner!

Yeah, there's something on the bottom under the windows logo. It looks like it's on the screen and the colored body. Too subtle to be carrier branding. Looks more like "prototype, not for resale" sort of thing

I hope Nokia has something better looking than this coming out as a flagship. The competition is very steep and they can't afford something weak.

Looks like a funky L800. Can't imagine the next line of Lumias not having a FFC (Skype integration). Could be wrong though. . .

That just looks like what the L900 should have been, a larger L800. Probably went for a different display due to several design reasons, and they're probably recycling these prototypes to test software on since the innards would be pretty similar.

This looks like a WP 7.8 device...looking at the start button...as during the windows phone summit...there was a different and more metro start button..

Defenitly not a Lumia 800. This has larger ear piece with different placement and has what appears a front camera. Beside the size looks bigger than my 800. 

Looks larger than a Lumia 800, look at the space around the glass - the Lumia 800 got more plastic/polycabonate around the glass.
Doesn't look like a Lumia 900 either as there's more glass at the bottom where the capacitive buttons are before the screen starts than on the L900. The capacitive buttons looks like on the Lumia 800.
I am thinking a 4 inch device? Looks somewhat in between L800 and L900 in size.

Guess nobody has noticed first photo has wpcentral underneath tiles & second photo has the words play & berry! Looks sus to me

Did you now?  As if absolutely no one could have possibly deduced that the likelihood of Nokia deciding to continue to capitilize on the aesthetic of the the Lumia 800/900 design would be feasible.
Sure, we all needed pizzalovinhulk to inform us of this.  /s
At the end of the day, the device in the picture is a prototype, and there is really no need for Nokia to dramatically change the design language of the Lumia 800/900 line of devices; it's classy, stlylish, unique, and timeless.

Guys I think it could be a 900 series look on the side at the buttons the top two are volume the same as my 900 the next on is power also the same as my lumia and bottom has much more space then my lumia between power and camera button meaning this phone could bigger than lumia 900

This phone is a little bigger with a bigger screen and the curved glass like the 800 I feel that this is a style they will keep for some time cuz it is different and unique and for the other phone series they will make other styles

When I got the lumia 900 on release day it was big now when I look at it its small lol all theses phones r gettn bigger and bigger