This video will make you want Madden NFL 15 on your Xbox One right now


I'll be the first to admit I play Madden once every few years, but this new video from EA has me reconsidering the upcoming season. After watching it, I might just have to play Madden NFL 15 on my Xbox One later this month.

What did I just make you watch? I don't even know, but we all enjoyed it.

What team will you be playing as when you get Madden NFL 15 on your Xbox One?


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This video will make you want Madden NFL 15 on your Xbox One right now


After watching that video (as much as could stomach) I want the first ticket off of this planet. We are doomed.

I am not an NFL fan, nor a fan of any of the actors, and I thought it was an ingenious way to celebrate the release of their upcoming game. Thoroughly enjoyed it.


My thoughts exactly.

I am not the biggest football fan, and I am certainly no fan of Madden Football (the NFL2K series from back in the day, was far superior), but I know fantastic advertising when I see it. And as video game ads go, this will probably sit as one of the five all-time best. Right up their with the likes of the Gears of War "Mad World" ad, the PlayStation 3 "To Michael" ad, and the Halo 3 "Believe" ad. EA's done a fantastic job fashioning this ad. And props should always be given when people work hard at something, and create greatness for their efforts.

Well they clearly stay locked inside a closet all day long(probably having coding battles). Pay them no attention as they are probably overweight as well.

I'm American, and I hate our football. You don't even use your feet with the ball besides punting, FG's, and kick offs. I prefer real football, what we call soccer. But many people here in US really get mad at me for that, lol.

American football and soccer, two differenting things. 
I dont see why liking/hating one has to affect the other.

Personally dont like american football tho.

Did you watch world cup? How many times did you see players go down when the opposing player barely touched him. Then they proceed to whine to the referees. With American football, a 250lbs defensive back who can run faster than many of the soccer players hits you as hard as he can and the receiver gets up, throws the ball at the backs feet, talks some trashes, and lines up for the next play. That is why American football is so popular in the US.

Meh. Rugby is a far more interesting game without the pansy armour, which is why it's loved around the world but gridiron doesn't rate a mention practically anywhere else.

Pansy? You obviously have never been hit playing football. The equipment minimizes injuries in a full contact sport, It doesn't make it gentle. Rugby by comparison is not as intense, fast or hard hitting.

Have you watched a rugby game before, such as Rugby League or Rugby Union? Rugby is a MUCH faster game - after a tackle they get up and keep going. NHL spend half of their time in timeouts or stops or getting into formation or whatever. I agree that they tackle a lot harder, but that's probably because they feel more invincible in their armour. Everyone playing rugby has to be strong and fit, while it's not uncommon to see unfit fat guys playing NHL (because they're good at blocking).

Foot...ball. Which of the balls most resemble a foot? That's what I thought. Besides, what sport you know is named for the body part you mostly use to play it besides hand ball and futball? Both of which also allow hand and feet usage. This dumb.

THAT WAS FUNNY, CREATIVE. The rest of you hate it because someone else hates it, because you don't want to be different; gotta follow the crowd.

Well 2K doesn't make baseball games anymore. The reason why I got both consoles was for exclusives on each platform. For example, the PS4 has the Last of Us, Uncharted (coming soon), and MLB The Show. Xbox One has Forza, Halo (coming soon), and more.

Actually, the British coined the term Soccer, not the U.S. It was called soccer way before it was called football. Just an FYI.

You have to watch it on the Canada Channel though, the only channel in Canada. They have horrible TV shows, like the Queef Sisters and Terrance & Phillip. 

American football isn't football. Its ghey Rugby. American football is like Rugby, but covered in protective suit. About as manly as ballet.

Football is the game the rest of the world play, while arrogant Americans call their ghey version of Rugby football.

Also, the World Series, its not a World Series if you only play a really boring sport in your own back yard.

No offence ;) Anyway I was glad to see this year at the FIFA world cup how many people from the USA where loving the fun in Brazil. The world has been waiting a long time for you yanks to turn up and play the proper game of football. And you had so much fun, and your people had a massive party in Brazil, which we can all respect. Keep it coming, and we look forward to you being a force in the only true world game of FOOTBALL, the proper kind you play with your feet. Amen.

You sound like you meet up with soccer(grass fairies) and rugby players often for a nice circle jerk and suck off.

The strength of tackles in American Football are a hell of a lot tougher than tackles in Rugby, the padding is understandable.

I've watched rugby. They don't get hit nearly as hard as American football. Show me the rugby player that weighs over 250lbs and can run 40 yards in like 4.4 seconds. If they weren't wearing the protective gear, you would see plenty of dead football players.


That's the point of rugby - it's not just about brute strength but speed, agility and skill. Hence the games are much faster and more interesting than watching a bunch of gorillas crashing into each other.

There's actually a TON of sports that have been called "football" BEFORE the the common FIFA type football. 


Or people(yourself), have a stick shoved so far up their ass that they don't know how to let loose...idk, just sayin'.

Out of touch?  Madden games suck, i've played for years and it sucks.  Still, not sure how this commercial shows they are out of touch with gamers?  It is a commercial and includes many mainstream themes and appearances like damian lillard, football players, hipity hop music, kevin hart, etc etc. 

Perhaps you are out of touch. 

The whole "are we playing for real?" question, i can remember many friends asking that because they were losing and eitehr saying they are losing because they arent trying or pretended like it was a practice game. 



Madden 14 was the first Madden I have played for many years. Probably since the launch of the 360. I prefer NCAA. I enjoyed it, it didn't blow me away, but I enjoyed it. I probably wont buy 15, but I am an Access subscriber so I am sure I will play it at some point.

No stopping Kevin Hart! Lol. Good advert. Microsoft are in my building promoting all that they have... If I win the Xbox One, it'll be Madden Season in my house! Lol

No, EA wont put brand new games into the vault for months and most likely years after release.  THey can do it with sports games since they are annual releases, but to put a game like a dragon age or Mass effect into the vault, probably would take a long time. 

That was the best commercial ever.  If I had an XBox One, cared about football even a little, and had time to play games, I would buy it.  Heck, that was so impressive, maybe I'll buy it anyway.

You know I was never interested in your American Football, which has nothing to do with "feet", but this video made it look even more silly...

That was one of those what am I watching videos but you watch it all the way to the end and shamelessly admit you enjoyed the isanity/nonsensical nature of it.

Me at the the start: "Who's Dave Franco?"

Me after Dave Franco answers his door: "Cole from Scrubs!"

Dude was such a tool on that show.

The whole season was bad. Though, it had its moments...like 'Joe' ;).

Scrubs is my favorite TV show of all time :)

Cut out all the garbage, make it 30 seconds and maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Whats' with the ugly girl with the ugly dress and lipstick/eye makeup that can only be described as vomit?

There are many enough markets for cricket video games. Waiting for the day big Devs make one. I still play ea sports cricket 2007.

A whole 10 seconds of actual game footage? What a waste of talent and production costs. And I like all the actors and athletes but terrible for a game advertisement.

Why are so many people upset about a football game. That's what we love in the states. Soccer isn't our game. Football goes harder. There's more action. Seeing someone get put on their ass is one of the best things about it. Soccer is fun to watch but a little too soft for alot of us yanks.

I recently saw that the word "Cray" was added to the Oxford Dictionary. If you are confused at all by the meaning of that word..this video here is the definition!!

Wow that spot is nuts. I think it's nuts in a good way, though. Kevin Hart is a funny guy for sure. He's the new Chris Tucker I guess, lol.
I agree that it makes me want to get my Madden on too, even though I stink.

I got Madden NFL 25 with EA Access and I cant play it. I cant score any touchdownd on Rookie...I just cant play Madden

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I normally cop madden every year even though it seems like they don't really change much. I probably spend way more time playing madden than any other game I have so I put up with it. I think picking the 49ers or the Seahawks should be banned this year. I can't stand when people pick those teams. It's so annoying!

It is just like what happens when you throw a piece of bone to a bunch of hungry street dogs. They fight for it to take it and eat it alone. I hate this and the sports that are like this. Borrowed the name from the sports and now call it soccer, shame on em, you play with all your hands, legs. Body but not foot and guess what, Football.

I'm not going to lie... I have never bought Maddedn. I have always been an NCAA guy... However the fact that there will be no NCAA game this year plus this awesome video have me itching... Maybe this will be the year.

Show me some cricket games. I don't like no big publisher makes games for cricket :( EA sports stopped making after 2007. Would love to see New cricket games from ea sports like quality.

Start of video is the best bit then the whole rapping bs real put me off besides American football isn't really my cup of tea I'd rather watch nhl much better probably the best sport in the world

No-one cares about the non American-Football loving people here as the ad was clearly for those who love the sport. It did what it was supposed to do, America knows who both those actors are and one thing about people who own consoles in America whether it be PS4 or XBOX, they all basically love Madden Football. I'm not an American and even I know what the ad represents. The only reason I'm not a fan of the sport to a degree is because of how tedious and time consuming it would be to learn all the rules and plays to actually be any good at the game. All I've read here is how you hate the sport comparing it to soccer/rugby and the like, the ad's not for you. Why watch it until the end? you don't like the sport so just post you don't like the sport and move on!!!

It was a bit entertaining, Madden has been pretty much the same game for awhile now tho. Im more looking forward to NHL 15 to be honest. Plus with EA access I'm sure the game will be available to download at some point so Ill still play Madden 25 for now

That video was very entertaining.  I especially liked the asian girls.  Tumbs up!  But I don't know who that Franco dude is.  And I still won't buy the game, lol.

LOL... you asked a bunch of tech nerds what football team they were going to play as. Countless Wikipedia servers probably crashed simultaneously.