Verizon HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 822 pose for the camera, Pushed forward to Nov 8th?

HTC 8X and Lumia 822

Verizon HTC 8X (L) and the Nokia Lumia 822 (R)

As we get closer and closer to the big Windows Phone 8 reveal on Monday, some more tidbits are coming out about Verizon.

In this case, a tipster sent us these lovely photos of the HTC 8X (in “California Blue”) and the all-white Lumia 822, a phone of which we have never seen “real” photos of before but only a render in white. Personally, we think the device looks darn good in white and is a better choice than black (the other color it comes in).

Other info: the tipster confirms the leaked prices we had from earlier in the week. The Lumia 822 will be $99 on contract while the HTC 8X will go for $199—substantially more, but worth it for some due to its eye-catching looks and higher specs.

HTC 8XAlthough we saw Verizon’s internal docs point to a November 12th release, our insider states it is now November 8th.

Combined with the rumor of AT&T’s shifting dates, we wouldn’t necessarily doubt that info as these are merely time-frames for the carriers. It should be well known that Verizon is currently training its reps on the new OS, so we do know release is imminent and the 8th is possible.

There's also mention of a mysterious Samsung device that will be free on the carrier. Of course that is not the Samsung ATIV S but rather some other phone we have not yet seen. If true, Verizon will launch with three Windows Phones this time, a number much higher than the last attempt (cough).

To our eyes, all of this says that Microsoft, the carriers and the OEMs are scrambling to get all of this together and for all of them to be on the same page for launch day. Either way, we’ll find out more soon.

Thanks, 'BigRed', for the info and pics


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Verizon HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 822 pose for the camera, Pushed forward to Nov 8th?


Was in line this morning at the Dallas MS pop-up store with a Windows Mobile Team member. He had the "blue" 8x. He said his build wasn't final and he wasn't allowed to show it off. Looked good up close and personal.

lmfao! its not that hard to say "Windows Phone" smh. Microsoft should gave it a completly new name Metro, Modern, MetroMx, hell even xBox Phone lol. something other than "Windows"

I'm glad I'm on Verizon and getting LTE almost anywhere.  Personally I'm thinking the HTC 8X is my preferred choice before seeing all the offerings.  That may change after seeing the Samsung though.  I'm very glad choice is on the way...

While I peronsally wouldnt call the 920 ugly i think the 8x has the better design. too bad we future 8x owners cant get the nokia apps lol. HTC need to step their exclusive app game up lol.

The 920 variant would be my first choice if it came to big red.  The 8x doesn't have as many features as the 920 but I will deal (love that Cali blue btw). I'm also glad I'm not gonna switch, AT&T is terrible all around me especially in the city close by. Big red I great service with.

If VZW is going to move their release date up on these 2 Average Joe phones; what makes you think that they are going to wait until CES to roll out something better?  VZW is also leaking information that the Average Joe's are just a start and that a bigger splash is coming on Black Friday.  Probably a 5 or 6 on the Rumor Radar, but makes sense considering the Nokia and PureView leaks on the 9XX.  Lingering potential with the ATIV too; which in my book is only outdone by the 9XX.

In this picture, the California Blue actually looks blue. In promotional pictures the California Blue always looks purple. It looks good either way, so this is the colour 8X I'm getting. I just think it's weird that it looks like two different colours.

So I tried covering the tiles in the promotional photos.  That's when the phone actually looked blue.  Those tiles are almost always purple in the pics.  I think it was tricking us!  I'm def getting the blue 8x.

Keep in mind that even doing a bit of color correction on a poor quality photo to address for either a flash or taking a shot under different types of artificial light will make the lighting appear more natural but skew colors.  Not knowing the conditions under which the various images were taken, you really can't judge the actual color.  Anything from teal to purple are easy color distortions for blue. 

for the longest i was trying to fiugure out if it was purple or blue. sometimes it looks purple and it has the purple tiles displayed, other times it looks blue. i will see it in person and if it looks purple then thats def the color i want. ahhhh Royal Purple! sounds good to me lol.

Damn. How much stuff can they print on that poor back cover? Ridiculous. Everybody has their badge on that Thing. Wait till they start putting the processor moniker on there too. Mercy.

It's not too bad, and in exchange there isn't any branding on the front, not even HTC. I look at the front of my phone a lot more than the back, so I'm good with this.

The 822 just looks stunning....doubt the 100$ premium on the 8 X is going to be worth it just to suffer without an sd card. The htc beats audio is a gimmick in my opinion but the 720p might be enough reasons for a few to get that.

16 gb for a phone designed to use lte,record full hd video and play hd files is just not acceptable.plus,not evryone can afford the pricy data plans(i'm not talking just about the u.s. here).you can't beat physical storage. cloud storage should be optional, to compliment your phone, and not be pushed so hard down our throats. in europe we don't have lte in most of the countries, so how long does it take to upload a few full hd videos i recorded via 3g,or how long does it take to download it from skydrive or dropbox?what about a hd movie? and how much will it cost,cause i'll definetely pass over the data cap and my data plan. and what about placeswhere there isn't any good coverage? the cloud is overhyped at the moment,even in places with lte,where the coverage is low and prices high. so yeah,8gb,or16gb on a phone is just not enough for a high end flagship phone. you just can't go wrong with a sd card slot.it cost about 100 bucks more for every doubling in storage capacity, but only 30 bucks on a sd card.worth the price and it's very usefull

I totally agree with you, I frequent areas with limited coverage, so I really like local storage. I don't like it enough to go for the 822 over the 8X though. Also, it appears that 16GB is the new thing now as even the upcoming Nexus 4 flagship device will have 16GB non expandable. Oh well, I can make do with 16, I'll just have to keep an eye on my storage like I do now.

That's what im saying. Watch ur storage, I have plenty of stuff to delete if mine gets full. Gotta remember, its a phone, not really ment to carry 100g of music, a bunch of HD movies, and more games than gamestop. 16g is enough for me.

You are the same person, who called 920 "ugly". It's totally fine, if you have made up your mind to get 8X. you don't have to come up with excuses to talk yourself into buying 8X. :)

Excuses? Just stating that there is really no need for bigger memory or card slots. Granted they are nice to have but not a deal breaker.

Why can't you just wait until you get home and use wifi for SkyDrive? Then you won't use any of your data plan. There are really very few people who will actually need more than 16gb.

My currenty phone has 16 gig and I've filled it with a bunch of music to listen at work, 355 camera pictures, 350 downloaded pictures, and about 20 short videos.  The phone still says I have 12 gig free.  16 gigs is fine for me and I have 25 gigs of skydrive.  With LTE and skydrive, it's like having another 25 gigs in your phone.  I'm buying on contract so I can keep my unlimited with Verizon. 

i completely agree with your statement. my HTC Radar only has 8GB. i was dissapointed to know that once i traded my galaxy s2 for the radar, which had 10Gb on board plus my 16GB SD which i actually filled up lol. once i was forced to clean the clutter i realized how much junk i actually carry around on my phone, on my 8gb radar i make it work. im forced to keep my phone clean, deleting uneeded pictures, music i no longer listen to and uninstalling apps that i dont use, my phone stays pretty clean now plus i have skydrive which is pretty awesome as well! my files are instantly on pc now thanx to skydrive! zune helps too! 16GB will be enough for me however the way phones are pushed to be media devices and HD camcorders, top tiered devices should come with the minium of 16 and offer a 32GB version or micro sd slot.,

Someone else mentioned that the 822 wil also be coming out in grey.  If so, that may be my next phone. (Depnding on what the Samsung phone ends up being)

Hey Daniel what higher specs are you talking about on the htc 8x. the only thing that the 8x has is a hd scree. nokia has unfortunately a wvga screen but it comes with clearblack + supersensitive screen.on top of that it has expandable storage. if you compare them side by side i'm afraid it's a tie but the nokia is 100 bucks cheaper,and on top of that you get the excellent support,nokia lenses for the camera and nokia apps + all the exclusives.
What's more interesting to me is the low end from htc, the 8s. that's a underrated phone, one that beats the 8x in the beauty department. plus that it's more compact and ergonomic,and has the expandable storage. i'm curious to see that rumoured nokia device that looks like a zune with similar specs to the 8s

Couldn't agree more. . .8x's only plus point is its HD screen OTOH lumia 822 has many plus points as you said

8x has better camera with backlit sensor, gorilla glass... I have to say that personally I'd take the 822 if it had a comparable camera and gorilla glass. I just prefer a smaller phone. I'm always disappointed that you have to get a "monster" screen to get higher end specs these days.

480x800 screen=midrange, it doesn't matter what else the phone has. The screen is quite possibly the single most important part of a smartphone. Anyone thinking the 822 is at the same level as the 8X is drinking way too much Nokia kool-aid.

822 may not be in the same level as 8X spec-wise. But overall package: HW+SW+apps+support+price, it may be at a level higher than 8X. 

I agree the HTC 8x is awesome according to msft store employees..brighter than the ip5..it looks like HTC is gonna be the main display on each and every Microsoft store

i still have problem looking at the 8x and mistakenly think it's a lumia.  nokia really should sue htc =X

It must be tough being unable to distinguish between different shapes, forms and colors. I feel for you.

Well said lol made me laugh, Whats up with all these dumb numbnutts who think it looks like a lumia idiots! it looks alot better than a lumia.

That Lumia 822 sure does look snazzy in white.
So...I know that this phone has wireless charging, expandable storage, etc., but do we know if it has Gorilla Glass and the size of its battery? Also, do we know if the white is matte...or like most of the Lumia 920s? How much internal memory does it have? Thanks!

NOT TRYING TO START AN ARGUMENT, but I think its funny that ever since ppl came out and said they were disappointed with the 822 Dan has made it a point to say how much he likes the device aesthetically lol. Its not a bad phone but there's certainly nothing to love about that device dan. Its so average, average said it was average. Anyways, if you are up for your upgrade are you guys really rushing for these phones (Verizon ppls)? The HTC is a nice phone but I would still wait. I don't like feeling forced to buy either one of these phones. Show me something better Verizon you're pissing me off!

As long as you're pissed off and don't switch carriers Verizon is not hearing you.  And most of you threatening to leave Verizon won't do so because nobody else in your area matching their voice/data (especially LTE) coverage or you'd be gone already.  Stop making empty threats because Verizon doesn't care about your empty threats (I think they added 1.9 million NEW customers last quarter even with the horrible new shared data plans).

I don't feel forced. I always said if Vzn got a 4.3 inch screen wp8, I'd get it. I love my Trophy now so I know I'll love the 8x for a couple more years. Even if the 9xx were coming to vzn right away I'd get the 8x. I just like the look of it.

The ATT 8X for sale at bestbuy.com is $99 and apparently 8GB. Paul Thurrott claims that that is a mistake and it is 16GB. However, you guys are saying the Verizon version is $199. Thurrott has been wrong before, but I haven't heard that there are two storage options for the 8X, either. Can anyone explain what is going on here?

Verizon has the worst logo, just takes up too much space on the phone. Then they want to put it on the back, front, the tiles. Thank god these phones are so thin cause they would probably try to put one on the edge. Has anyone seen the note 2, they put the logo on the home button for Christ sakes. I understand branding but they overdo it.......a lot.

What is this samsung variant mentioned in the article?  First I have heard of it.  If it will be "free" on the network as suggested in the text, it is likley nothing worth noting for those looking for a high end phone.

I'm late in checking this out, but have an observation maybe the gurus here might have insight on.  Remember seeing a peek at the Lumia 920 and seeing the "Nokia Drive+" app?  Notice the 822 has only "Nokia Drive."   Have we seen the 810's tiles?  Do we know what the "+" is and is that too perhaps exclusive to the 920? 

Development will matter to you mate...but the majority will still believe it to be an un-developed one. Nokia can try to build a better os but can't change people's mindset Android and iOS have deviated people's mind to a single crap UI no body cares what Nokia has done for them or will continue to do. Who else give you unmatched service for free. Apple charges a huge amount even Google play store has most of the game for a specific price. The switch from Symbian to Windows Phone was meant to make the world feel that Nokia still has the freshness in its devices. best regards  http://mobileinindia.in