USA Today official app for Windows Phone gets a slight makeover in latest update

USA Today

New look for USA Today

USA Today has consistently been one of the better designed and thought-out apps available on Windows Phone. It's fast, minimalist and the developers update the app quite consistently. Well, almost. The last update was back in October 2011.

Version 1.7 just went live in the Store and brings with it a new logo for the popular news source. The new design is a tad, dare we say, Metro? It’s flat, simple and less gaudy then the previous look and we approve 100% of the new change. Interestingly, the official Web site has yet to reflect the new design.

USA Today

The app itself doesn’t appear to have many more changes, though we presume that a bug fix for photo-viewing has been addressed (many users recently complained pics stopped showing up within the app). You still have the ability to pin six-different sections to your Start screen, weather updates (with the ability to turn them off on the Live Tile) and a nice video section too.

Over all, we really like USA Today on Windows Phone—its boldness and refreshing design makes it one of the more popular apps we like to show off to our friends.

You can pick up USA Today for Windows Phone here in the Store. Let us know in comments if you noticed any other fixes too…

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Reader comments

USA Today official app for Windows Phone gets a slight makeover in latest update


Same again here. No issues before the update now I'm getting no pictures. I wish we had the ability to rollback updates. Hopefully they fix it quick!

i dont care for their new logo either, but thats where they are going.  The app though....out the weather on the front page it is awsome.  Most beautiful app for new for sure!

Yup pictures not loading. What I did fix this is uninstall and reinstall and pics are now loading has any having problems with live tile?

Scratch that. Pictures are now working. I did one more reboot after turning off live tile. Just FYI, I have no idea if that had anything to do with it.

I used to like this app, it was pinned to my home screw and I used it every day. Then they added annoying ads. I tried to use it for about another month, then gave up and found other news apps without ads. Deal breaker for me.

I found a part fix for this!!
I loaded this app for the first time and it looks great. Unfortunately photos didn't work (Lumia 800 with all the updates).
I then navigated to the photos screen and tapped on one of the blank photos e.g. Celebrities, sports etc. The stories under that category show the pictures and the summary story. Unfortunately this still results in no photos when trying to read the full story from the standard screens.
So whilst this app looks good at present there seems to be quite a few significant things that are not working.
Has anyone contacted the author?

I don't care for the new look of the logo at all.  If that is how it looks, it will be coming off my start screen immediately.  I loved the old one with multiple pictures included on the live tile.  When I would show off my phone, that app and it's live tile got the most attention.  I know these things are subjective to individuals preferences but I don't like it.  

This has been my go to news app since day one of owning a smartphone (including android). I'm not sure why, I never visit the website.
Anyways, I have a few issues that have ticked me off since day one as a developer.  The app tends to freeze up while the background image is loading, I'm not sure why this image takes so long, my guess is a weather check.  Happens both on lumia 800 and HTC trophy
If you leave the app and resume it, I noticed performance is absolutely horrible, possible memory leak, not sure if this version is doing that as well.  
The most annoying thing about this app and MANY others is the fact that they don't use the native social network sharing features.  I know once you enter the info, that should be the last time. USE THE NATIVE SHARE FEATURES! 
You can only see the top news and can't see older news easily.
The live tile settings pages  toggle button layout is just weird. These kinds of things that litterally take a few seconds to get right really annoy me. I'd never ship a product.  
I tend to look at products from the user and developers perspective. So I expect much more from companies that actually have a paid developer to do their work.
Sorry for the rant. 

I have to agree with every single one of your points, esp the freeze during background load... Very annoying. And I agree with everyone else that the new logo looks like crap. BUT, I do still like the app...

This app was working fine for me, but now the landing page (top news) has *nothing* on it - no picutres and no text. 
Other screens are fine.
The problem I've had with this app hasn't been fixed - the text is VERY slow to react to swiping/scrolling vertically.  It acts like it's frozen, then reponds about a second after I swipe up/down.