Call any number, send video messages with the latest Viber update for Windows Phone

The popular messaging service with voice calling, Viber has today released an update for Windows Phone. In today's release, version 4.1, the company has added Viber Out and some other new features to compete against other services like Microsoft's own Skype.

Viber Out enables you to call any number at low-rate charges. It's a cool solution to those who require contact with numbers that would otherwise be fairly expensive. You can top-up available credit and engage with others on your Windows Phone. As well as Viber Out, version 4.1 also introduced the following:

  • Send video messages
  • Send multiple photos at the same time
  • Hands-free Bluetooth support: seamlessly transfer calls to Bluetooth3

Download Viber from the Windows Phone Store for free. Thanks, nothanks91, for the tip!

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Reader comments

Call any number, send video messages with the latest Viber update for Windows Phone


I tried calling mobile and landline numbers few days ago with some Skype credits. What a total disaster. First of all, the app is plain SHIT. All contacts and numbers float seperarted inside the Skype contact lists, and under Recent the numbers don't have names, but you see a plain phone number instead of the name you saved it under. Not to forget that most of the times me calling, and the person at the other end could barely hear each other. Terrible quality. So Viber could be a welcome replacement for that total disaster that Skype is - if it works better.

I've had a completely different experience with Skype. Recent always shows my contact names. I do remember seeing some plain numbers there in the past but I don't remember what they may have been associated with. Maybe the contact has to have been created via phone address book and not Skype? Anyway, my dad and stepmom live and travel outside the US and always call from Skype - it used to be that I grew to hate Skype because call quality was miserable and their incoming number was some weird area code. I would call them back via Google Voice with their low international calling rates (cheapest I've seen) for a REAL phone call. That experience disappeared though...

Maybe it depends on where in the world you are calling, or time of day, or services have improved drastically... But I've been using Skype for quick calls to my parents because I get free world minutes every month thanks to Office 365, plus I got Skype Premium free from Xbox One so I changed the outbound number to mine. Anyway, call quality is pretty excellent everywhere now - I call only on Skype now and haven't bothered topping up my Google account. I'm also wondering if quality on the app is super dependant on reception or data quality from your cell carrier?

I just at least wanted to chime in and say that your experience isn't shared universally across the board. Although, despite me being able to see real names in the 'Recent' area, I'd still rather Skype calls were actually integrated to WP call system. I still don't like the app and the UI

Skype seems better for me as well. Often use it for Skype-to-Skype calls on my Lumia 920 when calling minutes from my mobile plan are running low. It offers crystal clear sound quality. 

I like Viber as well but for some reason not all contacts are showing as Viber contacts although I'm sure they also use Viber. I'm not sure but it seems like only accounts from contacts that use Viber on a Windows Phone or Iphone are shown, no contacts that use Viber on an Android device.

Same here, Not the first time it happens when trying to update an app. Don't know why, I guess its working in the backround??

Still slow. Specially start. And also refresh of the messages still does not work very well. But it seems platform independent, because I have the same problem with the W8 app or iOS app. It plays sound and shows toast notification, but when I open the app it does not show the actual message(s) regardless the OS.

Too late, I gave up on this shitty app a long time ago. I'm NEVER able to call my friends who happen to have iPhones, some calls don't go through, some fail right after pressing the call button and sometimes I can't even answer a call--phone screen is like untouchable! And I though I would never see these issues after upgrading from WP7.x

Has anyone tried calling anyone, VIBER Never gives out proper notifications and calling someone is a pain in the ass.

I tried Line recently and found it waaay better than Viber (which sucks on WP) and Skype (which is a total failure).

I dont like the smilies, etc. In line. I love viber! Wive has it on her samsung galaxy, my daughter has it on the iphone 4, i have it on the lumia 820, surface and the desktop app.

This application is deeply written in my mind by countless restarts to send message, synchronize new messages and duplicates of send messages (status says it has not been sent and offers resent while it has already been delivered).

Perhaps its different in other countries, but almost everyone I know uses whatsapp, I don't know anyone on viber :(

Viber service offers are getting better. Hopefully the lag and quality has improved as well. Will re-install and try.
For international calling, I use Vonage Extension. Nothing I have tried is cheaper. Home service, $29. Extension service on mobile, free. Calls to 60+ countries free, and others very low prices. Voice quality is ok, not great. I use it for calling my friends and family in Canada, England, Pakistan, China, India, Singapore and Denmark.

Might be worth a look. Although I still can't get over the fact the Skype is so crappy on WP (and don't get me started on comparing with the other platforms) and they both belong to Microsoft. It's just preposterous!

Not sure what planet you are using your WP device on..or rather what WP device you are using..but Skype works great on my 925,810 and 520...so its relative to user experience not across the board. Skype has some issues yes but it is on par with almost all other voip services on WP..including line and whatsapp

it is not on par with whatsapp and still has a long way to go

load times are very long, notifications don't work half the time, and it's a bigger battery hog than whatsapp, which is a hog in its own right

skype is good for video calling at this point, the rest needs work

Still doesn't work on WP in the UAE. At least I'm unable to. Blocked or something. Works flawlessly on Android.

I have Nokia lumia 900 wp7, can I Take wp8 in my telephone. How can I take the neu Version by Nokia lumia 900-wp7? Please give me an answer! Im waiting...

Finally a long waited update for viber.  I liked the new look. But I would like to highlight few things. Overall new update has many bugs which need to be fixed immediately.
a. It crashed several times.
b. Earlier chat heads are lost. I can't see any chat history after opening viber. So there is no option to post in group. But when I get a notification from the group or number I can see earlier post. It's again empty when I open the viber again.
c. Disheartened to see that still video call is absent for windows mobile.
d. No option to send crash report.
e. Now viber is showing all blank screen. Totally unusable. Can't even see the message sent from a group. Only notification.
f. Can't send message to individual contact even.

I am using LUMIA 1320. After update I cant use viber. At the end we want to see a smooth viber apps for windows mobile like android or IOS.