Use Microsoft's Live Tile app to quickly toggle 3G data [Tip]

About two weeks ago, on "Mango day", Microsoft quietly sneaked out a neat little app that's especially useful for those on limited 3G data plans. The app is simply called Cellular Data and all it does is create a Live Tile that directly links to your Data Settings page. This gives you a quick and easy shortcut for toggling your data on and off, instead of drilling down the Settings menu.

What makes it a Live Tile though is that it updates every 30 minutes with an on/off notification in the corner, letting you "glance and go" to see if your data is on or not, possibly racking up costly roaming data.

The app is free and certainly worth the install. Pick it up here in the Marketplace.


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Use Microsoft's Live Tile app to quickly toggle 3G data [Tip]


Hmm..seeing as it's free, there are Win apps at XDA that can pull free XAP files that you can side load. That's assuming you're unlocked of course. Pay attention here for more on that later ;-)

Its saying its not available for my device (In the UK), weird as I'm on Mango... The other tools in the market place work just as well though.I'd much prefer a quick access toolbar though like they showed in some concepts.

I'm a little confused Daniel. Won't people know if they have data on or not? My GF has a focus on AT&T with a limited 200MB monthly plan. She's anxiously conscious of when her data is on (because she doesn't wanna go over... although at the end of the month she only uses about 60% of it). I'm sure many others are the same.

True, you can tell by dropping down the status menu and seeing if "3G" or "H" is there, but I think the Live Tile is a little more clear--no different than the ton of WiFi toggle apps we've seen lately that do the same.At the very least, this gives a quick 1-touch shortcut to that setting page to toggle on/off Data, which is perhaps the more valuable part of this app than the notification.

There are apps in the marketplace like Network Dashboard (http://www.windowsphone.com/ja-JP/apps/96e6649a-5582-45a3-9c5b-a71881e18334) that do the same thing for all your network connectivity (wifi, etc.)I wished though Microsoft came with a better option to change all your connectivity options at once, simply, and without using as much room as a live-tile. Hat to say it, but Android does better (though also a bit cumbersome) in this aspect.Personally, I'm on unlimited data, but my phone drains battery like **** when searching for wifi networks it can't access, trying to get 3G when not available (hiking), and using blue-tooth for nothing. Needing to navigate through menus or adding live-tails for every single connectivity option is far from ideal. Here is hope for a "unified network on-off menu" with switches for every connectivity option and a master switch (that should remember your last config when turned ON).

I would love something simular but then a "sleep" mode. When you go into bed that the phone doesn't alarm you anymore when you have email, sms, or other. Just only the direct calls and alarms are active.Or if something already exist? pls point me to the right direction.

Is this yet ANOTHER US-only app? Really??!!And it doesn't look like it does anything more than the many shortcut tile apps already out there. The phone badly needs a data usage counter.

Is there a tile like this for the ringtones+sounds choice in settings? I would love to have a tile on my front page that lets me get right into that option. Thanks

Now all they need to do is release a live tile app to toggle batter saver. Pain in the butt to have to drill down into settings all the time...

Oh...wait...an Official Microsoft live tile shortcut that updates the notification every 30 minutes and just takes you to cellular settings page instead of being a real on/off toggle!!!????? This is totally disappointing. All these days I thought that programmers haven't find the way to make a correct toggle shortcut tile, but it seems that it's an official restriction... I'm very disappointed. A proper Live Tile Shortcut should be able to update the state notification in real time (without stupid 30min delays) and to toggle directly the function...EDIT: It seems that you have a wrong information about the notification update...It updates in real time (I have just tested it)...unfortunately it's not a real toggle though...but better than nothing. I wish they had made a Location and a Wifi shortcut too...all the alternatives I can find, doesn't update the on/off notification instantly...

Network Dashboard updates instantly when you change state for WiFi or Data connections, as I am sure this app/tile does. The 30 minutes statement is when the app/tile polls the current state of the connection.