Walsh speaks on ChevronWP7.Updater and "breaking phones"

Chris Walsh, part of the ChevronWP7 team and responsible for the current ChevronWP7.Updater app, which used Microsoft's own tools to push NoDo to thousands of Windows Phones prematurely, has blogged about why he pulled the app.

On Monday, I released a homebrew utility that attempted to install unreleased updates to Windows Phone devices. The tool successfully passed my own tests involving multiple update scenarios.

I was later informed by Microsoft that there were several problems with my tool and the manner in which it changes phones.

Despite the fact that all outward signs indicate the phone has been updated to build 7390, Microsoft tells me otherwise. Part of the problem, the company says, is that I incorrectly used an undocumented API to deliver updates.

Most problematic, Microsoft tells me that updating in this manner will place devices in a "non-serviceable state". In its blog post describing the situation, Microsoft instead says devices updated in this manner "may" no longer receive updates

Not too much more info than we had previously reported, if anything this just confirms what we already know: users phones may or may not have problems in the future with later updates. We have had reports from users that after using this method, they still received notifications for OEM firmware updates which were then successfully installed--which bodes well for this "Microsoft is just being safe" idea.

Still, while using non-supported hacks to force system updates may not be the best idea, Walsh will be following up his post with details on what users should do next, since "official support" is not an option. It will be interesting to see in six months when thousands of users try to update to 'Mango', to say the least!

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Walsh speaks on ChevronWP7.Updater and "breaking phones"


Erics post came off as FUD.hmm so i used the Chevron tool to update my Samsung Focus and everythings good. I came across an article from wpcentral about a Samsung Focus Firmware update. some people saying they got the update with NoDo some people got it separate. i dont have this firmware as of now, but heres the linkhttp://www.wpcentral.com/samsung-focus-rogers-bell-getting-firmware-updatealso can people with NoDo Samsung Focus post there FW, Radio, and bootloader verisons.

Will be interesting to see what happens... Microsoft's analysis has the ring of truth since 'upgraded' people are still receiving updates when their carriers release them (suggesting their devices are not being seen as updated already).My carrier is still in the Testing phase... ridiculous!

Android is so much worse. Downloading Cyanogenmod sometimes takes a couple of minutes, and it's been a whole week since the last update of CM7. And Apple, hah! don't get me started on Apple.

Wish me luck, I updated my Focus successfully (chevronwp7), so lets see how the game will be played from here on.