Verizon announces the Lumia 2520 Windows tablet for $399, due Nov 21

As expected, Verizon Wireless has just pulled the wraps off the Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet, the first Nokia tablet running Windows RT 8.1. The tablet will run at the retail price of $499 but for a “limited time”, users can sign a two-year contract and receive $100 off. We reported on that sale price two weeks ago and sure enough, Verizon is coming through with the deal. 

The device will drop on Thursday, November 21—one day before AT&T.

The Lumia 2520 features a 10.1 inch Full HD display, with 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal storage with a micro SD card. Unlike the Surface 2, the Lumia 2520 runs with a Snapdragon 800 CPU, akin to the just reviewed Lumia 1520. It’s been said that the 2520 runs more smoothly than the Surface 2, something for which we’ll certainly test out.

Although the Lumia 2520 does not feature the full version of the Windows 8 OS, it does come with Wi-Fi and 4G LTE support, ensuring that uses can take the device wherever, whenever. That may seem to be a big deal, but it does make the tablet vastly more useful when away from home.

Will you be picking up the Lumia 2520? Let us know in comments. 

Source: Verizon


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Verizon announces the Lumia 2520 Windows tablet for $399, due Nov 21


Just read the ad on Verizon's website (through the link given here) and nowhere does it say "8.1 OS". It clearly states in the very beginning of the ad that it is running "Windows RT8.1".

Windows RT is now Windows 8.1. Windows Pro is now Windows 8.1 Pro. No deception, you just need to use the correct nomenclature and you'll figure it out.

I would never buy a tablet on contract. But that's just me. I try to stay away buying phones on contracts.

I never change providers. I change phones and don't care to be locked into a contract. Some people do prefer to buy outright as its cheaper in the end.

My only concern with the tablet is do we get straight updates from the OEM or does Verizon/ATT have their hands tied into this as well?

Omg. Hadn't even thought about that. Hmmmm... One would hope it is like any RT device and get OS updates directly from MS. The question would be for firmware updates.

I need help deciding what tablet should I buy, I'm between the Dell Venue 8 pro, the Asus Transformer T100 and the Surface RT, I wish I could buy the Nokia but in my country it's never going to be available.

I think you have to first decide if you want RT or full windows. Then it becomes what size you want if you go full windows route.

I'm considering the RT mostly because the kickstand and the type/touch covers, I love the design. I like the Dell because it's size and screen, but I want HDMI, and the Asus includes the keyboard in its price, so I'm finding it hard to decide.

Hmm, your best bet might be to wait and see what a Surface mini might offer...at the very least, by that time maybe one of those tablets you mentioned might be a little bit cheaper. On a side note, Best Buy will have the 1st gen Surface RT for $199 on Black Friday (if you're in the US) and Staples will have it for $249 which includes keyboard.

You have few more options: http://lucienkblog.wordpress.com/2013/06/03/list-of-new-windows-8-tablet...

As previous comment mentioned first decide if you want to run any windows programs and not be limited to just apps from windows store. Currently only Surface RT and 2520 are new RT devices (both run only metro store apps but Office is included for free on those).

If you want 8" size instead of larger 10" than I'd also look into Toshiba Encore, Acer W4 and Lenovo Miix (there was article on this site comparing the 2). Wish we'd see more Windows 8.1 tablet reviews soon. Not much out there yet.

I'll check the site, but I like 10 inch tablets too, read my reasons above, I'm having a hard time deciding.

Yeah, I had a chance to check it out. While the Surface has a beautiful, nice industrial design, the 2520 just looked and felt more fun. The Verizon red color really catches your eye, and it felt light and sturdy. Definitely going with the 2520.

Exactly. When in uk? I will be in Washington in ten days and thinking of buying. Will this be locked to Verizon or have their logo on it? I want it unlocked with no logo

Most things Verizon are already unlocked, but you would have to verify with them while in the store. Unfortunately, there is no chance of not having their logo on it as Verizon is absolutely in love with their logo and plaster it on everything as large as they can.

Seeing that I just spent my $$$ on the Xbox One then I may go for the 1st Gen Surface on Black Friday. Don't play catch up with technology...you'll never win. LOL.

Was hoping they would have announced the Lumia 929 as well.  Rumors have it they that it could go on sale on the 21st as well, but this is less likely now that they didn’t announce it today.  I was in a Verizon store on Saturday and it was a sad sight.  The corner they had previously dedicated to Windows with a nice display, including the Surface RT, now has a Moto X poster plastered on the wall.  Under there, the Lumia 928 and 822 were still on display, but you would be hard pressed to come across them if you weren’t looking for them specifically.  Verizon needs to step it with Windows devices.  Hopefully with the 2520 and 929, they will promote Windows more.   

Best Buy was even worse.  While Windows laptops, desktops, AIOs, and tablets were well represented with dozens of machines on display, I did not see a single Windows Phone.  They do not have the Windows Store setup yet, I am assuming they will at some point and have Windows Phone devices on display then.  However, the regular phone section has nothing but Android phones at this point.  It was really discouraging.  The uninform shopper doesn’t even know about Windows Phone.  They certainly wouldn’t if they blindly went into Best Buy to buy a smartphone.  I know things have improved over the last year, but clearly there is long way to go…  2014 could be a make or break year for Windows Phone.  The 8.1 update can’t come soon enough.

Well, I'll say what pushed me over to the 2520 was the color, lightness, design, NFC, Wireless charging, and Nokia exclusive apps. While I love the Surface and it's kickstand and different keyboards, I'm not putting it past Nokia to eventually come out with different keyboards to support their RT device as well.

Aww, that's too bad. I saw it listed on some of the tech sites as one of the specs...well, considering it has a quick charge allowing it charge 80% of the battery in an hour, I guess I won't miss it that much.

I think the dead giveaway that it's RT and not Windows 8.1 Standard or Pro is the 399 pricetag.  Pretty sure no one will be selling a pro tablet for less that 700-800 bucks even as a door buster.

It's a decent looking tablet.  Its main weakness IMO, is that the $399 price point is tied to a carrier contract, which is a deal breaker for many.    Very few tablet owners buy them on contract, and fewer go into carrier stores looking for a tablet.