Viner for Windows Phone

Sneak peek: Viner, an unofficial app for viewing Vines on Windows Phone

While we now have Instagram and Snapchat clients for Windows Phone, albeit unofficial ones, Vine ( seems like the next big app to conquer. The other day we showed you how Rudy Huyn had a working alpha called ‘6secs’ that was progressing along and now developer Philippe Maes has one called Viner.

Viner is a fast and fluid app that gives you the ability to register, view your personal timeline, search for and follow your friends, like or comment on their posts, view their Vines and likes, change your settings or view your own likes, find the coolest vines with the Editor's Picks and Popular Now, and more.

The one thing it doesn’t do though, is allow you create and post new Vines. Play SadTrombone.mp3

The reason for that is because Vine, like Instagram, is a little tricky for posting. Rudy Huyn’s client won’t be able to publish at first either (though last we checked, he has a plan for a server-side solution).  So Viner, for now, is a view-only app that allows you to participate, but not in the fundamental Vine way.

Viner for Windows Phone Vine app

Having said that, it’s a fine app. Smooth, well designed…it reminds us a lot of Instance, but for those short 6 second video clips that Vine is famous for. While not a homerun, it’s a great start and we look forward to covering Viner when it goes live in the Store.

Stay tuned.


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Sneak peek: Viner, an unofficial app for viewing Vines on Windows Phone


No offense, but I don't get why the first thing people do is complain about what an app can't do instead of at least thanking a developer for bringing an app to our OS that the original company won't even bother to do.

I'm the developer of Viner. I'm looking into uploading Vines at the moment and will include it in an update if I find a way. Thanks for the great reactions!

Sorry I was criticising the app for no reason. Thanks a lot for bringing in a window to vine into my phone. I appreciate the time and effort you have put into developing this app. I must say that I love the UI and the options to interact with the content. That is what I meant by " it looks great" and yeah the upload thing is the main feature to me and the fact that you're working on it is brilliant news. Looking forward to the release and sorry for my first comment, I didn't mean to leave a bad first impression

I always give props to developers that help make this platform grow and expand. So Props.  Question about the "vines" creation. Will that feature appear in this app at some point?

Yeah true I'm sorry. I appreciate all the devs who work hard to give us these apps. Like instagram, snapchat and now vine. Every little step towards an unavailable app is great progress.I think I've taken things for granted and forgotten to appreciate the time the devs take to create an app. Sorry, I didn't mean to offend anyone

Exactly! That's awesome that you did correct and follow up on your original statement. WP is makong some positive strides thanks to the hard work of these devs, so i think it's great when we can show the love to them (and make other developers take note).

because the native twitter app is capable of viewing vines inline within the app,we need upload capability for viner

Didn't realize these vine apps won't be able to post. Hopefully they can fins a workaround soon.

Rudy actually tweeted a post Tuesday I believe showing he was successful in posting on Vine with his new app so he's well on the way to having a full featured Vine client.  C/P of the text below:
Time to sleep, it's 3:45AM, can now upload videos, it was hard, a lot of SDK limitation but it seems good! I continue tomorrow night
And the actual Vine post here:

Vine is basically Twitter and Instagram but it's short videos instead of statuses and pictures. It's very entertaining imo. Also it is developed by Twitter so I can only imagine an official vine app coming maybe later this summer.

So... seeing the guy that uploaded that full rickroll to vine... I'm pretty sure uploading videos to vine can't be that hard

There's been more progress in bringing 3rd party apps to windows phone in the last few months that i have ever seen. FEELS GOOD MAN.

We could just do with some first party ones too.
The average user isn't going to buy a windows phone and know that 'Instance' and 'ChatSnap' are replacements for the main apps they had on ios and android etc...

For sure, the uninitated will not know of these 3rd party replacements, that's an issue.
But, still really nice to see some awesome devs tackling these things in the mean time.

It also seems like the only people who can get the big players attention are Microsoft.
They made an official youtube app, youtube stepped in and are now properly sorting it out yet they didn't say anything about metrotube etc =/

I can imagine they just search for instagram and if there is no "instagram" they just pick one of the other apps.  

Aw, I was looking forward to the release of Viner for Windows Phone 7 within the next few days. Still glad that you're supporting WP7 though!

2013... the social world is all a-flutter with social connectivity apps.
2014... the world comes to their senses and grow tired of having 8 icons on their screen of different social networks and opt for one single unified outing (probably facebook... if they're smart).
I gave into instagram and actually browse it more than fb/twitter at the moment. But I am pretty sure I'm not going to get into snapchat and vine. I use FB and twitter and instagram to keep in touch with happenings and people's lives. Vine and snapchat are more for immediate uses, so perhaps that's why I dont foresee me getting into them. Regardless...  like my prediction for 2014... I'm hoping facebook becomes so big that it integrate twitter/instagram/vine/snapchat like functions so we can all just use one lol

Jesus I can't keep up. Wee finally getting all the apps it alternatives that function well! This is amazing!

What is it with all these silly apps, 6 second video clips, send a picture that expires after a set time period? What is the allure behind all of this stuff?

We need a thread for apps we can't developers to break and put on windows phone. I know not all think this is important, but I do. I want a chipotle app.