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Viber picks up big update for Windows Phone


An updated Viber for Windows Phone is now available. Head into the Windows Phone Store and you'll find version 4.2.1 of the popular messaging and calling service.

The app was updated to version 4.2 this morning but was quickly pulled. It has returned as version 4.2.1, but the changelog in the Store is for 4.2. We're going to assume the .1 update was just a quick bug fix and the changelog below for version 4.2 will show you all the features you get today:

  • Hold & Talk - instant voice messages. Your friend will hear you as you speak!
  • New standalone sticker menu
  • Design improvements, including a new call screen and default background
  • Faster conversation loading and other performance enhancements
  • New supported languages: Persian and Bulgarian


Big update for fans of Viber, of which there are plenty. Viber claims over 360 million users that use the service to text, call and send photo and video messages. If you're one of those, do let us know what you think of the new update for Viber on Windows Phone.

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Reader comments

Viber picks up big update for Windows Phone


It has the advantage of having a desktop app though. Besides it's like What's App, it's only worth if you have a lot of contacts that use it, as you know.

Viber on the desktop is really cool. Video chat like Skype is great.

Synchronization between desktop and phone is instant too.

So do I. I use it way more than the official app. I just hope it gets updated sooner or later. I mean it is the "official Instagram app" after all..

We need to stay positive. Once 8.1 rolls out to the masses, we can expect an update leveraging the new SDK. Not just Instagram but several others.

L625 cyan 8.1 unlocked update 1 downloads but can't be installed!? Sorry wrong thread I one of wpc may inquire @Microsoft. Thanks.

Viber is popular especially in non western countries however skype is much better in terms of quality. If only MS can sort out the way viber connects automatically to the other phone numbers. I still prefer the existing send an invite method but MS should offer both options. Either auto connect witha phone number for people who are concerned about privacy and by invite for those who are. They need to move super rapid though with skype.

Not true.I stopped using skype because it sucks (on all 3 OS's)missed calls,no notifications,shows that somebody is on line when in fact is not.Viber does all of this perfect

Good update, some nice new features and great voice quality; however, there are still some features (animated messages) WP version is missing when compared to IOS/Android version. This waiting and catch-up game is starting to become a bit boring but let's hope missing features arrive in future update(s)...

whoa weird find, have been trying to find what to boycot from israel given their recent behaviour. but lets not turn this thread to a political one. but thanks for the heads up anyway.

Marco is still CEO of Viber. Don't think I'll use anything associated with the former Cheif Information Officer for the Irsrali terrorist force

After this update, my viber stopped working, I reinstated it but still the same and now I can't even see my contacts. Thank God I set it up on my computer too.

Meh.. More useless "features" I don't need and won't use.. How about an option to block people? That'd be a lot more useful

oh wait....
Sorry... Another app I don't use just got an update not the one which Microsoft shows off in their commercials! Sorry folks! #lol

I wonder how many ignored the rest of your comment and checked to see if Instagram actually had been updated....

Opening viber in store showing update but cannot update, really weird.
I have latest version of viber on Lumia 720 on wp8.0

Awsome I'm in Kenya and international call rates are so expensive. Viber just saved my life. I only use 4mb of data to call for 19 minutes. This addition to the service just rocks my world

Why does Viber and WhatsApp fall beind in the speed department on Windows Phone as compared to Android devices with similar hardware? Is it a Windows Phone OS limitation?

If by "speed" you meant opening, closing the app, etc. I assume that relates to the way WP OS is designed; more specifically to multitasking component of WP OS, which (you are right) is lagging behind when compared to IOS and Android.

Viber is a good app when I still with anroid previously, used to be my top list apps when I wanna communicate with my family when i stay at overseas.

I was not able to update viber so i reinstall it but now i am not able to install it.why ?anybody can help me