U.S. sell date for Windows Phone 7 is November 8th?

Over at Windows Phone Secrets, Paul Thurrott tells us that the launch date for Windows Phone 7 is November 8th and notes that although Microsoft will have an event on October 11th in New York City, that's not the launch date for our new OS.

First some clarification is in order: we've never been under the impression (and we doubt you have been as well) that on October 11th, you would be able to actually buy one of the three Windows Phones from AT&T. We've always assumed that Microsoft and partners (OEM and carriers) will show off their wares on that day and then weeks later after an aggressive advertising campaign, actually make them available. With less than 2 weeks to go, we certainly would have seen some shipments of phones move by now (and more leaks) if otherwise.

Basically we're looking, as we've said numerous times before, for a repeat of last year's timeline with the Windows Mobile 6.5 launch, which was:

  1. Show off/announce phones from carriers and OEMs in NYC
  2. Talk release dates and ROM upgrades for a future dates
  3. Spend the news few weeks advertising & promoting 

Sure, the Microsoft Open House event on October 11th is not all Windows Phone 7, in fact we expect Xbox, Windows 7, Ford Sync, etc. all to be demoed as well--like last year. But we're quite confident (and have to disagree with Thurrott here) that the NYC event is "...unrelated to Windows Phone".  We're betting that there will be some Windows Phone 7 devices on  hand and we have a feeling we'll be hearing from AT&T (and maybe T-Mobile) about that November 8th date at that time.




Reader comments

U.S. sell date for Windows Phone 7 is November 8th?


They do like November over there at MS. Lots of things have released on that month.

Yes, I have noticed that 8.3 percent of their releases take place in November.

Gizmodo is reporting that there is something brewing for oct 11, but in London. With the euro release ahead of the US, its possible that oct will launch the OS, just not here.

I'll give them one thing. This is one of the first decent ads I have seen MS come up with for the new os. All the others I have seen gave me the chills to think someone thought it would actually make a good ad. This one feels TV worthy but I am sure they can do better than that.

I still say they should kidnap the person behind the ideas of the Droid ads and force him to help them with the WP7 campaign.