VoiceWake premium for Windows Phone now available with more commands

VoiceWake Lede

VoiceWake is a super cool app we recently looked at, enabling consumers to remotely wake up their home PC using Cortana. The lite (free) version was available for those with Windows Phone 8.1 installed to download and enjoy. The developer has published the paid version of the app over the weekend and comes with some unique functionality not loaded in the free, restricted release.

This paid release enables users to have Cortana wake the PC when the Windows Phone reaches a specific location, or have the personal assistant have everything up and running at a specified time. Here are the new commands, available in the paid version of the app:

  • Cortana wake [computername] when I get [locationname]
  • Cortana wake [computername] when I get to [locationname]
  • Cortana schedule [computername] to wake up at [time] am/pm
  • Cortana schedule [computername] to wake up on [date] at [time] am/pm

Note that these two apps require Windows Phone 8.1 and you'll need to have your PC configured to Wake On LAN – this requires fiddling around with BIOS, which may not be for everyone. Once everything is configured and ready to go, it's a really neat experience.

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VoiceWake premium for Windows Phone now available with more commands


Wake-on-LAN requires that you connect your computer to the internet via wire, Ethernet cable.

Sometimes it's too cumbersome to run cable around your house so you use Wi-Fi instead and you can't wake computers on WiFi because the adapter isn't powered when PC is off.

Hi, I'm the app creator and I wanted to let you know that some motherboards/NIC's support wake on wifi.  My ASUS Z87-Pro motherboard supports it, and I've been using it to test my app as I develop it.

Yeah, that's the whole point of the app, right?.. To wake the computer over Lan, or WiFi, or whatever..

A wired connection is different from a wireless connection.  James is specifically talking about waking your PC over a wireless connection, which is not supported by some motherboards.  They may still support Wake On LAN, but not over WiFi.

But, why is James asking for it?.. It's already supported by this app. Are you seriously trying to explain wireless technology to me?.. Lol.. Really

Ok so people are not understanding the what this app does.

A Magic packet is an IEEE standard that any modern day device (Network Card) can send a magic packet (think of this as a special ping) to any other device in your home network. a Wifi Card and an Ethernet based NIC are more similar then they are different. They both except the same Magic Packets that are sent over the network. 

However Wifi cards are usually having the WOL capabilities disabled by default because it can infact make your battery drain (from a laptop) a tiny bit faster. Also even physical NICs are usually disabled in the OS by default but are usually enabled from the BIOS by default. 

There are plenty of guides on the internet on how to enable WOL and yes most modern (circa Core 2 Duo ) mobo's support WOL for WIFI. 


This developer's app works for WIFI and Ethernet because they except the same wakeup packets (Magic Packets).



I istalled the VoiceWake Lite app and it works when I push on  my computer name in the app. It does not work when I ask Cortana "Cortana wake (computer name). Cortana shows me links instead on how to wake a computer. Anything I'm missing?

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I like apps like this.. They add real "tangible" functionally...
Now, if I could only remotely wake Cortana using the low power capabilities of my 1520..

I wish there was an app which functionality is to say (while the phone is locked) Cortana, *for example* play music. Anything like that would be awesome.

Now, that's what I'm talking about.
So, ok.. Now, MS has yet to update Cortana, or WP8.1, with the functionality.. So far there's only four devices that this might work with.. AtiveSE/Icon/930/1520.... Those devices have ultra low power consumption mode processors. So, I think a third party app is out of the question, but should be possible in the future.. Nevertheless, the question is when will MS give this native functionally to Cortana... Cyan? Is that possible?

Cyan is Nokia's part of the update. So I don't think it'll be by Cyan. We should wait and see what'll Microsoft do in future updates for Cortana.

IDK about that... Cyan IS now MS's exclusive update for their very own line of WP Lumia devices.. They could decide to make any new features exclusive to the Lumia brand, and do so permanently, or for a specific length of time... It's not out of the question that an update like Cyan could contain this functionality... After all.. We are talking about a firmware update here.. And, Lumia updates have always been "turn the lights on" types of updates.....
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Lol, anyway I don't think OEMs will like it if Microsoft made OS specific stuff exclusive to itself. And also I think the Cyan update will just be an update to the drivers.... That's if there is no surprises Nokia left for us.

Well, I disagree.. And, we have no evidence showing that Lumia specific updates are going to stop... Just my guess...

Why launch 2 apps when you could just make a TRIAL and PAID version of same app? Is this how Android store and Apple stores have grown in size?

In-App purchases are a kick in the ass, they sometimes dissapear, making that for example, if you remove the ads of one app trough an in-app purchase, those ads will still appearing some times (had happened to me). Putting the paid with a trial together it's better than the in-app purchase.

This is only my second app for windows phone, so I wasn't very clear on how to do the trial/in app purchases.  In retrospect though I would have much rather just had a single codebase to support and it would have been easier for users to make the switch to the paid version.  Hopefully the two versions aren't too much of an inconvenience for users.

I don't think the xbox one supports wake on lan.  You can try entering the IP info into voice wake and testing it with your xbox one if you want.  I don't think it will work though.  If it does, report back!  I'd be interested in knowing if it works.

Yeah but its not useful because you have to open the app, connect to Xbox and then turn xone on. With Cortana, you are just opening your home and the Xbox it's getting on. I use Xbox one for everything including watch tv, so imagine that you could control programs on oneguide, schedule future programs, etc, everything with Cortana.

There's more! With the next generation of Cortana (MS is trying to put Cortana on Windows 8.1 and Xbox) just try to imagine if you are working and Cortana alerts you that your son iis playing game instead study, and ask you if you want that she turns the game off? I think that its possible.

Totally purchased. Love being able to set it up to wake on LAN when I get home. Any way to make this a recurring thing? For example, I go to work everyday and head home in the afternoon, I want the app to automatically wake my PC when I get home, but I don't want to have to tell it to do that before I leave work for home. Maybe have the app automatically create a Cortana reminder at a certain time, or some other method.

Also, while voice is completely cool. It would also be nice to be able to pin a tile to my screen. So if I'm already at home or nearby, and don't feel like talking, I can simply tap the tile to have it wake a particular PC.

These are both features that I plan to include eventually, it will take time though.  Thanks for your feedback!  Glad you're getting some use out of it.

GREAT APP, but... i'm having a issue... it worked only once :/

the second time I tryed to wake my computer it didn't worked

re-installed the app, and it worked again... but... only once


Anybody have a solution?   (Good work with the app, i'm about to buy it )