Weather+ becomes OneWeather, upcoming features announced

One Weather

This past Friday you all came together to help Weather+ pick a new name. Over 1000 names were suggested, but we had to pick our top five so there’d be a vote. And vote we did. OneWeather came out the winner. Not only that but Bailey Stein, the developer, shared some information about an upcoming update for OneWeather. Details below.

First off, goodbye to Weather+. The app will be OneWeather going forward and big congratulations to the Twitter@Firas_MD for winning the renaming contest. All of the five participants in the poll won a $15 gift certificate to the Windows Phone Central Store, but the winner gets an extra $35 in that gift card. We’ll be reaching out to all the winners today. Check your inboxes!

So what’s next for OneWeather? Version 1.4 will come out in the next few weeks with the following new features:

  • Rename to OneWeather
  • Weather data is now cached to reduce loading time, voice command response time, and improve navigation
  • 72 Hour Pro trial for free users wishing to try Pro features
  • Option to share the current weather conditions on Facebook and Twitter
  • Option to only send a toast notification for certain alerts (U.S. only – Europe’s MeteoAlarm titles aren’t consistent)
  • Better app bar organization
  • Improved animation smoothness
  • Smarter use of API
  • General bug fixes and improvements

Looks like a solid update and one we can’t wait to play with. We’ll of course let you know when the update is available for download.


Reader comments

Weather+ becomes OneWeather, upcoming features announced


Seriously ?

Like Apple add 'i" for it's most product MS is adding 'One' .

What I am gonna see next  

One Office

One Windows??????

Well, one windows would be really funny, but I'm sure they're better at grammar than that. :)

Stupid. They just wanna lift on the new One branding by Microsoft. The word One makes no sense for a weather app anyway.

Except those are Microsoft products adhering to a Microsoft naming convention. This a third party app copying the convention.

How is this any different than apps that used (and still use) "Metro" when the Modern UI was called Metro UI? People never got worked up over that.

Xbox One = Your all-in-one entertainment system.
OneDrive = One drive for all your needs.
OneNote = All your notes on all your devices in one place.
OneWeather = random name using the 'One' hype, and doesn't have all your weather needs in one place.

You might want to re-state your comment if you don't think it makes sense for Microsoft's products.

OneWeather = The one and only weather app you'll need.

They all have pretty far fetched meanings.

By that logic we can start naming ANYapp with One because every app developer wants theirs to be the only one people need! So it makes no sense!!!

Good app, but its name is fail. OneWeather, 0 originality or creativity, clear inspiration in  rebranded MS services/sftw - OneDrive, xBox One, OneOffice, etc ... 


Its high probable that MS will sue/force to change the name again, because of  OneXXXX in the name, this app has nothing common With MS. 

Sky and SkyDrive was the same case.

Completely agree, using One in a WP app is unoriginal and cliche. Just like all the iOS apps throwing an i at the front. Stupid.

Lol i guess those were the one who didnt vote for one name or they're just mad for not letting their vote to win.

It is very unlikely that Microsoft will do anything. Their App is named Bing Weather. On iOS many apps are called iXXX on Android its XXXdroid why the hell should WP not get OneXXX oder XXXOne?

and why Sky sued MS because of SkyDrive_  its more less the same case

Maybe MS wil want to change change Bing name on OneSearch, and other MS services and products will follow OneDrive, xBoxOne, OneOffice, OnePhone(Lumia), OneTab (Surface), OneWeather (Bing weather), OneMap (Bing map), OneOS (Windows), OneEmail and so on ... :-)

Really like the new name :) fits into the new naming scheme maybe now the app will work for me and the 72 hour trial is awesome because I'm not paying for second rate

Not only is the name similar to Microsoft's new scheme but 1Weather is arguably the most popular weather app on Android. 

Kinda bummed my name didn't come out on top, but OneWeather is still a pretty fitting name imo. Congrats.

this is ridiculous! i had suggested 'one weather'!! wish i had patented it !! m sure the winner is a microsoft fellow only so that they dont really have to givr gifts!!

There is already a very well-known app called 1Weather on Android. Hope that doesn't prove problematic from a trademark standpoint.

The CFO of OneLouder Apps has already left a comment/contact request on Baily's website.  I assume to object.