Fancy watching TV and playing Rising Dead 3 simultaneously? You can on Xbox One

Microsoft has released a new video to show off some of the multitasking capabilities of the next-generation video game console. The Xbox One sports the Snap feature, enabling you to do more at once. Fancy playing a game while looking at what friends are playing, or even watching live TV? It's all possible and is a handy feature that saves time from switching between inputs or firing up a second screen.

You can enjoy an interactive demo on what to expect with Xbox Snap, should you own a Windows 8 device. Microsoft's Yusuf Mehdi explains in the above video how you'll be able to use both the controller and voice commands via Kinect to control apps and snap them to view. This is a bonus for those who enjoy reading through game guides for helpful pointers and 100 percent completion.

But just how easy is it to use with a controller? Not everyone will be able to use the Kinect. Luckily, Microsoft has you covered as you can quickly and seamlessly switch between snapped apps and games by double-tapping the center Xbox button.

Source: YouTube (Xbox), Xbox News


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Fancy watching TV and playing Rising Dead 3 simultaneously? You can on Xbox One


People complain about this not being as graphically capable as the ps4 but id much rather use these kinds of features that promote it as a better entertainment center. Just more important for me personally.

If I'm going to spend 400 or 500 dlls in something that is not as powerful as would be to upgrade my PC then it better do a lot of cool stuffs; that's why I'm not buying the PS4 until is 250 dlls or less.

I'm getting 2 since used game disc came back. Still I have a 80" Sharp. I'm bummed that it's not 1080. I wouldn't buy a TV if it wasn't LED, 1080 @120mh or more. So I definitely understand why some people are upset. Alot of people want a gaming console to just game. So they want the best possible picture for gaming. Like I said I'm buying 2 one's but I don't think the one will be the 1 selling console.

Its game dependent, not all games are not 1080... I think they only stated like 2 games so far weren't 1080 anyway.


60/120/240Mhz motion effect is garbage on any TV.  Its probably the one spec that is worthless and should never factor in to anyone's tv-buying decisions.... right after 3D options.




"Some displays use motion interpolation to run at a higher refresh rate, such as 100 Hz or 120 Hz to reduce motion blur. Motion interpolation generates artificial in-between frames that are inserted between the real frames. The advantage is reduced motion blur on sample-and-hold displays such as LCD.

There can be side-effects, including the soap opera effect if interpolation is enabled while watching movies (24fps material). Motion interpolation also adds input lag, which makes it undesirable for interactive activity such as computers and video games.[17]

Recently, 240 Hz interpolation have become available, along with displays that claim an equivalence to 480 Hz or 960 Hz. Some manufacturers use a different terminology such as Samsung's "Clear Motion Rate 960"[9] instead of "Hz". This avoids incorrect usage of the "Hz" terminology, due to multiple motion blur reduction technologies in use, including both motion interpolation and strobed backlights."


The Kinect's voice-controlled snapping and swapping features are going to win Microsoft this generation, for sure. So convenient.

Press the pad of your thumb to the pad of your middle finger (either hand, doesn't matter).  Squeeze hard until your middle finger slides off your thumb and 'slaps' your palm with a 'snap' sound.

I remember when picture-in-picture was a major feature of TV. I can see me running my twitter feed when watching Sleepy Hallow or Scandal.

Don't hate on me, I have a One ordered. However, I just don't feel the snapping love. I would much rather they have the facility to play multiple file types, like MKV, MP4, etc. 3d Bluray (did I even spell that properly). The TV thing will never get usd in my house. My TV has a Freeview HD tuner, and I cannot stomach throwing money in Murdoch's direction by going the Sky route.

Wholeheartedly agree, I might use snap once or twice to look up a GameFAQ if I get stuck in a game or something - but chances are I will just use my phone instead and never use snap ever.

Me too. Although I am happy to be proved wrong. That said, this HDMI in seems pointless. If they wanted to go the media hub route, they should have made it play all file types, like a Cyclone type thing. Also had a 1TB hard drive that allowed you to rip blurays/DVDs to it. Now that would have been fantastic. The thing would never have been turned off in my house. Bought so many DVDs over the years, would love to rip them all to the box, for fast switching. Yes, I am aware that I may be able to attach a portable drive, but to have the feature built in would be sweet. You could even use it to stream to other devices.

The list of supported file types isn't that big of a deal to me (though the more the merrier) - what's killing me is the lack of Media Center Extender.  I'm still holding out hope that they will release it as an app at some point (soon) or that they are going to allow apps like XBMC or Plex in as a TV streaming replacement.
I don't have a cable box because I use an HD Homerun Prime and Windows Media Center so the HDMI input is useless for me as well - except maybe for plugging the 360 in to use the Media Center Extender until I can come up with a better solution.

I have posted a few times in the forums regarding media extender. Not sure what it is all about. I currently stream directly from the PC hard drive, but I have not set up PC extender. Will I still be able to do that via the One?

I've seen that DLNA is supported so I think you should be good on that front, but not sure what formats are supported (like the MKV and MP4 you mention above).  Would be nice to see a list of supported file types somewhere - maybe there is and I just haven't seen it yet.


Looking at this thread: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=707051 it seems like maybe you might have to click the file and 'Play To' the Xbox One instead of being able to browse the server from the Xbox One. Not sure what the reality of it will be though, guess we'll find out in a week and a half!

Appreciate the link. That "play to" sounds bobbins. I can't get my head around how a newer more advanced system can have fewer features.

This will be great for live streaming so you can check and reply to comments on one screen as you play.

You better be able to watch tv at the same time since dead rising is shaping up to be pretty mediocre, especially in the power department.

I can do that actually with my car driving and watching TV but drive like that guy,, a bit dangerous,, some problems with police nothing serious

Here's the problem I see with snapped TV shows and games simultaneously. Rumor has it that you can't select which audio feed you want to hear. So for instance if you turn up the volume so you can here it, (which they choose not to do in the demo) you will hear the TV show (or movie) AND the game equally, seriously detracting from the experience. In my case, in this scenario, there will be times when I want to "hear" the show/movie, other times I will want to "hear" the game, but I can't imagine a scenario where I would want to hear both simultaneously. Thats a problem. But maybe thats just me.

Y0u know what i just noticed?  The xbox one is stuck on windows 8.  it needs to be 8.1 so you can snap 50/50.