Vimeo for Windows Phone now available on the Marketplace

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The official Vimeo app is now available in the Marketplace, which allows users to upload, manage and view content on the network. While there's already an unofficial app available by Ashtech Software (our review), it's good to see some more big brand love for the platform (plus the official offering is free). 

The app itself looks great, the development team really have used the Metro UI to create a unique experience for Windows Phone users. Some feature highlights:

  • Watch and manage all your existing Vimeo videos
  • Watch videos from your Vimeo inbox, Watch Later queue, or videos you have liked
  • Easily like, comment on, and add videos to your Watch Later queue
  • Discover new and fascinating featured videos
  • Quickly search for videos on Vimeo
  • Easily upload your footage in HD
  • Pause and resume uploads
  • Replace existing videos
  • Edit titles, descriptions, tags, privacy settings, and credits
  • Share via Facebook, Twitter, email, or SMS
  • Add videos to your Groups, Channels, and Albums
  • Get stats on plays, likes, and comments

You can download Vimeo from the Marketplace for free. 

Thanks everyone who tipped us on this!

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Reader comments

Vimeo for Windows Phone now available on the Marketplace


Looks great but i can't login with my account..
Edit: Apparently i managed to solve it by changing the display language from "English (United Kingdom)" to "English (United States)"

awesome, been waiting for this since it was announced a few weeks ago. and no offense to any of the awesome 3rd party devs, but this looks and feels so much better than the other/unofficial ones..

I've been hoping they would release an app. But is there a way to see all videos from someone you're subscribed to or a specific user? I know you can search by video name, but I want to see all new videos from a user.

I've heard from a few people now who are moving away from Google and Vimeo seems like a good alternative for YouTube, especially now with the official app. Now we just need WPCentral to upload their videos to Vimeo and we're sorted.

I'm trying to get away from Youtube but there seemed to be no good alternative. I heard the news a few weeks backs of Vimeo creating an official app and thought I'd give it a shot. If WPCentral uploaded their videos to Vimeo, it would make it that much easier for me to use it more often. Youtube just isn't as great as they once were, but they still have what seems like every video in the world.

One thing ridiculously lacking in the official Vimeo app is having it show up in the Music/Videos Hub. Wow. Just wow. They are obviously not very acclimated to the OS yet. But, overall, it is pretty decent for a 1.0. I shouldn't complain. It is nice to see official apps like this. Everyone download and submit a review!!

I agree it should integrate into the video hub. Other than that it is pretty nicely done.