Verizon HTC Trophy shows up on Best Buy online (but you can't order it)

Pocketnow is reporting that the long awaited Verizon HTC Trophy has showed up on Best Buy's website, though not available/in stock. Usually this would be an indication of a near-launch. When we looked though, we were unable to find the device on the site, meaning the URL may still be hidden (or we're consistently spelling 'Trophy' wrong).

The price, out of contract, is listed as $600, but that's probably just a placeholder figure and nothing official. In addition, the model number MWP6985 is also confirmed for Verizon's first Windows Phone, which is as mythical as the unicorn at this point.

So, does this mean Verizon folk will be able to pick up their phone shortly? With this device's track record, we're going with 'no'. Still, hope spring eternal that Verizon will someday launch this device and complete the Windows Phone presence in the U.S. Seriously Verizon, this looks just sad now.

Source: Best Buy; via Pocketnow


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Verizon HTC Trophy shows up on Best Buy online (but you can't order it)


this brings hope to my 5/3 announcement of a 5/5 availability theory, but any news is good news right? :)

I concur, Adiliyo, especially since this is coming from someone other than Verizon. This is the best hope we have yet.

Im very disapointed!Seems like you have just forgotten to put me on your website.15000+ apps in the marketplace now, get me back on your page.Im sad!

Although this is good news and I'm glad to finally see it listed somewhere, it's still sad that one of the largest US carriers still hasn't released it.

It's been rumored that the Trophy will have an upgraded screen. If that turns out to be false, I may well wait on the next phone available. However, with Verizon's apparent lack of support for WP7, who knows when will be the next phone to come around. Food for thought!

I've already resigned myslef to get the first handset that comes out, then in a year or two, I will get the 4g best unit at that time. It's a compromise I know...

I am still hoping the Omnia 7 comes soon. Would love to get that. I heard of an Omnia device that's supposed to be coming to Verizon.

@s80t699 I have come to this agreement with myself as well. I plan on getting the trophy the day it comes out (unless something else surfaces as well) and then in a year or so, get a VERY HOPEFUL Verizon Nokia device. Gosh Verizon is such a pain n the A**.... But in Tampa you can't beat their network, or i would have left for At&T and the Focus.

Same here for me. The Trophy's not the best piece of hardware, but it looks pretty nice and I think it will be more than adequate for me. It's all about the software, anyway.And I'm not gonna wait another 6 months or who knows how long for Verizon to get a device from the next generation.