Viber feature-limited beta now available for Windows Phone

Viber for Windows Phone

Viber has finally pulled the sheet off of its long awaited VOIP and messaging app for Windows Phone (and Blackberry too) today, allowing users to download and try out the service for free on their device.

One major caveat though: there is no VOIP phone calls just yet.

According to the press release, the current version only allows Viber Messaging aka "allowing users to exchange text and high-quality photo messages and share locations with other Viber users."  Have no fear though, that VOIP service for making free phone calls is on the way:  "Viber’s signature HD-quality free voice calling, will be released as soon as it meets Viber’s quality standards."


The app so far is basically a glorified Kik or WhatsApp as it can search your contacts for other Viber members for ease of messaging. Having said that, it's a fairly nice app and worth looking into as you'll want to be ready when that ability to make phone calls over your data connection finally shows up.

Grab Viber v2.1 for Windows Phone here in the Marketplace. It's free and ad-free. Read the full press-release here for more info.

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Viber feature-limited beta now available for Windows Phone


I wonder how they'll manage to enable it receiving calls.Don't they restrict 3rd party apps from doing that?

Long story short: Viber very publicly complained about not getting native access Finally, Brandon Watson stepped in (well, all they had to do was ask) and the rest is history.

Viber then worked for the last six months or so on the client with Microsoft, hence why it's actually a very nice app.

Awesome, downloading now. Looking forward to VOIP functionality being implemented. If the viber team are reading this, good work!
EDIT: Sort of curious as to how they manage to be a profitable business since they don't advertise? Will install it anyway but sort of curious on that.

My name is Talmon Marco, I am with Viber Media. 
Thank you for the kind words. We've been hard at work on the Windows Phone version. This has proven a little more difficult than anticipated. 
Regarding your question - we are not profitable at the moment. We will start generating revenues once we start offering additional value add services (what's known as a freemium model). A few commitments we made early on - no to advertising on mobile clients, no to charging for our app, no for charging for voice or messages from viber to viber. 
I'm VERY happy to finally see Viber on my beautiful Lumia 800!

Can you please expand on that? I'm sure we all are quite curious about the difficulties of bringing this to WP.
Great work btw, this will be my prefered messaging choice from now on.

 @ Viber team: well done! Thanks for making your app available on Windows Phone!
@ Talmon: Welcome on WPCentral! :-) Regarding the profitability of your company, there are rumours stating that Viber is silently sending user data like phonenumbers and email adresses and that this data is sold to advertisement company's. There are various articles to be found on the internet stating that the privacy of Viber users is compromised because of this. Care to elaborate on that?

very cool!
only issue i saw was that my country was defaulted to American Samoa...
i have no idea what it is, and it was confusing since the access code is +1 as USA.
Love the app!

Can we use the voice functionality to send messages? I love doing that with texts, but with these 3rd party apps it doesn't seem to be an option.

I dont see any contact using viber, but they are there in the iphone viber application. I have switched from iphone to windows phone. Not sure why?

why does it say "test the service for free"??????? so viber is a paid service? mmmmmmm
put some ads on it or something otherwise I'll never pay anything for the service! uninstalling till new news!

It keeps telling me that my contact are  not on Viber. Yet, on my Android I can send them messages.  Why is this?
It now shows contacts but does not seem to send messages. 

Whats the performance like with Viber on wp7?
I use WhatsApp primarily because I used it on my Android previously, but it's terribly slow on my Lumia. Msgs can spool for minutes before sending at times, but at the same time my msgs on Kik will send so it's not a 3G problem.
I'm just not a fan of Kik to use it full time though.
I've been waiting for Viber, but because of WA i'm afraid of the performance...

Picture messages aren't sending for some reason and i've tried several times. I use Samsung Focus! Sometimes messages don't send even if i have my wifi connected... not sure why. Please look into these issues. Thank you! When it works it's the fastest Texting app i've used because it sends text messages in les than half a second!!

Keep it up!

just needs emoticons, and dictionary on text input, its weird, though why they removed the suggestion box, for mispelled words?

Honestly, pls get rid of the contact label, auto hide or reduce the size. With keyboard + copy&paste bar + that contact name + large font size, can't see any txts... Funny...

I agree! Very very poor use of the space available on the screen! I have seen the iPhone and android apps and they are a lot better to read and reply to texts. With the WP version of Viber I can barely see one line of the message I received while I am typing... Samsung Focus