Volt Link brings a little OnStar to your Windows Phone

Volt Link for Windows Phone

Volt Link is a Windows Phone app that might appeal to the OnStar subscribers in the audience. While not officially affiliated with OnStar, Volt Link supports reporting of vehicle status, remote vehicle starting, and unlocking doors.

Volt Link also enables Bing search results to be sent directly to your car. For those driving Chevy Volts, Volt Link has the ability to find EV charging stations and sending their addresses to supported vehicles.

Volt Link

If you're an OnStar subscriber and are looking for a way to bring those services to your Windows Phone, Volt Link might be worth a try. There is a free trial version available to let you take Volt Link out for a test drive.

The full version is currently running $1.99 and you can find it all here at the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, Darrell, for the tip!

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Reader comments

Volt Link brings a little OnStar to your Windows Phone


It's a good start for an app. It crashes ALOT, and more than half the time the directions won't send to the car properly. It's worth it to get the OnStar stuff on the Windows Phone, but once OnStar releases their API to more developers I can see this app getting left behind FAST.

Gah! Every time I get one of those OnStar surveys I always explicitly say that they need a Windows Phone app. It really burns me that they charge as much as they do and my car supports the mobile app, but it's only made available on iOS, Android...and even Blackberry. I'd really be happy with a mobile site that functions like the app (which is actually preferrable since that would just work with everything). Of course, GM is so far in bed with Google I'm not surprised two years have gone by with no indication that it will ever happen. Hopefully Windows 8/Windows Phone 8 will bring about enough demand to change that.

Also, I just ran the trial and I can confirm that it is so buggy that I cannot get it to work. At all. It crashes as soon as it tries to log in after inputting the activation code. It will crash every time after that. Glad I didn't buy, but I sure wish I could leave a review.

Support for this app , well let's just say there isn't one. Don't waste ur money here folks. App is buggier than a bug farm!

I'm sorry for any of you who downloaded VL last week -- I wish I'd known this review was going to happen. I could've let WPCentral know the version that was in the marketplace was not working correctly. Unfortunately, there was an unfortunate confluence of a mis-certified version that wouldn't work with OnStar accounts that had never used another mobile app before and a change OnStar made to device authentication that resulted in the app not working for a few days. I would encourage anyone who had trouble last week (which was version 2.1) to try again with version 2.2. There are hundreds of people who are happy with the app, and anyone who e-mailed the support e-mail address (as the app says to do in a crash) would've been told how to fix the crash-at-login problem. Again, very sorry for anyone who tried it and had issues.

I found this app earlier this week and had a few issues installing.  First installed the trial and then paid for the app and had issues installing but after a remove and retry it installed ok.  I’ve not seen any crashes and it works great on my new Cadillac SRX.  It does seem a little slow sending requests to the car and a little annoyed with the Volt name but all in all seems like a great app.

Can the developer please let us know when this app will work for the HTC Windows Phone 8?  I REALLY need an app that I can check my Volt's vitals from the phone.  Thanks.

The app was pulled due to a cease and desist from GM I believe. It continued to work for a bit then quit. I assume Onstar changed something. Sad for a company like GM to basically tell it's customers to eff off.