Want free promotion for your Windows Phone app? Demo your work at next week's WPUG


Developers have a hard time getting word out about their work, especially since the platform is still relatively young. Here in the UK we have the Windows Phone User Group, headed up by Matt Lacey (@mrlacey). The monthly meetings enable developers to showcase their apps and / or work in all areas of Windows Phone. We tag along each time to offer more support for developers and to see what's new in the community.

It's a perfect opportunity to get involved and also to meet ourselves for some coverage on this very website. This coming Monday (May 20th), the group is heading to Nokia's new offices in Paddington, London. We encourage all developers to register, come along and demonstrate their work to the audience. As an incentive, there's a special prize on offer too for the best app. Who doesn't want free promotion these days?

If you've released an app this year or have updated one already published to implement Windows Phone 8 features and would appreciate free promotion on the Windows Phone Store, then you'll definitely want to get a presentation ready for the night. This opportunity is only open for those who have not already demoed the app at a previous WPUG event. Feel like your app is worthy the promotion? Come along and show us why. 

But the evening isn't solely about showcases, so what else is on the board for next Monday? Pedro Lamas, Senior Engineer at Nokia will be talking about the Nokia Music API, as well as the Windows Phone app itself. His Cimbalino toolkit will also be discussed. Be sure to head on over to the Eventbrite listing for more details. We'll look forward to see you all there. Event commences at 6:30pm, and we so Binged the location for you.

Also, there'll probably be drinks afterwards. Many drinks indeed.


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Want free promotion for your Windows Phone app? Demo your work at next week's WPUG


I've got a game I would like to demo called 4sFear. Reception has been good for it so far but I'm working on online multiplayer support now so need to raise awareness of the game. What should I prepare for a demo? Do I just bring my phone with the game on it or should I think more of a  slide show presentation?