VALA: Alpha picks up 50,000 downloads in first two weeks, new update coming soon

VALA: Alpha

Earlier this month we told you all about a new game exclusive to Windows Phone called Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse: Alpha (but we’ll just call it VALA: Alpha). The game was created and launched by Matt Cavanagh, aka @RogueCode, from South Africa. He’s been around the Windows Phone scene a long time making his own apps and games, while also doing work for others like MyEdit. VALA: Alpha has only been out for two weeks, but it’s picked up over 50,000 downloads. In a new blog post he shares what’s next for the game.

First off, congrats to Matt on picking up over 50,000 downloads for VALA. The game has been well received by the Windows Phone community and we’re happy for the response so far. Right now the game is completely free (no ads, no in-app purchases) and will probably remain like that for quite some time. The game is still in open development and Matt has a lot more plans for VALA down the road. Some of which he shared. Here’s what you can look forward to in VALA soon:

  • MOGA controller support
  • Better Llama variations with individual personalities and abilities
  • Various weapons
  • Power-Ups (different from the ones generated by the towers)
  • Badges/Achievements which lead to unlocks
  • Tons more surprises


There have been two updates to VALA since it launched. One comes out in a few days and will focusing on addressing and improving performance on devices like the Lumia 520 and Lumia 620. We’re very stoked to see VALA continue to grow on Windows Phone.

Since the game was funded through AppCampus it will remain exclusive to Windows Phone for at least three months. After that we may see it on other platforms like Windows 8.

Want to give VALA: Alpha a try? It’s completely free and available in the Windows Phone Store.

Source: RogueCode Blog

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Reader comments

VALA: Alpha picks up 50,000 downloads in first two weeks, new update coming soon


Yeah installed and uninstalled!! I didn't really like anything about it.. Low graphics and boring game play!!

I also find touch screen controls a bit horrid which is why we're adding MOGA support. We have also just started testing a new mode that requires much less fine grain control.

Installed, played, uninstalled.
Game has nothing that will keep you engaged. Levels should be short, should give some kind of rewards and items to pick during game play, power ups, etc.

We agree! We wanted to first get a solid base out that we could build on, and are now working on making it more engaging and fun. Look out for the updates mentioned which include all the items you mentioned :)

The majority of players aren't in the US. Over all markets it has a bit under 200 reviews.
We also don't have a rate button in the game yet, or a popup like Nokia has recommended.

I've always wondered how well the number of ratings serves as a proxy for total game downloads (I wish Microsoft would just tell us how many times an app has been downloaded). From what I've gathered, about 1% of downloads result in a rating for a typical game or app.

I enjoyed the game, but have been too busy to really give it a go. I'll keep an eye on it as it updates though for sure. Hopefully with the type of steam its building it will catch MS's eye and they will upgrade it to Xbox status like they did with Alphajax and Wordament. Would definitely help expand its user base for sure.

Why not help make that a reality by joining the #SaveXboxWP movement, one of the primary goals of which is to encourage Microsoft to extend the ID(at)Xbox program to Windows Phone and Windows 8 so that indie developers can make Xbox games.All you've got to do is occassionally tweet and retweet! Easy breezy. Details here.

Please keep up the good work. This games, with changing levels and a couple of other updates has a lot of potential. Well done.

LAMAS!!! Cool game! Lokking forward to playing it on my Surface, and i would pay for it! Never play on my phone, too small a screen! :)

That is SO COOL Matt.

I was happy with my 9000 for PENKU in the same time period!! :) 

BLOWN outta the water :) LLAMAS rule :)



Recently on the platform goes out pretty good games or pseudo game or games which do make foolish of people like this.

Impressive game although I suck at it.  My wife cracks up watching me play it.  There is something really funny about the llamas when they start jumping (or whatever they are doing). :)

This Matt Cavanagh guy is a class act, too.  Very professional, gracious comments to posts.  Makes me remember to be nicer when I post complaints about a product--somewhere someone has invested a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into these things.  And at least for now, it's FREE! :)

My wife calls that "prancing" :P That is how llamas attack.
As a dev you realize that everyone is different, and you will never be able to please everyone - the best you can do is take every compliment/criticism into account when you work on the product and try find a middle ground.

It's a bit like sport. I might like sport x, but I need to respect that you don't.

Any chance of adding a mute button?  Or am I just missing where the settings are?

The game is a lot of fun, but I'm terrible at it! LOL.

Hey, sorry this isn't more discoverable - maybe I should add a visual pause button. But just tap back while playing and in the pause menu there is a volume slider. All the way left will mute the sound and disable vibration.

It'd be nice to have that as a simple sound/no sound toggle (like other games do) on the launch screen so I can play covertly.  

I had missed the volume slider...figured it had to be there.  Thanks so much for responding, and good work!

Latest update is stuck on the install with the attention required note. Uninstalled and reinstalled but still get same message. Anyone else with same problem?

me too :(

I thought it was because of low space. Freed up some 1.13GB but still having the same problem.