Extras + Info update reportedly fixes ‘screen sensitivity’ issue on Lumia 1520

We’ve noted in the past that despite the Lumia 1520 being one of our favorite Lumias to date, like everything in the world of technology it had a few nits that bothered us.

One of those was the often reported ‘screen sensitivity’ complaint, where scrolling with the display would frequently result in a tap. Think of scrolling through your emails and instead of scrolling down, you open a message up unintendedly. Another example would be on 6tag, the double-tap to like feature of the app would be activated when just swiping through photos.

We’re getting a few reports that today’s Extras + Info update has essentially fixed this problem. On our Lumia 1520, we have to admit that it does seem to be better. Others, however, are not so convinced.

Nokia did respond to user complaints in their help forum, noting that an over-the-air software update was due to fix the issue in January:

“Hi, We are working on it. Issue will be fixed with the new SW release available over the air during January 3rd or 4th week. Sorry for the inconvenience...”

Software updates imply things like Extras + Info instead of more drastic firmware changes, which would require carrier approval. Could today’s update have been the one? We’re working to find out, but with CES wrapping up and it being late on a Friday, we’ll have to wait to confirm.

Have you noticed an improvement on your Lumia 1520? Sound off in comments.

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Extras + Info update reportedly fixes ‘screen sensitivity’ issue on Lumia 1520


I haven't had any screen sensitivity issues all day.. But, are you guys aware of the screen brightness dimming bug❔

My 1520 has this bug as well. It takes about 3 seconds for the screen to get fully lit sometimes. Another thing I get is the colors becoming inverted or it seems like I added the "heat image" filter from Pictures Lab app. Have you had this issue?

Look at the app "photo lab" and look at their 'Heat filter' effect. My screen sometimes looks like this for a few seconds then returns to normal.

Screams hardware, I build custom computers. There are those things no driver/firmware update will fix, sometimes the only remedy is swap the offending hardware.

These are typical firmware issues and will generally be caught and fixed in the first few updates. Hardware itself really has nothing to do with this.

Building computers means nothing now a days. My 12 year old son built his own with the parts he selected. This is probably software relating to the brightness bug and how Nokia phones handle sun reading conditions. Have you noticed that in the sun colors are different and screen is bright to help reading in the sun? Probably that gets wonky when it detects brightness. It fixes itself as few seconds later with the correct brightness. That screams software. Probably it will be fixed with a firmware issue or other update.

Having said that, maybe you can explain why a said graphics card will work perfectly on 8 custom built machines but one and the problem goes away by replacing the card with an identical card...same driver different hardware...or maybe you can ask your 12 year old.

I think this is caused by enabling the sunlight readability under display. Disable this feature and you'll never have the heat filter issue anymore. It puzzled me for a while until I figured it out.

The sunlight readability must me really glitchy then because it makes the screen look 10X worse than normal. This usually happens when I unlock the phone whether I'm inside or outside.

Ohhhhh.. I've seen that on my 920.. I haven't seen it on the 1530 yet... Cool feature, I thought.. Lol❕
Yeah, that's weird.. WTF is that❔

This happens when direct sunlight or a bright light falls directly on the ambience light sensor, so it overblows the backlight to keep your screen visibility better.

Actually this is right, i know what you're talking about as I'm experiencing this too on my Lumia 920.
And the app. is called Pictures Lab not Photo Lab.

No, its right, in bright sunlight it doesnt just pop up the backlight, it puts crazy high contrast on the screen to make it easy to read.

It didnt happen to me before amber update but after amber that "heat filter comes often and randomly" everytime it comes I want to take screenshot, but the screenshot will be normal therefore could not post in the forum

Big time Rodney. It's like the buggy firmware on the 920 earlier last year. Hope that's also fixed in the next SW update. I've a feeling it's a firmware issue.

Its a hit and miss Dan. Its still there. I've tested with different apps. Even happens with wpc. Though this update does seem to make some apps faster. But I noticed a slight lag when switching screens before you can scroll.

I still have three issues ... Screen Sensitivity, the heat filter looking screen when unlocked and screen coming on to a very low brightness when unlocked... Had the last one on my 920 as well ... Never had any of these issues on my HTC Titan ... PS: I came and said Hi to you when you were at CES, you guys were busy so did not bother you. PS: I am the Product Manager for Philips TVs and HAV products in US/Canada.

I'm gonna go ahead and say yes to this update fixing the sensitivity issue.. I hereby proclaim this problem resolved! :)

It didnt fix, problem is still ON. And its annoying, very annoying indeed. Im thinking about to change my phone cuz this.

Great❕ Now, we just need a fix for the infamous screen brightness dimming bug that unwantedly kicks down the screen brightness after the phone has been unlocked for a few seconds.. This is very annoying, and doesn't allow you to use the 1520 at max brightness..
Please people, don't state the obvious.. We've already checked all of the settings, and it's apparent that there is a bug somewhere... Now, if you know of a know cure, then I'm all ears..

I've had it happen while playing a game as well as while scrolling comments in the WPC app as well. I can understand dimming down after a period of non use but not literally while my fingers are moving on the screen.

Exactly.. I've had it dim way down in the middle of using it, and then go back up to full brightness, then down like 10%.. Lol! .. It does this at least once a day... Its got to be something with the,, IDK.. They just need to fix it..

On my 920 it was an easy fix.
Turn off the phone and turn it on again in a dark room, the confused sensor was adjusted :)

Never had that actually work on my 810.  I've just left the auto-brightness turned off.  I don't really use the phone outside enough to justify it. 

I'll try that, but we're having the issue with the auto adjust turn off, and the phone at max brightness.. A confused sensor shouldn't matter at that point, right❔

Ah, my bad. Thought it was the famous auto adjust that was in action :P Could still be the sensor though, but got to be combined with some software glitch as well❔

Yeah, I tried it, and set it back to manual.. Still dims.. I sent Nokia UK, and NokiaCareUS, a message on twitter.. Lets see what they have to say..

Sorry Dan, but nope. Didn't fix mine. In fact I have more issues (WiFi and Bluetooth) after the December update.

I've been having WiFi problems and screen touch and brightness, but something that really annoys me is the video capture that also needs an urgent update.

Unrelated a little bit, but todays extras+info update gave me the first random reboot (in the middle of the installation) on my dev unlocked 625. (amber, gdr3). Afterwards its working flawlessly, seems a little bit faster.

Yep, but since i got the device, it was my first random reboot. I lost my virginity :D

I have never had my 1730 reboot.. Must be a batch specific issue.. If that's the case a device swap would fix that.. What annoys me is that Microkia is so secretive about their awareness of bugs, and what they plan to do about them... Saving face maybe❔

I don't want to go out on a limb, but I think the 1730 in your hands is probably still in its prototype stage. As such, bugs are to be expected.

I was wondering if anyone would notice that.. Wishful thinking on my part... But, could you imagine that thing❔... Lol❕ That's what I'm gonna refer my 1520 as from now on... It's official my new 1730.. Lol❕❕

very good
I have lumia 1520
and i noticed touch screen sensitivity issue
after update
seems to be good on my phone

Not sure if its fixed. The sensitivty though was a PITA sometimes. I noticed it would go crazy with gloves on more. It was so sensitive I could use it through the flip cover. Will have to check.

Omg I must have missed others complaining about this. I thought I was alone!! Hope this resolve it...

This update and the December update seem to have improved things, but to completely fix them. I would love to flash my 1520, as I have had better luck flashing issues away then doing OTA updates.

Mine seems to be fixed. I haven't had one app opened by mistake since the update. On a related note, my screen hasn't dimmed since the update either. Since that issue was intermittent, I'm still holding back on saying its fixed as well.

What I'm having a problem with is when I am texting or using the keyboard for that matter, I press one letter and it types it like 5 times.. Pls fix!

Guys its definitely fixed. Here is what I did:

1.force update with SysApp Pusher
3.soft reset (volume down and power)

I tested with Metrotube (before the extras and info update, notorious for clicking into videos while scrolling) now its working beautifully. Been updated for an hour now with not a single mistouch. Thanks Nokia!

Well, I let "nit" slide, but "unintendedly?" Do they have their own dialect at CES or something? A mix between cockney and hillbilly? Lollolulza

Improved mine but didn't fix it completely. Still has the sensitivity issue, albeit not as often now.

Yeah, it's awesome. It's really awesome.. But, beware.. Once you go Lumia Black, and experience every bit of the 6 inches.... You never go back, my friend.. ;-)

Funny thing. I hadn't noticed I had the issue till after I read this and it happened to me a few times..then remembered having this problem before. Btw, my extras+info was updated this morning and obviously it isn't fixed. :)

Nope. + am recently observing a weird "lets go ahead and reset the default settings on all app..." problem.

It seams to have fixed mine. I have been testing it hard in all the places in the phone where I usually have issues. I can't get it to mess up even with a very light quick swipe.

Mine seems much improved , have not had it act funny since this morning come to think of it. I hope this did intact fix it

Update ..... Still inadvertently taps when I swipe, I was using SkyDrive app and this happened continuously......

guys what does the EXTRAS part (extras+info) include on other lumia devices? I dont see any difference on my L928 after update 

OK folks this is DEFINITELY fixed but you MUST REBOOT YOUR PHONE after installing the Extras+Info update.

Finally!!! This was the most frustrating craphead problem ever.


I hate to say it but it IS NOT FIXED with this update. It seemed to be working well after the reboot for a while but it is just as bad now as ever.

I remember when my 900 has this issue, then they REALLY fix it.. I think the 1520 sensitivity is really a bug, this red beast is just so sensitive to touch for real

Seems better no scroll lag no 15 s when I type as well. Also it doesn't work through my flip cover anymore. Seems solid to me so far. Type seems more accurate now as well.

I can recall having much of a touch sensitivity issue.. But I do get the "heat image" issue occasionally. Other than that.. The phone has been fine..

I've only had the "heat image' issue on occasion. Don't recall the screen sensitivity one. Other than that,it's been fine..

I pretty much commented the same thing,but two different ways. The first time I thought it didn't post. This site should use Disqus lol

I can wholeheartedly say that rebooting after the update seems to have fixed the screen sensitivity issue. I have yet to test with bright sun light.

Anyone facing an issue where his 1520 hangs on the Goodbye screen and needs a reset to boot?
But it works if I shut it down just after booting it.

I have a problem when i got the call i unable to answer i have to lock and unlock it than i can answer.lumia 620

Erm... My 1020 never had this issue to my experience before this update, now it reacts to a hover as a click, so scroll email, as you lift your finger and move to the top to scroll some more, at some random point as you go up it will open on of the emails even though i don't touch the screen... #Grrr...

I'm talking about ppl having the brightness issue, dimming etc, just thought turning the automatic adjust of might help.

Did someone notice that the volume became louder because of the update ? I'm using hi end headphones and quite struggling of having to listen to my songs at high volume on my Lumia and now it seems its louder by

By switching the sensitivity to normal it reduces the double tap issue. Its still there but its a lot better on normal.
I've had the issue on a Lumia 820-920 and the 925, but on normal it was a lot better. :)

My 1020 has This problem too when swiping to other side fast but if i swipe normally it doesnt klik on the thing Where i swiped

WhatsApp,UC Browser and SnapFish got updates as well....Rich and Rubino must sleeping...just kidding mate's i love you ppl ☺

Well after the black update my 925 glance did not work as before, basically it had lost its sensitivity. After this update balance has been restored so would suggest this fixed sensitivity to light at any rate, for me.

The sensitivity issue may be a little better, but still notice sensitivity issues, noticeably more scrolling through the app store.

Seemed to fix unintended duplicate keyboard entry. I am no longer getting, "MMMeeeeetttting attt 111100"  My phone still seems to scroll quite a bit when I mean to tap.

As i said in forum they can fix specific apps with extras+info but i dont belive they can fix it for all other apps
I belive it needs somethign alot more "LowLevel" to do that but What do i know.


My L1520 seems much better on the touch sensitivity now.  Don't know about the auto screen dimming as for myself, that's only been occuring at night, in a darkened room watching TV.  I'll see what happens tonight I guess.  Overall, I'm loving my L1520.  It's a great phone!

Is that update a good idea for Lumia Amber phones (especially Nokia Lumia 920), I mean after a week is going to have Lumia Black update. The remarks in the update are saying first to "Phone Update" and then to update this "app". Thanks.

Yes, an improvement so far...more excitedly, however, that double-tap-to-wake works consistently! YEA...so far.

I was having touch sensitivity issues on my Lumia 920, especially in the Mehdoh app,which kept opening the tweet while I was trying to scroll. But after this update, I find that problem's gone now. I actually have to lightly tap to open the tweet. My normal scrolling no longer does this. This was evenb without restarting.

Well if it is the fix....it did not work for all, and issue is each update people jump on saying "its fixed" but after a day or so many have the issue creep back.


Nokia did say the fix was mid to end of Jan.....we need to hear off them if this was the fix or its still due (also plz sort the low light videos)

I also noticed people jumping out to say "its fixed" without testing for enough time. Certainly a fix means the problem is persistently gone, yet an improvement is not

He visto todos los comentarios y veo que no soy el único, me había asustado porque mi 1520 lo compre por ebay y crei que había salido defectuoso, mis problemas son casi los mismos, al querer mover la pantalla se abre las apps y no se mueven como quiero, el teclado a veces escribe letras de mas, cuando esta bloqueado el teléfono se prende de repente la pantalla, se tarda en entrar el Glance y se reinicia a cada rato, solo sin hacer nada.... :(

I think it fixed that Florescent screen look I would get when I would go to unlock my phone....hasn't happen in 24, use to happen 3-4 times a day

Screen sensitivity still there on my 1520, but it may seem better. I have also had the heat image issue a few times upon waking up the phone. It happened yesterday and I was outside - like some have suggested here.

New here! Got my self a 1520 today and its an amazing device, any suggestions on cases for this phone, sorry! I may be out of topic...

Nothing has be fixed on my 1520, still have sensitivity problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I never have had other problems with brightness, dimming, video.. Only this sensitivity. Grrr

Same thing here, i love my 1520 but this little bug make me think at Lg g pro 2 ( i DONT like Android)! if Nokia dosen't fix this i have to return my 2 weeks old lumia 1520!

Hello Everyone,

Last night I bought the new Nokia Lumia 1520. I face the same issue " screen sensitivity" . I didn't get any updates for the Extra+info , perhaps my device already has this update since I just bought it.

Can you please guys share the Ver of WP8 you are running?

Anyone knows when Nokia /Microsoft will fix this problem.


Rakony Slicks
Saudi Arabia

Yeaa that right there is my problem, the first word in the sentence. It puts multiple letters in when I tap it or a double of the letter to the right and left. I love WP8, iowned ((did it again) a 810, 920, 1020, and now 1520. Love them but come on Nokia and Microsoft, get your sh!t together. I would rather use a home phone (never use Droid or iPhone) and my desktop if this doesn't get fixed.

It's just been updated again today...........2/22/14. Mine seems to be working just fine now. :)

After the update I have noticed a few glitches with the sensitivity when first swyping up to access a pin to unlock code. One time I swyped and it complained that I had too many attempts and was about to wipe my data. Other times in the phone I would just look at it as it randomly started opening up applications.

Changed the sensativity to High from normal and things are looking better.



Try turning off automatic brightness and also turn off "Sunlight Readibility "under settings> display.

Should help