Vodafone Australia pushing out Lumia 820 update that enables 4G

Nokia Lumia 820

Good news for those on Vodafone in Australia who own a Nokia Lumia 820, as tomorrow you’ll start to receive an over-the-air update to the 1308 firmware. What’s more, this just doesn’t improve device stability and performance but it also enables the 4G radio. Huzzah!

The rollout will be like others, meaning 25% will get the update in the first 5 days, followed by another 25% the next week and 100% of users by the end of the month.

The info comes via Vodafone themselves, who have taken the time to discuss the update on their blog. The firmware will be 1232.5957.1308.0008 though the OS will stay the same at 10211.

Vodafone also notes that the HTC 8X is a 4G-ready device, though it is unclear when that update will come through.

Wave of 820 updates?

We know a lot of users with Lumia 820s have been waiting for the 1308 firmware update, which also brings the following enhancements, some of which appear to be Vodafone AU specific:

  • The phone can now play videos sent from a Samsung Galaxy via MMS
  • Stability improvement, fixing reboot and freezing issues
  • General performance and quality improvements   

Perhaps Nokia and the carriers are now finally ready to roll that out, which would be good news for those on AT&T anxiously waiting for the update.

Source: Vodafone; Thanks, nikhilr51, for the tip


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Vodafone Australia pushing out Lumia 820 update that enables 4G


I have an Indian Lumia 920 too, very annoyed there's no 4G on it. I'm thinking the chipset just doesn't support 4G tbh... Sadly.

My UAE bought Lumia 920 shows 4G in settings>mobile network>highest connection speed>4G. I am on MTNL Delhi in India.
apart from that, 1308 isn't yet available for UAE region. :(

Good move by Vodafone. Hope the morons at TMobile learn something and update the Lumia 810 variant. If not for 4G, at least the other options should be made available. Sadly, I am not very hopeful :(

The way it was explained is that the special LTE bands that T-Mobile supports (and which are unique) are not supported by the device hardware. That's always the problem with T-Mo, their "unique" band choices. It's great for Tmo phones but stinks for regular GSM ones.

A better argument may be Tmo should have ordered devices with the right hardware to be enabled, as I don't believe the 810, as it is today, can actually be updated to support Tmo LTE.

agree with the LTE part, but what is preventing from rolling out the 1308 firmware? For an 8gb device like 810, storage is a major concern, this firmware will at least help clearing the "other" folder. Considering its EOL'd, all the NL810 user are SOL :(. Is there a way to manually upgrade to this firmware? something like seveneithter or direct nokia website install?

Well, that's a separate issue for which I have no answer. AT&T has not rolled out their 820 1308 update either. I haven't checked Navifirm to see if the firmware is on there--if it was, it would mean the rollout was imminent. Even if it was on there, it's not a straight update but rather a wipe/re-flash of the device.

Yeah Daniel, is there a way to reach out to your sources in TMobile or through official channels and check if they are actually going to support us 810 owners (OS updates)? Being a known person, they might actually reply you rather than replying a normal user like many us wpcentral users. The 810 being given the EOL status is the biggest disappointment, and not getting any updates will be another blow. :'(

Yes, I agree.   Us 810 owners are very concerned about getting continued firmware updates to enable things like the Storage Check feature, and to ensure that we will be able to get the firmware updates and OS updates to stay up to date with WP Blue et at.
I just bought my 810 within the last month.   I do not care if the phone is "obsolete", or if there are newer or better devices out.  I have been buying technology for years and am used to that.   However the idea that I will be paying off the phone over the next two years time, and for the entire period the phone will be characterized as "End of Life" is a bit offensive.   I did not even buy into the product at the end of a reasonable product lifespan, it was only released some five months ago.

I have a thread going on the T-Mobile website for this issue and am waiting on an official response, and of course none is coming forthwith.    So the 810 being given the EOL status is a big disappointment, but I would like to suggest that not getting any updates would not just be another blow, but a critical and fatal injury.


Yeah, its pretty shit that the fifth best 520 has the same memory as the 2nd best 820.

Good for me and my 520 though.

But you can keep your SD free by offloading music video and picture to sd and dedicate apps to internal memory

Dude I have no music or picture on my phone, there are all on SD card, but what's the point? I have only 1.63 free! which is nothing, I can't install any good games which are out (Modern Combat, Dark Knight Rises, Asphalt 7 Heat, etc.), I can't really understand why Nokia did this??? 920 is 32 GB and all the others are 8 GB, this is a mid-range device, It had to be 16 GB

Maybe T-mobile could've released lte but decided it was to much effort when it's getting EOL'd and replaced anyways.

I don't know what the go is with carriers in the US but I got sick of waiting for Telstra in Australia to release 1308 so I flashed with non-branded firmware and haven't looked back...

happy days for those with Vodafone, but i ask where is the 1308 update for unlocked 920's, and 820's for Australian unbranded? hasn't come OTA yet, but the 620 unbranded has. Better be soon or have to be a pain in the arse and go down Schikitar's route of flashing it!

Got my 820 unbranded from "Hardly Normal" (aussies with get it) and still waiting for OTA.

Why is Telstra in Australia not sending out a firmware upgrade for the Lumia 920?
Why is Telstra in Australia not sending out a firmware upgrade for the Lumia 920? 
Why is Telstra in Australia not sending out a firmware upgrade for the Lumia 920? 
Why is Telstra in Australia not sending out a firmware upgrade for the Lumia 920? 
Why is Telstra in Australia not sending out a firmware upgrade for the Lumia 920? 
So how many times do you reckon this question has to be asked by it customers before anyone at Telstra here in Australia answers the question. Nokia - Ilove your phones but NEVER EVER make Telstra an exclusive for your top end product here in Australia ever again.
Unless - of course - you want what was/is happening to Lumia phones in the US with AT&T.