Viber for Windows Phone: voice calls months away, beta still going strong

Viber beta for Windows Phone

Viber beta for Windows Phone has been available over in the Windows Phone Marketplace for some time but with some limitations. We are now getting indications that Viber is still working on the Windows Phone version and a full version is expected in the coming months.

For those not familiar with Viber, it is a cross platform app for messaging and voice calls. It is currently available for iOS and Android systems. The Windows Phone version, in beta, only supports the messaging portion of the equation.


In a Facebook response for when voice calls will become available for the Windows Phone version, Viber responded

"Although there are technical limitations inherent in the Windows Phone 7 architecture that makes it challenging to engineer the deep integration needed for voice, we have been hard at work on it and will release the full version with HD-quality voice support in just a few months."

There was some speculation earlier that the voice feature was already available but such is not the case.

Viber beta comes across as a simple to use, cross platform app that lets you connect with your friends who have opted for a platform other than Windows Phone. Viber beta synchs with your mobile phone number and contact list to instantly show who already has Viber.

Viber, full version, coming in a few months

Viber beta is a free, ad free app for your Windows Phone that you can grab here. Again, for the time being it is a beta and limited to messaging capabilities. There may be some bugs present and once voice goes online, we'll pass it on.

Thanks, Cyril, for the tip!

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Reader comments

Viber for Windows Phone: voice calls months away, beta still going strong


Strange, Tango seems to have no problems making Voice AND video calls, neither does Skype.  Sounds like Viber has architecture limitations.

What's the confusion? VIBER is a very popular voice app, especially RoW (e.g. outside the US).

It's an important service to have because like instant messengers, some people have their networks on one service and not another. It's huge on iOS and Android so we need to have VOIP in Viber to make it competitive.

The app right now is like Skype without VOIP--just a messenger. That's hardly ideal. It was erroneously reported by numerous sites like TC that Viber was about to release a voice-version for Windows Phone--it never happened and now we know it won't anytime soon.

Hey George, Viber is nice but people really want to know about what is happening with Whatsapp? Do you guys know something? It is Nokia working with them to bring a better experience? Its been 3 weeks already and no official whatsapp answer addressing the horrible and unusable update of this must-have app in any platform.

What viber are working on is what microsoft gave up on as regards to Skype - they want viber to receive incoming calls when running in the background. I could never get tango to work properly for me on my lumia 800 so here's hoping they'll crack it with viber.

This has always been an issue for me with wp7. The technical limitations have prevented many apps from launching on the platform, and even apps that have launched, some suffer from performance issues when compared to their counterparts on iOS and Android. I'm hoping these limitations are gone in WP8, as if not, it will create another hurdle for wide spread adoption of the OS. Would actually be cool if WPC did a post on the topic, letting readers know if limitations on wp7 are addressed in wp8

Well I think VoIP issues on wp7 is addressed on wp8, as MS announced that wp8 will have VoIP integration, not only for Skype but for every VoIP app.

I hope the update is just a w8 native version that takes advantage of the voip features in apollo.