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Wead for Windows Phone 8, add weather to your photos


Wead is a Windows Phone 8 app that acts more like a plug-in for your Pictures Hub than a stand alone photography application. In a nutshell, it allows you to label your images with the current weather.

If you launch Wead, all you'll be able to do is read the instructions and rate the app over in the Windows Phone Store. To use Wead, you'll need to pull up the image you want labeled, choose the edit option from the three-dot menu and then choose Wead from the list of editing apps.

Once you get to the Wead edit screen, the interface is rather elementary. You have four choices of text color (red, cyan, gray and green) and you manually enter your location. If you don't choose a color, the default option is for white text. The weather information is based on your current location and includes a brief description on the current condition and the temperature.


The placement and size of the text is fixed (about 1/3 down from the top left corner of the photo) and once you get the text color to your liking, tap save and the edited image is saved to your Pictures Hub.

Wead lacks the versatility of Ciel or Photo Weather Pro with only one layout option. It's our understanding that in-app sharing is in the works but being able to re-position or re-size the weather information would give the app more horsepower. It's a nice foundation but needs a little growth.

As is, Wead is a decent photography app for your Windows Phone 8 device but just lacks a lot of pop to it. Wead is a free app and you can find it here in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Wead


Reader comments

Wead for Windows Phone 8, add weather to your photos


Haha! it looks like a pretty ugly thing to add to a picture..
I can imagine loads of people on my facebook putting up pictures of the weather with a picture and me being like "me and no one else cares"

I can imagine the use of that for those mobile bloggers that would have a pic with the weather as a header for a special moment or road trip or something to that effect.

Lol, now my phone wants weed too, probably will raid all my ram and consume everything in storage, u can tell when the glance clock turns red that its stoned

There's many more better apps than this one, mostly paid with trial but still not bad. Ciel is most popular probably, and there's also Cam & Weather, Photo Weather, Phototxt Weather, etc.