Video of Microsoft's secret labs offers a look into the world of Surface

The folks over at Bloomberg managed to get access to Microsoft's secret Surface lab, which is the paving ground for new Surface tablet designs. The video features Panos Panay, VP of Surface division, who mentions that iterative design wasn't in Microsoft's DNA, and that his team has had to work hard to get the Surface pro 3 to where it is in terms of the hardware design.

The video showcases the processes involved in creating the Surface Pro 3, which involves designing a kickstand and stylus and bringing the overall weight down while making the device comfortable to hold and use. We also get to see all the tools that are used in the labs' machine shop.

Overall, Microsoft succeeded as far as the hardware design is concerned, as the Surface Pro 3 weighs in at just 1.76 pounds.

What do you guys like the most about the Surface Pro 3?

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Video of Microsoft's secret labs offers a look into the world of Surface


Gonna buy the i5 model next year (or) when the price goes down a bit. Then I'll sell my Acer Aspire M5 and my Surface 2 to get this powerhouse!

I get asked what it is. Its like a hook on a fishing pole. I reel them in as I sell the idea of the Surface Pro 3. As an IT consultant, I have access to decision makers at my clients. I wish MS had a program for MS partners to sell them through us. I get to tell the prospective Surface owner to go buy it themselves. That is not a good business model for MS partners in my opinion.

I wish they had a program for me to sell them because I have turned so many people onto the Surface 3.  It's the best laptop/tablet i've ever used and I have used pretty much everything being and IT guy with a nice budget.

My company will be rolling them out to the Sales Force in January.  So far we have only purchased 3 test units but, they have blown us away with just how damn good they are.


See, what would make these machines perfect, would be to skip the capactive annoyance of a "windows" button. It would change everything!

Make a keyboard with mechanical hinge and battery. 15+ hours and true lapability! This and I'm in.

Where are you using it that you need to use it for typing on your lap?

I just don't get this.  I can see a journalist maybe but, who else does that much typing while not sitting at a desk?

I'm 6"3' and it's not really what I would call "lappable," even if it's a vast improvement over the previous versions. Also, I tried to use mine on a flight across the US last week and the kickstand kept falling into the gap between the tray and the seat back.

It's a really great device for users that wish to lighten their travel load, it's a really great tablet device, but it's not a laptop replacement.

+1 to the battery cover. I'd buy one ASAP.

I used my RT on a flight recently and it was great. On the plane, that's when you go full slate mode. No traditional clamshell laptop can do that.

I agree.  This would be a great optional accessory.  It would be a good option for those that really like the Surface Pro, but need a laptop much more than they need a tablet. 

Thank you, Harish. I drool every time I see a write-up on the Surface. Your post today is the motivation I need to stop hanging out at WPC for awhile and get to work... I need $$$ so I can cause a little device envy around here.

Have you owned a 8 inch MS tablet?  They do way to much for that small screen and you just wish it was bigger most of the time.  Kind of weird but, it's frustrating unless you hook it up to a larger screen.  I can't even remember where I put my Dell 8 WinPro tablet.  hmmm, seroiusly, where is it?  :)

Get a Kindle Fire or a iPad mini if you just want it for media consumption.  If you want it for anything more, then go with the Surface 3.  It is truly spectacular.

I think you should have made me the winner of your Surface 3 comp... Then I would be much happier :'(

I already wanted to work for the Surface Team. Now I want to work for them so much more!!!

I got the surface 2 last year as a replacement for an ageing Toshiba netbook... And I love it.. Can't recommend it enough 10hr battery life,25 second startup time and very light..... laptops? Who needs them