Verizon's flagship Nokia Lumia to be designated the 928?

According to an alleged screenshot from Verizon’s internal systems, Nokia’s new variant of the Lumia 920 for Verizon will get the designation of 928. What’s more, the information has been listed in Verizon’s system with a January release, indicating that perhaps this device was delayed a bit with internal testing.

Indeed we recently did catch a Lumia variant heading through the FCC a few weeks ago and the reported device codename is ‘Laser’. Not much is known about the device except that it may have an aluminum body to help reduce the size and that a big marketing push may be accompanied by its launch.

The Nokia Lumia 928 could be Verizon’s first big flagship "hero" Windows Phone, indicating a change in direction for the carrier who up until now, have sold mid-range or non-unique Windows Phones with mild success. With a PureView camera and all the high-end features found in the Lumia 920, Verizon may position this phone as a ‘Droid alternative, giving Windows Phone more of a chance in the US to recapture market share.

Source: PhoneArena; Thanks, Jaseel E. and others, for the tip!


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Verizon's flagship Nokia Lumia to be designated the 928?


ooh, let the rumors commence, delayed from January is interesting, I wonder if the reason was technical or otherwise motivated, maybe after the galaxy iv announcement?

"indeed we did catch a Lumina variant heading through the FCC a few weeks ago" - Uh, maybe they were waiting on the FCC so they could field test it?  Can't sell a phone until the FCC does their thing.

Or even exclusivity with ATT. It need not be as simple as geez, let's get it approved by the FCC, and release right away. 6 months points to April, and as Daniel mentioned below that is when CTIA is having its convention. The hype over the galaxy iv will have calmed down as well.

I noticed that too. I did some rough math and realized each of the Lumia 822 versions were released to stores/online about three months later than the date listed above. Lumia 822-Gray, white, black (August 18) came out in stores around November and the red Lumia 822 came out in stores in February. Sooooooo if you want to stick to a speculative pattern maybe the Lumia 928 gets released in April/May???

Why the 900? Makes no sense to me. Because from what I know, ATT has the 920 exclusive for 6 months, so if it is released in April, that will be 5 months.

Not really. 8X is not a flagship phone for Verizon--at least I don't consider it to be since T-Mobile and AT&T carry the same phone. You guys find these arbitrary labels really important, don't you? lol

Perhaps the term "hero" phone would have been more appropriate as in Verizon currently doesn't have a "hero Windows Phone", which is industry talk for high-end and unique...I'll concede that point.

My post was mostly in jest.  That said, if Verizon picks upa 920 variant, then your logic isn't sound since At&t will also "carry the same phone."  If you are going to say that the verizon version will have a different body, then the Verizon 8x is different in the same way since it s the only 8x to have wireless charging.

I think if Nokia opts for an aluminum body make it thinner and lighter than the 920, that's different than adding wireless charging to the 8X.  In other words, I expect the 928 to look quite a bit different than a 920. 

No need for people to get butthurt about eh 8X not being called a Flagship/Hero device. I'm sticking with my Trophy until a high end Nokia comes to Verizon and so are a lot of other Trophy owners.
If you really want proof that the 8X ISN"T a flagship, look at HTC's own device lineup. Where would you rank the 8X with other HTC phones?

"Nokia Phone Central" - Haha, love it. Noticed same thing as well. Actually driving further and further from this site.

hey if the 8X is a flagship to you so be it. I have one on Tmobile and its a mid grade to me. I base this on screen size, lack of sd slot and only 16GB of memory. Just do a side by side of the top Android phones. Really only the Nokia 920 and the Samsung ATIV S are flagship compared to Android devices.

Yeah, no better than my HD7 in terms of storage... Still waiting for HTC or Nokia to release a flagship phone with microSD :(

Well the iPhone 4 being released @ 8gb was/is still considered a high end phone so... But then again you can get that in a variety of storage sizes

The S3 is flagship and all carriers have it.
I second the proposition to change the name of this site to "Nokia Phone Central" and start talking about Asha phones.

Upon release it was something along the lines of the 8X being the signature device, while Nokia gezs to make the flagship with lumiaXXX.
carriers having flagship devices is kind of stupid to begin with. Manufacturers have flagship devices and it's either available at certain carriers or it's not. Simple as that - IMHO. Or I might just not get how it is within the states.

it's another l920 the only difference is the number(maybe the aluminum body) like the l521 instead of l520....just my guess....;)

I would say aluminium body would be HUGE difference. It would mean we would see totally new design with phone only coming to Verizon.
So yeah, don't believe it will follow the Catwalk design. More of a Lumia 920 copy or some extra feature. 

I upgraded to an 8X from a Samsung Focus. I went unprotected for 2 years and it has hit concrete/pavement numerous times, yet hasn't cracked or shattered, albeit it has some scratches.

The Focus build quality was good I think -at least different from the later models such as the focus flash and focus S.  My father has the Focus S -which is a little thinner and lighter than the Focus, shattered his phone (phone body is cracked/screen cracked)  when he dropped it on the pavement of a parking lot.  Surprinsingly I was there with him when he dropped it.  Anyway long story short.  I've dropped my Titan a couple of times already and nothing but scratches have resulted. 

Actually the lighter weight of Samsung devices means they land with less force, making them less likely to suffer damage in a drop. The flexibility of the materials contribute to their durability as well.

Aluminum isn't lighter than polycarbonate. In regards to the 920 if it is in fact lighter, they must have made other design changes

I've NEVER dropped my Windows Phone, not one of the three I've had the pleasure of owning. Although I once dropped my Zune HD and only had a tiny ding on the bottom corner...still playing like a champ! :'(

That's what going to happen though.
I think we will see Microsoft updating the hardware support on summer at the very earliest.

You know Apple released the Verizon iPhone 4 like 6 months after the ATT model came out, yet it sold like hot cakes, right? Oh, and don't forget the white iPhone situation.

As South Park people would say, rabble rabble rabble! What is up with the naming scheme Nokia? No matter what happens, my sexy red 8x has been a head turner at my community college. My friends love my phone hehe.

Wow, January release, glad I left to at&t. No way I could've waited that long, but why do I get the feeling this is going to be nicer and better than 920. Verizon ain't nothing but Droid Droid Droid. . . Can not stand that phone. Drives me crazy boo boo.

I would not worry much. Lets say this is released in the next 2-3 months. You will already see Catwalk and EOS somehwere between June and December. 
This will most likely be copy of Lumia 920, while those devices will bring new looks and hardware. 

This is welcomed news.  I have no plans to leave AT&T but to see this phone on Verizon only means good things should I want or need to change carriers.  

I didn't like how Verizon made the Nokia Lumia 822 round and lame. I hope they don't do that to the 920..

The branding on it is the biggest offense imo. Looks like a freakin billboard for Verizon. No doubt this one will too.

Yet another useless story about an unfounded rumor coming from a site looking for website hits. As usual they also show a partial cut of a supposed screenshot instead of anything more substantial, and people will take the slight angle as proof it is real. Here is a news flash for the naive. Showing a partial screen shot should be taken with great suspicion for any number of reasons, not the least of which is it is easy to fake in photoshop.
If a flagship device is real, which I doubt given VZW's track record, you will not hear about it first on that site or here. You will hear from VZW, Nokia, and Microsoft. You also will not hear until after the AT&T exclusive ends on the 920. Nokia will not endanger its long and successful relationship with AT&T for a company whose only Nokia commitment to date has been the poorly marketed and very lousy 822.
This is an unsupported  rumor doing its best impression of news, which is not a very god one, and that is it. The FCC filing also remains meaningless since manufacturers seek approval for all sorts of devices that never make an appearance. It means they have a device they want to sell to a carrier. That is a step in the right direction but it does not mean a carrier has decided to buy....

I disagree.

I also find it amusing that this info + screenshot is not to be trusted, but wisdom from an anonymous poster in comments is now sage? 

For such a useless story you surely have a lot to say. My guess you actually didn't find it useless at all or else you would've moved along quietly. But WPCentral thanks you for the hit! ⌒.⌒

Fuck off! WPCentral doesn't need click bait as most of us if
not all of WPCentral readers either do so via the WP app or checking the site for updates. We don't fish thru google to find stories, we have a trusted source called WPCentral.

I think most people believe it's a matter of "if" not "when" when it comes to verizon have a lumia 920 variant.  If you don't think that, then your defininitely in the miniority

You must be having a bad day.  if you want a website that magnifies rumors to generate controversy and hits go read theverge.

My L822 on Verizon is doing a great job for me. Although I just go it would consider this new flagship but it would have to be a PureView Windows Phone and that's extremely unlikely. Possible but unlikely.

I must say I find this trend of American carriers to "need" a "special design device" both amusing and pathetic. But hey...if that makes clients of those carriers happy, so be it :P

Because it displays a worrying need for attention.
The brand (in this case, Nokia) designs a phone. The entire World is happy with it. Except a couple of American carriers. Oh no, no. For them the brand just *has* to design a special phone. 'cause they're SO special they can't have the same phone the entire World (including normal American stores) has.
I do concede it though...in the end it's Nokias fault for indulging this kind of spoiled kid attitudes from these carriers.

Well, it works both ways. Hero devices benefit the OEMs too both for lower price points (heavy subsidies), sharing in the advertising and more.

I can say this is one reason why Sprint is not getting a Nokia phone anytime soon...

This time Sprint will have the right to complain about WP sales as the majority of use have moved on :)

Like Daniel has said its a business model AND simple economics. Nokia makes more $$ with exclusivity due to carrier paid subsidies. Apple made tons of money off ATT with with the iPhone. ...But anyway Nokia has always done this exclusivity with their phones. Honestly, if I was a CEO of a company that was losing revenue (well technically, Nokia stopped producing negatives last quarter), I would be doing the same thing Elop is doing with Nokia. It may not get WP or Nokia well known in the long run, it definitely saves Nokia in the short run.
Like I said, simple economics. Go read up on the iPhone exclusivity. There was a reason why Apple had a contract with ATT so long.

Anyway, I did my final microeconomics project over exclusivity on phones in college. I could not believe how much ATT paid for the exclusiveness of the iphone.

I'm a little confused... isn't the goal for any brand of anything to get attention? That's pretty much the whole ballgame.

Mind you, I personally hate carrier exclusive tweaks... I'd much rather everyone be able to use the same cases and whatnot.

This is also a reply to Daniel:

Sure, I get the carriers point as pathetic as I think it is.
But that's a kind of field Nokia should be carefull. If they design a phone for a carrier, they'll be "obliged" to design to all others who also want one. 
Now think about this: what if all carriers Worldwide decide that they too need to have exclusive designs. Do you think that's sensible?

You were? Thing about this: you have a company. You spend much money in designing a phone. Some smartass carrier in a country decides your phone isn't good enough and wants a specially designed one.
Wouldn't YOU charge the hell out of them too? I sure would.

It doesn't make anyone happy except the carriers. They have an obsessive need to have "exclusive" devices that they can plaster all over their stores.

Like Daniel has said its a business model AND simple economics. Nokia makes more $$ with exclusivity due to carrier paid subsidies. Apple made tons of money off ATT with with the iPhone. ...But anyway Nokia has always done this exclusivity with their phones. Honestly, if I was a CEO of a company that was losing revenue (well technically, Nokia stopped producing negatives last quarter), I would be doing the same thing Elop is doing with Nokia. It may not get WP or Nokia well known in the long run, it definitely saves Nokia in the short run.
Like I said, simple economics. Go read up on the iPhone exclusivity. There was a reason why Apple had a contract with ATT so long.

I see it like this. It's the American way. I do take offense to the comment about how Americans want something different than the rest of the world. That's what make this country great. I can guarantee that you made sure you purchased your L920. Stop being so cynical. Nokia realized and went off the model went by(as well as other phone manufacturers have done).

If Verizon gets a flagship, pureview Nokia phone, I will break my two months old contract with at&t to get it. At&t sucks where I live, Verizon has just never had the phone I want.

Observation on the dates listed above: I did some rough math and realized each of the Lumia 822 versions were released to stores/online about three months later than the date listed above. Lumia 822-Gray, white, black (August 18) came out in stores in November and the red Lumia 822 (November 28) came out in stores in February. Sooooooo if you want to stick to a speculative pattern maybe the Lumia 928 gets released in April/May???

Ha well Im hoping so seems to line up with that event in mind as well as the rumored device from HTC expected to be released with the GDR2 update in May. So I figure Nokia could decide to release this new Verizon flagship with an updated os as well alongside HTC.

I have noticed that recently as well, we get updates to Foursquare, Whatsapp, Twitter, and Photosynth,get a new game from Gameloft, part of their 12 game promise with Xbox achievements to boot, and the moaning and pissing is unbelievable. The FUD can't be believed.

I refuse to believe it, in fact I fight it every day at work with all the droidios opposition...but more and more Lumias are starting to pop up! =D

If ONLY Samsung would fully invest in more Odyssey action v. Galaxy... =/

Hmm. As much as I like the Nokia 920, I love my Nokia 822 with its microSD expandable storage. Removable battery can come in handy too.

I totally agree, though the camera is lacking and I want a large screen. Until the flagship phone gets at least a card slot, I'm sticking with my 822.

Based on the FCC image that was revealed last week, IF the image is true to form, it is going to look quite similar to the Lumia 822. 
Looks are subjective, and the Lumia 822 looks 'OK' (to me), but if I were on Verizon, and the device didn't look exactly like or better than the Lumia 900 or Lumia 920,  I would have to skip it.

Lol why are all the 8x users so offended the Nokia "928" is the 1st flag ship Nokia phone on Verizon ... Im wondering about the aluminum body and what the color is going to look like compared to our polycarbonate phones with colors baked in

If it is anodized aluminum like my N8, they can easily incorporate color into them.  I have a blue N8 - looks superb, even after a small drop (small, indescriminate nick, and no scratches).  The N8's had every color in the currently Lumia line, except White, Red, or Yellow, but had Lime Green and Burnt Orange.

At this point I'm just tired of talking about it. Just freakin release or don't release it.  
I've been waiting so long that I'm just more annoyed than I am excited anymore.  I feel like they missed an opportunity for it to blow up on Verizon.  Had they released it when it came out on AT&T and skipped exclusivity, there would have been more interest and I feel it would have permeated the market a bit more.  Now it's going to be releasing around the HTC One and GSIV, so a lot of Verizon customers probably won't give it the time of day now.  
I obviously could be wrong, but that's just how I see it.  
Also, I find it odd that people said one of the reasons Nokia went with exclusivity was because AT&T was supposedly promising to give it a bigger promotional push and devote more marketing towards it. However, I saw WAY more adds on television for the HTC 8x than I ever saw for the Lumia.  

Those HTC 8x ads are sponsored by Microsoft, not the carriers.  And promotion is relegated to TV - it encompases other venues as well as in store promotion.  Also, it's apparent that AT&T gave a decent subsidy for the Lumia 920 as opposed to the 8x, as evidenced by the prices of each device at launch.

Actually Verizon has pushed the 8X aggressively since launch. They not only did lots of ads but even reconfigured their stores to put the Windows Phones right where the foot traffic will see them easily. And we have seen a bump in market share for WP.
Now they need to get cracking and add the missing features to the OS so the phones are truly useful. Things like local file management, ability to attach anything to an email from anywhere, TEXT REFLOW in the browser and the PDF Reader and so on. What they did put in the OS works very nicely, but what is missing renders it crippleware in productivity scenarios.

Yeah, AT&T is not promoting the 8x, which was the point I was trying to make as to why Nokia would find it more beneficial to give the exclusives to AT&T at launch.  Given that Lumia's have about 75% of all WP marketshare, it's clear where the increase for the total WP marketshare comes from (and it ain't from HTC).
Still, 8x was $199 at launch (Verizon/ATT)...not much of a subsidy when compared to the Lumia 920.

I feel you. but VZW ruined the KIN by forcing a data plan the same as other smartphones when it was a whole new niche. VZW shunned windows phone 7 with the trophy only, no supported advertisement and no training for employees. why would MS and Nokia not give more subsidies to AT&T for their push of MS products with old WM 5\6\7. VZW's response was make them 4G LTE. So HTC and Nokia made 4G LTE WP 7.5 devices. still nothing from VZW. "oh we are waiting for WP8." I would have bought a Lumia 900 or Titan II on VZW, as I had the trophy since day one and was patiently waiting for anything. I bought the 8X first day as at least there was finally something. So hopefully VZW will start push MS products even half as much as they push the unreliability or android.

This kind of makes sense.
I was told by a contact I have at Microsoft, that their internal magazine did a profile on the Lumia industrial design team just before the 920 came out. The Lumia team were taking sportscars as their inspiration. So that is why the Polycarbonate went from Matt on the 800/900 to gloss on the 920, and the yellow and red colours where colour matched from the Lamborghini and Ferrari paint colours.
So now they are reusing a Porsche model number!

I love the design of the 920 although very similar to my 900.. I have the yellow 920 waiting for the aluminum lumia and im 100% sure it will be amazing

my HTC arrive is like a brick...tried the lumia 822 at best buy yesterday and loved it....almost enough to switch. A new device might just push me over the $120 cancellation fee for sprint.

Interesting how sprint didn't announced anything at MWC last week of Htc and Samsung windows phone 8. Wonder if it's really coming in summer? Sprint is missing fun of windows phone

Looks like they had the Red 822 since November and only released it in February...so maybe it'll take the same time for the 928 to arrive on shelves in April? =P

I just how thin and very light HTC 8X is. Nokia lumia 920 should have made it thin and very light also but wonder if 928 will be thin and very light.

I apologize on behalf of all of AZ for the above comment from stephen-az. We don't know him, but if we find him, we'll toss his whiny butt out.
And the 822 is a damn fine phone you dork. The only phone I'd give mine up for is this 920 variant IF it has micro SD.

If it's just a 920 rebaged as a Verizon model, old news but, if it's updated with a MicroSDXC slot and a better camera than the 920, I might just look at it.
As many others have said, the HTC 8X is not a high end phone and I agree as I own one. 16gb is too limited on a device these days. I'm always running out of space and I dont even have music on the phone because of the lack of space.
The 8X is a nice phone but, the limit of 16gb makes it almost a mid to lower end device in my eyes...No way possable it could be a High end device.