Verizon passes up on Nokia 'Om' Windows Phone?


According to sources familiar with company plans, The Verge has reported that Verizon may have passed up on a Nokia Windows Phone 7.5 handset. Microsoft Stores were ready to stock the Nokia device, codenamed "Om", late January / early February but the carrier canceled due to concerns over lack of Verizon LTE support.

If this rumour is true, Verizon will be joining Sprint where both may well be waiting for "Apollo" to introduce new Windows Phones to customers. For the mean time, the HTC Trophy will be the only Windows Phone available on Verizon. More interestingly, this info seems to contradict earlier information from Paul Thurrott who noted that a Lumia 710 (with no LTE) was headed to Big Red sooner than later.

Either way, this is not good news for those on CDMA in the US who want a modern Windows Phone.

Source: The Verge; thanks Craig for the heads up!


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Verizon passes up on Nokia 'Om' Windows Phone?


After 10 years with Verizon I left for that specific reason. If they start supporting my mobile platform of choice I may return when my current contract is up.

Well, the doc that had a 710 for Verizon was the same where he promised us the 900 for March 18. I'm starting to doubt that's happening (by that date). Very, very frustrating. While Nokia isn't obligated to comment on Verizon rumors (or any other rumors), a few words on the 900 would sure be appreciated. They could even give the date and not yet the price, if they want to keep significant info for an announcement post Apple iPad3 (if they really do care about that).

While this is annoying, I'm not completely irritated yet, since I'm still on contract with my trophy. However, if wp8 launches this fall and Verizon has no devices, my anger may grow..

well supposedly Verizon is definitely going to get a WP8 device. there big argument was that they didnt want to stock another WP7 device that lacked LTE. I am sure they will get a WP8 device, at least one, because they dont want to be left out in the cold like what happened with the iphone. 

This is terrible for WP in general.

For me personally it's no big deal... I find the Trophy to be absolutely bulletproof. Love it. So I will look for Apollo once my contract is up. If they don't have it by then they have no chance of keeping my $120/month.

I just wish there was another carrier I felt was as reliable and offered as wide spanning coverage.

Which is reason why after the 900 releases I will not be with either of these carriers.  Been a good run Sprint.  

Verizon is just making smart business moves. They are doing just fine without WP. If WP starts to take off then Verizon will embrace it with open arms. They spent a lot of money building up Droid and want to continue reaping the rewards from that. The only reason T-Mobile has WP is because they don't have iPhone, so it makes sense for them to diversify a bit. Why ATT has so many WP devices I don't really understand.

Don't blame Verizon. Blame the clueless consumers that don't know or don't care about their address books and photos being stolen by Androids and iPhones. In a different era heads would be rolling over this, but today everyone just looks the other way and continues their love affair with Google and Apple.

That is because ATT is very aggressive and forward looking with their sales strategy they see MS as a huge potential in all aspects of ATT not just phones this also includes tablets and their Uverse being on Xbox, pcs, tablets and phones you have to remember Verizon also passed up on the iPhone as well in which to me is a bad strategy as they lost a lot of customers to ATT for the slow response and will most likely loose a lot of customers again with WP..

I don't know about the "Just Fine".  I know several people that HATE their droid devices.  Long term this brand association may start to hurt Verizon. 
What good is an unsatisfied customer that hates to use your product and is locked under contract to endure while they see you have no plans to do anyhting better?  Those customers will leave.  I am seeing it happen.
Maybe the numbers aren't enough to worry Verizon....  yet.

I hope you're right. I can't stand Verizon and wish they'd vanish from the Earth, taking CDMA with them.

I think you're way off base. Tech educated geeks are the extreme minority of phone users. most people think android is great despite its faults because they don't know any better. It takes tons and tons of marketing to change that.

That can't be it. There have only a handful of lte devices anyway. Win phone just doesn't have a big enough market share to support it yet. That's not politically. Correct though so they blame it on lte. That's fine though I've got over a year with my trophy so they should have a few Apollo devices by then

I was with Sprint for 13 years and recently moved to AT&T for the Titan; I'll be moving the other three lines on my family plan shortly. I didn't want hemmAdroids and they're now in bed with the fruity OS for the long haul. Their choice for WP is slim to nil and slim just left the building.
Adios, Auf Wiedersehen, dosvidanya and don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya Sprint...

Verizon is probably holding a bit of a grudge against Microsoft for backing at&t's attempted buyout of t-mobile. I could be wrong of course, but business is almost always personal, contrary to popular belief.

I use the Samsung Focus on AT&T with their Go-Phone service and it is great. The $2 unlimited per day voice and SMS ($0 if I don't use it that day) plus $15/100MB is just fine for me because I use WiFi most of the time. My monthly bill is less than $40. I had an Android on Verizon and cancelled the service because it was not a world phone (could not work in Europe) and did not have an FM radio in it.

This is fine by me! I am on contract till October anyways. By then maybe we will see an Apollo phone. Hopefully it is an exact copy of the HTC One S. S4 snapdragon with lte modem right on the SoC. Can you say better battery life?

Ugh I've been waiting for a Nokia device for such a long time, and yet Verizon screws up my plans. 4g is still not widely used and holy **** it eats batteries by the pound. Buddy just got 4g LTE and he used it for 3hrs until it died... And that's been his story every day for two weeks since he got the garbage phone.

I recently was experimenting wiht Pay As You Go services on TMO, I got the 30 dollar plan that gives you unlimited text/data and 100 talk time. I don't talk much. Well, it was a disaster on the TMO front. I won't go into that. Let's just say that service where I live is zilch and even in neighboring towns is mediocre at best.
What I will miss using? My Nokia 710. I love that phone, I simply love the OS, I never really thought I would. After using that OS I have to say that Microsoft really needs to get out there and promote the hell out of this OS. It is simply amazing. So I am back to Big Red with full bars most places I go but with an iPhone 4, not a bad phone but it's defintely not a Windows OS and that's a sad thing. I WANT A NEW WP7 on VZ!!!!
Thanks for listening. I have pretty much decided that my phone will be used for business and the 710 will be used for my toying around. Not giving it up, it just won't have service. Sigh.