Use two-step authentication? The Microsoft Developer Center app now works again!

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We've covered Microsoft's push into the realm of two-step authentication quite extensively as the company continues to roll changes out and patch up broken areas of its backend. This includes the Dev Center app for Windows Phone, which caused issues for those who desired to utilise the app after upgrading their account to be more secure. Microsoft has now reported that it has fixed the problem.

So how does one get round the problem with the app not working? You can now pop in to the Microsoft Account management area to create an "app password" and use it on the Dev Center app. This will enable you to login and continue using the service as usual. If you haven't already checked out the Dev Center app, you can download it from the Windows Phone Store.

Source: MSDN; thanks, glass, for the heads up!

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Reader comments

Use two-step authentication? The Microsoft Developer Center app now works again!


Not sure if this 2-step authentication are the cause of it...but after I activated it my Zune Pass no longer grandfathered. Lost  my 10 songs monthly download.

I hope that's not the case. I was just about to enable this. I know that if you fail to update your payment method and miss that you can lose it. I called to correct that so maybe give them a call.

Exactly. You would generate an app specific password, but Dev Center would juts error out saying your credentials were invalid. This no longer is the case, and it (at least for me) is working normally.

I had to deactivate two step authentification because of SkyDrive. For one it's impossible to use authentificator app, there's just not enough time to enter  the code and then it does not work anyway. It needs app password, too.

Also, to me it broke the automatic upload of photos to skydrive. If you are fast enough you can work it out with the Skydrive app, but for the auto upload i have no idea where to provide the app password.

That's what I found out, too. Basically anything on a phone that requires MS login has to work with app passwords, MS has to change that just like they did with this app.