Verizon.com launches WP help forum--Trophy launch imminent?

We don't want to get your hopes up too much but it's starting to look like Verizon is gearing up to really, really (for reals) launch the HTC Trophy.

Earlier today we saw a hidden listing at Best Buy for the Trophy and now Verizon Wireless has removed the previous, generic "smartphone/pda" section on their help forum with a...wait for it... a cleaned up Windows Phone area.

As Morpheus said "I do not see coincidence, I see providence. I see purpose. I believe it our fate to be here. It is our destiny.". Or perhaps we're just being over geeky and dramatic. Nah....

Source: Verizon Wireless; big thanks to Jay for the tip!


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Verizon.com launches WP help forum--Trophy launch imminent?


I like how Verizon is diving right in... big toe first... just to make sure the water isn't cold... because they don't wanna get all wet and start shivering... then their big bros will make fun of them... "stop being lame, dive in. big red scared of the water. can you hear me now?"Yeah I imagine it's something like that.

I've seen videos of the Android devices on Verizon - Verizon puts ALOT of their apps on these devices and they cannot be removed! Perhaps Verizon doesn't like that on Windows Phone these apps can be removed? I realize that they have to do testing for their network, but it just seems crazy that this launch is taking so long. Anyway, hope you Verizon customers get the device soon. Enjoy!

They obviously have no problem with Apple not allowing to put their crapware on it! I don't know what it is! They probably think no one wants it! I am happy with my Arrive but I want more options!

I want to believe it as much as the next Big Red victim waiting for delicious WP7-ness, but..."Windows Phone 7" is just the subject line of talarcon1's post.It's not an official verizon section and they have had "Windows Phone" as an OS option for quite a while, now with the Windows Mobile phones listed under that category.

Yeah sure, Verizon is going to sell a windows phone 7 model. we've heard that before /rolleyes. I'll believe it when I have one in my hands.

Don't get your hopes up too much... The subforum is "Windows Phone Discussions" and the "Windows Phone 7" is a THREAD (not a forum) that I (I'm the hopmedic up there) responded to. In the subforum "Windows Phone Discussions" you see three subs to that: "Windows Phone Discussions", "LG Fathom", and "HTC Imagio".

Geez man, watching Verizon roll out WP7 is like watching a scolded kid make his bed. It's like they are contractually obligated to do it, but they really don't want to or something. If they ever do get a WP7 phone on their shelves, I wouldn't be surprised if their sales folks were told to steer customers toward the Android devices first, the iPhone second, then maybe Blackberries, and finally "are you really sure you want that?" WP7.

I went to a Verizon store recently and overheard a conversation that the employees were telling a customer. They said that their entire staff is slowly being transitioned to iPhones.

So much for all that Android love. And that's a great way to gear up to offer customer's choices.

Roommate works for Verizon. He text me a little while ago, "1 hour training on wp7 today"! Gotta be getting close!