We talk FitBit at #CESLive!

It can easily be said that most of the WPCentral Staff are fans of the FitBit line of fitness trackers.  We all climbed on board last year during Fitness Month with the FitBit One and many of us have progressed to the FitBit Force.  It was a pleasure to have Lindsay Cook from FitBit spend a little time with us on the #CESLive stage.

Lindsay highlighted the FitBit Force with its digital display.  She also shared that an accessory line from Tory Burch is in the works for the FitBit Flex to dress up the device a bit.

While an official FitBit app has yet to hit the Windows Phone Store, we do have a nice selection of third party apps (Fitbit Tracker may be the best) available in the Store.  Not all is lost on an official Fitbit app though.  We do know the company is looking to hire a Product Manager for a Windows Phone app so maybe an official app will hit the shelves in the near future.  It is a great device to track your activities, diet habits and sleep patterns.

You can find the FitBit fitness trackers at various retailers such as Amazon.com, as well as FitBit’s website.  And don’t forget to catch all our 2014 CES coverage here at the #CESLive portal.


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We talk FitBit at #CESLive!


Are you experiencing any issues with your Force?  My wife wants one, but a quick look through the reviews on Amazon seem to suggest a variety of problems with the Force compared to their other non-wrist mounted devices.

Going to buy a Fitbit Force for my GF tomorrow... can anyone comment on just how much she's missing out on not having an official app? Can it alternatively transmit it's data to, say, a windows laptop?

Much appreciate any feedback! Looking forward to helping her enhance her workout haha

as a follow-up... yes... I did convert her to windows phone 8 from a samsung galaxy, she and I are both rocking Lumia 925's on T-Mobile... so for reference we will be receiving the Lumia Black update and are running Amber at the moment... just in case that affects the FitBit Forces capabilities....


Thanks in advance again !

TBH, while it's nice to have your Fitbit auto-sync to your phone, it's hardly necessary to enjoy the experience. For instance, the Force has the LED display, so the only thing you don't know at the moment is your "up to the minute" standing on the leaderboard (assuming you have friends/family on there). 

The Force counts steps live and you get all the info you need to see your status. Even the Flex has a rudimentary status screen (LED dots).

In other words, she'll be totally fine and yes, it does sync with Windows 8. It does so auto-magically everytime you're within 15 feet of it (and it's on).

Regardless, an official app for WIndows Phone *is* happening, you can take that to the bank.

Do you happen to know if there are plans to allow the devices to sync without having the sync dongle?  I'm not up-to-speed on what protocols are being used but it seems to me to be something unneeded when one has bluetooth built into one's device--in my case, a Surface Pro.  Are they slow to move on this because it is a source of revenue for them at over $20 a pop (the dongle), or is it something entirely different?  Thank you in advance for any insight you might have.

EDIT: I'm even more confused since it appears its a BT 4.0 issue, but the Surface Pro supports standard BT 4.0, right?

Not sure, but it's totally feasible. BT 4.0 LE is still "new" but as Windows Phone 8.1 comes out and BT stacks overlap with Windows 8.1 (Update 1), we'll see more convergence.

@Daniel Rubino

Thanks for the reply! I am definitely getting her one; I'm glad it can sync up and will look forward to an official app down the road...

I'm sure not having access to the leaderboard on the fly will be just fine haha

I love how you you mentioned "Windows Phone" lol.  I have the flex and just have the app running on my iPhone 4s (which us is now only a decoration on my desk).  Of course I have the Fib Bit 3rd party app and I have been looking at the stats on the Lumia 1520 "Nokia Motion Monitor".  It would be cool if the Nokia app could homehow tap into the Flex, Force, etc. until the official app comes out.  Nice interview!

I've a flex. The flex syncs with either my desktop or laptop (whichever I've got the adapter plugged into). I am using the fit tracker app to view the stats on my 1020. the app even allows manual entry of some items. I don't feel I'm missing out on a whole lot, really. But since I've not used the flex with an iPhone, I may change my tune when an official app comes out. But all jn all, I'm pleased.

I'm kind of interested to get this wearing gears. But in the same time knowing the support for WP being spoty I really can't "get in" to it.
I guess I'm not a fan, just a regular user, so reading in what works and not on my phone is still, as a regular customer with little money to spend, scaring me away.

What other services do you Fitbit owners have your account to? Myfitnesspal and HealthVault here, although the Myfitnesspal app has been pissing me off lately with all of its lockups.

Sadly the force is not available in Australia, so had to buy a flex. It's been a week, i find it a pain to have to turn my pc on to sync. Need windows Phone support asap for sync, also need support for sync on my surface.

Great to find out more about fitbit, I'm thinking about buying one so this was really useful so thanks guys. Out of interest was it me or did the lady to Daniels right have the most annoying accent you ever heard? Even worse than brummie accents!!

For those interested in getting the Force, I was really excited about getting it but then I decided on the One because I read that a lot of people had issues with it popping off, even when it felt like it was secured properly. Based on the reviews, it could be because the band is thicker than the one on the Flex and tends to resist staying fastened a bit more and can pop apart especially when the strap gets caught a little bit on something. This could be more of an issue depending on the wrist size and I'm not saying it will happen to everyone, but sharing what I've read. In fact, it has already happened a few times to a friend who just got one (one time it almost fell in the toilet when it brushed against his jeans, haha). He does have it fastened on the smaller end of the wrist-size range so that could be partly to blame. Good luck future fitbitters!

And Daniel, I really like how you threw in WP at the end there! :D

The Force bands are horribly designed, my wife returned hers after three days and I had to return mine a few days later, regretfully. It's just that they just keep coming off at any time, while sleeping, inside a long sleeve shirt, walking... anything, after the second time it fell off at someone else's house and I was lucky enough to get it back, I returned it before I didn't have one to return. Having said all that, we were very pleased with them in every other way, the Windows and Windows Phone apps, the integration with MyFitnessPal, the display etc., but if you blink it falls off. I'm also happy to hear about FitBit hiring a Windows Phone resource, future Bluetooth 4.0 integration with my 1520 and 920 and I really hope to be the first in line when a better design comes out, but now's not the time. Actually I'd even buy this design again if they provided a sleeve or something to help keep it on, like the little sleeve that a watch band or belt goes though, it wouldn't take much to fix this but I just can't afford to play $129.00 roulette.

Why not ask directly when they will do a FitBit sync app for Windows Phone? They are there to answer questions about their company and that makes you able to do requests directly to the company, it's a great opption to show your oppinion and support for them. You shouldn't waste a great oppertunity like that!

We've seen that they are looking for someone to coordinate a possible development for Windows Phone. There should have been some questions about that during this session. I'm glad the question did arrise in the end and they did give an answer to it that they are expanding and trying to do more multi plattform as a goal for 2014. Really looking forward to it. 

So I just read a business insider review on force vs fuel band.
And they say they are both highly inaccurate. So is it fair to say, that i shd buy force just from the stand point that its going to keep me active..although the data might be inaccurate? Opinions?

It might be innacurate because you wear it on your wrist, so it can't detect all your steps or detects arm movements as steps. But yes, it does make you active just for the sake of the scores. So if you don't mind that it might be off for a few hundred steps a day I still think that the wristbands are good. I got mine just because it tracks my sleep pattern.

If you can't accept this type of inaccurancy I can recommend you to buy the Nike+ Sensor that you wear in your shoe. There's no WP app that I know of that syncs with it but they have a nice sports clock.

It isn't perfect, but I'd say it's close enough. I will mention that it counted a bunch of steps even though I was driving...I think about 1200 steps during a 6 hr road trip. Some of those were legitimate from our pit stops though...but not that many. I could never catch it increasing while I watched though. when I watch during walking or running it seems spot on though. I wear mine all the time...the only time it comes off is during Jiu Jitsu practice...but that makes sense. During other types of training, the conversion seems to work out, so I accept the inaccuracy.

I was just talking to a friend the other day about how it would be cool if someone came out with some more fashion forward accessories so I can wear my flex with a cocktail dress and not look like a complete dork!

Although Tori Burch isn't cheap... hmm maybe I get crafting and make my own ..