VLC team details progress with Windows app

VLC Metro

The VLC team has updated its Kickstarter page for Windows and Windows Phone. The update details progress made with an explanation as to why there has been a lack of posts. It's said that much progress is being made with the Windows version and the sheer determination and amount of work required is why there has been a rather quiet period.

There's both good news and bad. They've managed to cut down 90% of what's "forbidden" in the modern user interface, working closely with Mingw-w64 project and GCC developers. They managed to achieve this by:

  • replacing our forbidden calls with newer authorized equivalent calls,
  • modifying gcc and Mingw-w64,
  • writing new code in a special library of ours,
  • writing dummy functions,
  • disabling VLC code that would not work on the Metro platform,
  • moving VLC to MSVCRT 11.0, moving all the VLC codebase to UNICODE and WideChars to fit the new requirements.
  • We did also a lot of minor things to help the integration of libVLC and VLC in this modern platform.

The bad news is there's reportedly still much to do. The below image shows full, working playback:

VLC Win 8 Playback

It's so close we can almost taste it. The team reports that they're working on the following objectives:

  • make VLC work with MSVCRT 11.0 without crashing
  • write headers and C/C++ code to access the new fashion of COM APIs in which WinRT is written in

It's all rather technical and means little to the average Joe, but solid development is well under way and it won't be a thousand years before we see VLC arrive on Windows 8 and Windows Phone. It's going to be interesting to see how the finished product will run on both platforms, but it'll be superb to have such a popular media solution available on Microsoft's new operating systems.

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VLC team details progress with Windows app


Was just reading this. Hope to get a work version soon for my Surface RT, Looks like us sponsors are not likely to get a beta though. :(

One can only hope. I can't believe that the default playback hangs whenever you seek in a video. I haven't seen that on any device in about 10 years unless you are converting one format to the other on the fly.

I can't see why Nokia have made a "Nokia Video" app. It's only....natural? WP8 is terrible for video, I feel microsoft or Nokia should have a "iTunes" type database in which we can buy movies and TV series too

I was initially surprised and annoyed that this was removed as it had been present in WP7/Zune.  However, I can't say I've missed it with Netflix (which, in all honesty, I rarely use on my phone anyway).

It's great to see such dedication from the VLC team, they got much deserved help from the people and we can only hope for the best ASAP.
I'm also not sure what's in works for Windows Phone but we'll see. I don't mind having that VLC tile on my screen!

You should realize that expectations and feelings coming from the enduser side have nothing to do with the resut what the VLC developers will actually implement in the software. So as far as you dont see it with your own eyes working its safe to assume it will never ever work. So you wont be disappointed at the end of the day, even though it was a random unknown wpcentral forum guy who suggested it will work HOPEFULLY, and not the official VLC developers.

What kind of media server do you have? I have an HP MSS and that thing is damn near useless! Well, it is unless you like just having mass storage attached to your home network anyway.

I'm running PS3 media server on SBS2008. Works good but I'm moving to office 365 so I'm looking for a network drive that would work the same.

This was an exciting development for me, but the app Mobile.HD that's been on the store for a while has suited all my needs even on my low-powered Atom HTPC and on my Surface RT. Plays every video format I can throw at it and supports captions too.
Any ideas what additional functionality VLC would bring that Mobile.HD isn't already doing?

Lots of users use this and have foe the past several years. As for features, tons. Go Bing the app check out the features and do a compare of the two.

I bet my annual salary the metro-fied version of VLC will be nowhere even near to the feature-richness of the classic VLC running on non-metro windows (read the section about "disabling VLC code that would not work on the Metro platform" I think this code is a significant part of this product). But if it opens .MKV, plays all the widespread codecs, supports the 3 most widespread subtitle formats, I am already satisfied, and can throw the Xbox Music app into the trash immediately ( ok ok I know its completely impossible to get rid of that sh*tty xbox Music+Video app, just wanted to express my hatred against it).

I'm glad I joined the kickstarter for this. My Pro is waiting. My real question is - where's my kickstarter VLC keyring?

+1  Same here!   Really looking forward to this becoming available but as a backer I definitely want them to get it done right the first time around.  More than happy to wait for a solid product!

I just want a video playback program that allows me to have my videos organized. TV Shows together with the episodes organized and movies together with corresponding art work. Not the train wreck Microsoft has given us.

Thanks, but i was actually talking about for TV Shows and Movies saved locally in my Surface RT. It appears most of those deal with streaming your main PC's library.

I hope VLC for windows 8/RT has complete support on MKV decoding capability, including AC3 audio decoding, several media player apps in Apple App store had been forced to remove AC3 decoding capability, which makes no sound while playing MKV files.

Take your time. Better to release it when it's ready than to release a buggy app that will need an immediate update.

I hate Microsoft. Because android phones can update with new os. But Microsoft 7x users doesn't have the facility.

I'm hoping this brings better music management than what the xbox music offers. Its not even management, its keeping tracks organized that I would appreciate.