Use MultiShare to post to Twitter and Facebook from your Me tile


Last week Daniel wrote a post about the new Social Extensibility framework in Windows Phone 8.1 and how it’ll make sharing a lot better. The Social Extensibility framework (SEF) is a set of social extension APIs from Microsoft that will allow social apps to tie into the OS. In the past we’ve had apps like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others link directly into Windows Phone. But an entire update to the OS was needed to address any fixes or new additions to those services. Now anyone can jump into the social fun. MultiShare is a new Windows Phone 8.1 app that will allow you to post two Twitter and Facebook from the Me hub.

There’s really not a whole lot to say about MultiShare, except it works and does what its job really well. Download the app and head to the settings section to connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts. After that you’ll find MultiShare listed as an app in the Me hub when you select ‘post an update’. Select MultiShare and you’ll be taken to the minimalist app that will allow you to post an update to Twitter and Facebook at the same time.

MultiShare is simple and free. If you’re looking to post updates to both Twitter and Facebook at the same time using the Me hub take MultiShare for a spin.

Download MultiShare from the Windows Phone Store

QR: MultiShare


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Use MultiShare to post to Twitter and Facebook from your Me tile


You can use them on the free version but if you want to post on multiple fb pages, buffer, or LinkedIn then you'd have to buy the app.

Nice. I've actually removed the Me app from my Start Screen after they removed that feature. If I have to go to the Apps, I might as well just open the apps.


I'll probably pin this one to the Start Screen instead since the ME tile has become pretty useless to me and doesn't have transparency...and God help the one trying to ruin my transparent theme! =P

If you remove the Twitter and facebook apps, then you can post to both social networks from the ME tile...

No one can win with that roster. Spoiler: You'll be mad at the next scapegoat...i mean coach, next year. At this point, they won't be good until Kobe retires.

Some developer should recreate the old me hub...

I would but I'm too busy in between Football, School, and a highly requested 3rd party app for Windows RT.

Help: I accidentally hit hide in the notification page in my Me hub. Does anyone know how to get it back in 8.1? Thanks. :)

Really? I wouldn't know. I accidentally hid that section right after the update and haven't been able to see how it works. So no notification there at all?

nope, nothing's there.. it said, all the notif is moved into notif center, so that this page no longer works. Microsoft just give that page so that we notice the new change in wp 8.1 , the same as when we try to capture screen using the old method, there will be a notif about what is changed..

so relax ;-)

Cool thanks. It was bugging me, but I guess I don't care anymore about not having it there. Thanks buddy! :)

I'm so afraid to touch the "hide this page," it's a reminder of the good ol' functioning and important Me tile notifications back then... :(

Go to the People hub -> click on the photo you have of you there above the list of contacts -> you'll be taken to the Me hub and will have the pin there ;)

Don't worry, it's just a fair reminder page. Pull down from top of your screen for notifications. They are way better now...

I don't think the notification page in the me tile displays any more notifications in wp8.1. Why would you still want it back?

Yeah not many have there me tiles on start screen any more! They now have limited functionality! Me tile=boring! Thanks ms

I've configured Twitter so that when I post to it it also posts to Facebook. Gotta keep my millions updated on my every move.

More important is to connect Instagram to Facebook and Twitter so that people don't despair by not knowing what exactly are you eating.

Or tie untappd to twitter, instagram and Facebook so that everyone knows how much I drink. Nah, nobody would do that.

"an entire update to the OS was needed to address any fixes or new additions to those services." Really? Ok I get some of why MS is doing this for some social apps but seriously why is using the old Me Tile functionality for posting a quick FB status update or check in affected by app or OS updates??

I think what Daniel, Sam, et. al. are trying to say is if Facebook or Twitter changes their APIs, it means that Microsoft has to release an OS update for the Me tile to continue to work right, since, well...the Me tile is not an App...it's baked into the OS itself.

So, instead of Microsoft having to release a OS update every change (since they're slow as all hell in doing that anyway), they decided to say "screw it" and just tie the Me tile to the respective apps. This change doesn't add any value for the consumer...it just makes Microsoft's life easier...

Baloney.  The change adds a lot of value to the consumer.  You just are too fixated on the loss of the Me tile integration to see it.

Then maybe they will reconsider based on negative feedback after the general carrier 8.1 rollout, and make a Me Hub app. Separated from the OS like they are doing with music and video.

I really hate how some features like that and some Xbox music disappeared. You're suppose to add new features, not take out and add new ones!!!

Only thing I don't like is that you have to manually click Facebook and twitter each time you go to multi share instead of it keeping your social networks selected from last time

I really can't see how well this new Me & People Hub thing is going to go over after the official carrier 8.1 rollout. How well is this going to be recieved by the average, common, uninformed WP user if MS keeps making drastic changes like this? Are they even going to explain to the casual user why these changes were made and how to use them now?

And I can just see all the complaints coming about moving background tasks. A lot of people will not be able to find it for a while, end up having ridiculous battery drains with 8.1, and start complaining. Oh well at least all of us here are in the loop.

The me tile mixes transparency with photos of you. This sef option brings back some usefulness for sure.

Meh, won't save the selection of both Facebook and Twitter, even after posting once using MultiShare.  Annoying to have to select both networks every time I wanna post...

I have to say the Me tile was and is one of my favourite things about Windows Phone 8. I actually had the DP on my phone (Lumia 920) and removed it because I couldn't stand not having the Me tile work like before.

I am really hoping when they officially release 8.1 they leave it like it was before.

Almost immediately after updating my wife's 1520 she began complaining. "How come I can't get my Facebook updates anymore?". Not knowing that this had been taken out, I thought that surely there was a way to bring it back, A setting, a switch, something. When I found out that Lassie ain't coming home I got pissed and went to the user site that suggests "improvemnts" and gave my 3 votes to "Bring back the ME." It STILL pisses me off. My wife knows virtually nothing about Windows Phone but when she gets something the "way she wants it" and then I f*ck it up by UPDATING to the newest, and BADEST phone software ever you have ot go and PISS OFF your customers, MS. Thanks! I'm having second thoughts about updating my 920, IF and when it ever hits.

I was given that option too so I downloaded it to check it out. Functionality is the same really. Nice to have the option to post to multiple networks again. Lets see which app adds more networks first.

Good someone stepped in but it's nothing like it 'was in WP8' obviously. It does no integrate at all, you get the option to start the app from the Me tile so it's an extra step. Still baffled by how Microsoft decided to destroy the differentiating features of the OS with this update. 

It's ok but doesn't display title of articles. Doesn't do any URL shortening. Just provides a link that looks like spam. So I have to copy the title from the web view then paste into my fb and twitter post.

Perhaps this was what Microsoft had planned all along. More apps and an app like this specifically.

The simple way is connect twitter to Facebook and when you post an update to fb in public audience It will automatically publish in twitter also.

Great App. I just wish it remembered my settings. Every time you go to post you have to reselect FB and/or Twitter.

It won't let me post to Facebook only let's me post to Twitter! I have tried so many times is my phone the problem?

Uninstall and then reinstall it I had that problem when i tried to share a pic to twitter and facebook but the reinstall fixed it for me

I need at LEAST what capability I had BEFORE 8.1, which means LinkedIn also needs to be included.  It will be a bonus if other social networks are added later, of course.

I was just in need of this last night.. I was like where's Windows Phone 8 when you need it? (Though I'm enjoying 8.1 far more). What's interesting is that I didn't think to pick up my 920,which I didn't update yet.