Verizon Trophy available at Best Buy, dedicated theme at Xbox [Update]

I think the release is becoming so close that Verizon customers can almost smell the new HTC Trophy. With the device recently showing up on Craigslist of wonders, WP7 Verizon support forum being launched, being spotted at Best Buy and rumoured employee training kicking off (plus a release date) one would assume it's coming very shortly - the rumoured date for release of tomorrow (12th May) could hold true, here's hoping!

To add yet more fuel to the fire, we have now seen the Trophy on Best Buy again, but you can add it to cart as opposed to not being able to do so previously, not to mention a dedicated Theme being available over at Xbox.com for the Trophy accompanied by the Verizon logo and a nice looking illustrated advert. Heck, there's even a Gamer Picture Pack available at Xbox.com too.

On our forums there has been a long discussion surrounding the device coming to the carrier, and it's the best place to be if you're awaiting more information or concrete updates. Sorry guys, I'm sure you've almost bitten all your nails off, but this is such a well kept secret it's rather amusing, don't you think?

Update: Xbox.com just pulled the Verizon-Trophy Theme & Gamer Pack--guess there's still some shuffling going on. Thanks, Random of Amber, for the heads up

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Verizon Trophy available at Best Buy, dedicated theme at Xbox [Update]


This is certainly a placeholder, as there is no contract price. Nevertheless, I'll be keeping a close eye on my cart

Called my local best buy and they said they still haven't heard anything about it. I hope it is not an online release only, that'd be unfortunate. I'd really like to get this in my hands ASAP. Waited long enough.

I just called my local best buy, and after furnishing rep w/ the SKU she said it "comes in stock on the 19th" DAMMIT!

Guess that means I'll get to use my new higher discount on this phone. I can wait one more week, so long as I KNOW it's only one more week.

Called the Best Buy Mobile in my local mall, they said "I don't have any" so i asked if they'd be selling it tomorrow and she said "I have a shipment here that hasn't been opened yet, so you might want to call back tomorrow morning"I guess we'll all have our answer tomorrow!

Called 3 Best Buys with the SKU #. All said that they won't start selling it until the 19th. Seems like a pretty firm date at this point.

I tried on bestbuy.com and nothing was found. Called my local Bestbuy, SKU above they claim as a disco'd SKU, and talked to the mobile deparment who never heard of the HTC TrophySame old **** ..

I hate to be negative but I just don't understand why anyone would sign a 2 year contract for this phone. I want a Windows Phone 7 as bad as everyone else but I will definitely wait to see if Samsung comes out with something on Verizon before I buy this extremely underwhelming phone. The screen and camera are not even close to being up to snuff with what Samsung is making. Plus until Mango is released the OS is still quite incomplete so I'm definitely going to wait for the holiday season to see what is coming out.

I won't be signing a contract for this one. Back in January I might have, but now it's too close to Mango. I'll get the Trophy off contract and see how things look next year. If it looks like Verizon cares about the platform, I'll sign a new contract and use my discount on a nice new phone with updated hardware. If not, I'll be off contract by then and I can leave Verizon.

So, your opinion is all Windows Phones except for the Focus are **** Honestly, if that plasticky, screwed up memory, oversaturated phone was the only WP available, I probably would have stuck with my Tilt2 or given iPhone a try. If you haven't actually used the other offerings, don't be so quick to judge. So where exactly did you get the "hands on" time with the Verizon/HTC Trophy.

The HP Veer has a 'pre-order' established already, and it will be released on May 15th. With that said, this WP7 device simply cannot be released tomorrow; Well, technically, it could I guess, but my point is: for this phone to be released without any 'fanfare' from Verizon or HTC, or any weekly ads from Best Buy or any other retail outlets, is setting this phone up for a failed launch on the largest network in the U.S. which basically gives Verizon more reason to not endorse carrying any other WP devices. Verizon doesn't strike me as being a self sabotager, so it would seem that they would make some type of effort to promote this. There's not even any 'coming soon' or pre-order option for this device on Verizon's website. Anyway, logic points to 'no availability' on May 12th.

Sad to say, I have to agree...And I don't want to sign a 2 year contract on this but, might have to pay full retail for it.

Unless Verizon is planning to sell this phone for $99 on contract I don't understand why they would choose such a mediocre phone to debut Windows Phone 7 on their network. I hate it when companies like LG complain about Windows Phone 7 sales when the biggest problem is not the OS but the crappy, ugly, design of their handsets! I hate to brake it to companies but looks matter a lot when people purchase phones. The Trophy isn't terrible looking but it ain't **** and the screen makes it look even more dated when beside a Galaxy S or iPhone. So why would anyone choose the trophy over a Galaxy S or an iPhone at the same price point? More than likely they won't. And then Verizon will complain that it's not selling!! Actually, I wonder if Verizon isn't picking the Trophy on purpose. Maybe they are using the Trophy as a test run to see how it sells just to appease Microsoft, knowing that it will sell terrible so they can say to Microsoft, see we tried selling Windows Phone but it didn't sell so we are not going to carry Windows Phone 7 handsets.

Damn, two posts in the same thread describing how bad the Trophy is. Which is basically an HTC Surround, without an extended speaker but with a better screen. And a little thinner and lighter. BTW, my Surround is a great phone. So, are you basing your comments on the dummy phone that Best Buy has on display, or have you actually had some "hands on" time with the phone. If so, please share your observations with us all.Actually, I believe that Verizon will be pleasantly surprised with the Trophy's demand, and expect it to be out of stock before long. No facts here, just a gut feeling. And everyone that get's one will love it. That's the magic of Windows Phone.

@Jimski...Aesthetics are important, and for me, it is a priority. The Trophy is basically the most drab (in my opinion) WP7 device released. No one has to 'touch and feel' a device in order to know that they don't like the way it looks. Some will like the style of the Trophy, others will not and will forego purchasing this device or locking themselves into a 2 year contract with this particular model.

I agree that the Trophy is no Focus and seeing as how we're going to get a preview of Mango less than a week after the projected launch of this phone, a two year contract is kind of silly.That said, there are probably more people than you think who have been hanging on to windows mobile devices like my wife and her XV6900 and me with my Omnia i910 (of course I have WinMo 6.5.x on my phone so it's held up better than hers.) for whom the Trophy will be a big improvment. Not as cool as the latest and greatest android device, but the latest and greatest for them is something different every two weeks and even so that doesn't get carrier updates for a LONG time.I will be getting one, it will be a very nice improvement and I'll probably pay the no contract price, but with my companies discount, so that I won't feel too bad when a really nice Mango device is released. I do however wish they'd just publish a date and release the damn thing.

The xbox.com theme has been pulled. Pretty good indication that 5/12 was a target date at some point before being pushed back (hopefully just to the 19th as others have said).

The Best Buy description says that the phone comes with a full QWERTY keyboard, but I thought the Trophy was touchscreen only(?)

I'm happy its finally coming to verizon for those who waited. Unfortunately it was too late for me. T-Mobile just started providing coverage where I am and so I am now the proud owner of a dell venue pro. It's a very **** device and I couldn't be happier.

Ditto that. A month ago I finally got sick and tired of waiting for Verizon to get going and offer some WP7 phones so I went to my local Microsoft Store, spent some time with each of the different WP7 phones, was tempted by the HD7 for a bit, but ended up going with the DVP on T-Mobile and I am VERY pleased with my choice. Now they are (apparently) finally coming out with this Trophy but, if it's like the other HTC phones I've had the chance to handle I'm still glad I didn't wait. I prefer the more solid feel of my Dell to the lighter (feels cheap/flimsy by comparison) HTC phones (even the HD7).I Was a Verizon customer for over 10 yrs but, in the end, they lost me because they weren't offering any phones that appealed to me. I occasionally find that coverage isn't quite as good with T-Mobile as it was with Verizon but, I'm willing to live with that to have a phone that I enjoy using.

NOpe, not available today... At least a reason for delay... I wanna see a person who is doing this... some MS hater most likely.Just sad that Microsoft is not pressuring VZW to release it already!!!

Sent Letter to VP and Chief Marketing Officer05-12-2011 01:34 PMHere is the link to the about page for VP and Chief Marketing Officer, Marni Walden.http://bit.ly/iAKpSpI sent her the following letter (click the link at the bottom of her page)Ms. Walden,I am contacting you as a very disgusted customer. Since last fall, I have been waiting for Verizon to release a Windows Phone 7 device. I learned in the fall that this device would not be available on the CDMA networks, and as a software developer, I understand how Microsoft had not yet implemented support for it. However, Verizon has been stringing its customers along for about five months now with the implied promise of a Windows Phone 7 device, yet has not delivered.In December, VZW advertized to Microsoft employees the Trophy, and it promised an "Early 2011" delivery. That offer had an expiration date of 12/31/2010, although that delivery has been pushed back to March, April, and May, and the delivery time range has been removed from the flier. On March 23 the CDMA Sprint HTC Arrive was released. CDMA support was finally here. But Verizon dragged its feet. An April launch was expected, because despite the tight lips at Verizon, pictures were leaked of a Verizon branded Trophy, as well as an April expiration date on the Microsoft employee offer. That came and went. Now two Thursdays in May have come and gone without the device that many of us are waiting for.You are not doing anything but making customers angry by dragging your feet, not releasing the device, and not giving us a release date. You are holding on to a phone that was available in Europe last October, albeit without CDMA support. Which means if you wait much longer you will be releasing a year-old phone. Do you think it is all right to treat your customers like this? Are you that ticked off at Microsoft over the failure of the Kin that you are willing to drag your customers who want the Windows Phone through the mud like this?It is high time for whomever at Verizon is throwing the temper tantrum about the Kin to get over it, and give us the phone we want. I don't want one of the 47 different Android phones you now carry. I don't want the iPhone. I and many well-informed consumers like me, want a Windows Phone 7 device. Please quit holding us hostage.Sincerely,Richard Hopkins

I LIKE it!!! (not that I would expect anything to come from such a message but, it can be very cathartic to get the venting out)Wish I had thought to send something along those lines out before I gave up on Big Red and switched to T-Mobile last month so I could stop the waiting to get a WP7 phone.