Video highlights 9 upcoming Xbox Live games for Windows Phone

Today at Gamescom, Microsoft announced a ton of upcoming Xbox Live games. They have since provided a video that shows many of these games in action.

In the video:

  • Chickens Can’t Fly from Amused Sloth
  • Mush from Angry Mango
  • Fight Game Rivals from Khaeon Studios
  • Kinectimals from Frontier Studios
  • Toy Soldiers Boot Camp from Signal Studios
  • Orbital from BitForge
  • Shoot1UP from Mommy’s Best Games
  • Cro-Mag Rally from Pangea Software
  • Burn the Rope from Big Blue Bubble
  • Farm Frenzy 2 from Alawar Entertainment

You’ll notice that Shoot1UP wasn’t actually included in today’s announcement. But we do know it’s a 2D shooter and a port of an Xbox 360 indie game. We’ll have more details about the game soon.

Thanks Colin for the tip!


Reader comments

Video highlights 9 upcoming Xbox Live games for Windows Phone


awsome , thanx for the Vid Mr. Acevedo :)some of thes game look better with game play then they sound black on white..:)

I love Toy Soldiers on the XBox. I'm looking forward to purchasing it day 1. On another note, it would be great to have some cross platform gaming between XBox 360 and WP7/8 for the next game where you could work as a team with the person on the console purchasing, placing, and upgrading units and users on WP8 taking command of those units to shoot down the enemies. Anyone else agree? I can think of a dozen coop games like this that could really work for the small and big screens.

That would be awesome. Both versions would *usually* need to be developed concurrently ala Full House Poker in order to have quality connectivity. Hopefully more games will connect like that in the future.

I doubt they will be mp playable together I can see some unlockables though, like crackdown 2 had some extra gear unlocked with sunburst, full house poker shared the money won.

Ok, I'm just wondering why is it they don't use these great looking ads on tv! they would certainly get peoples attention. Just curious!